My Testimonials

“Thank you for the wonderful seminar we had last week,  As much as I consider myself very health conscious, I still learned from you what the perfect water intake every day, why we should eat fruits only in season and why should buy fruits & vegetable from the local market.” Nezar Sheraiff – Al Rajhi Holdings

“I personally, and we as a Retreat group, thoroughly enjoyed your lecture yesterday and thank you so very much.  We were all enthralled by all the interesting things you had to tell us and were sorry when the time ran out.  The subject of healthy eating is covered by many people in so many different ways.  You made it all so interesting and down to earth.  We were mesmerized.  Elham told me earlier today that she saw the photo you posted on your Instagram page – we have passed it round the office for all to enjoy.” Catherine Nolan – Al Rajhi Holdings

اشكركم على المحاضرة المفيدة، الحمدالله انا ماعندي اي مشاكل هضمية لكن حضرت عشان اوعي نفسي وبالفعل كانت المحاضرة جدا مهمة ونوعية المعلومات اللي فيها ضرورية ان الواحد يكون على درايه فيها.  انا شخصيا حبيت هالمحاضرة لدرجة ان صارت عندي القابلية اعرف اكثر واكون متواجد في المحاضرات اللي ممكن تسونها في المستقبل.” حمد العنزي
“شكرا للاستاذة عليا على هالمجهود الي تبذله عشان ابناء ديرتها انتي يا استاذة مثال صحي لكل من يريد الصحة في حياته ، لقد تعلمت من محاضرة حسن هضمك الي تمت مساء امس 12 نوفمبر 2014 بان نكون اصدقاء مع جهازنا الهضمي ومعاملته كانسان اخر في جسمنا وجزء لايتجزأ منه فهو عقل مفكر كدماغ البشري فيجب ان نتأمل ماهية الاغذية التي يجب ان نضع فيه ،في النهاية لقد اختلف منظوري للاطعمة الآن ،اتمنى ان نستمر في تطوير ذاتنا من اجل حياة افضل فالطعام هو عامل سعادتنا وهو ماقالته حرفيا الاستاذة عليا المؤيد باركها الرحمن.” نوف شويطر

أحيك أستاذه عليا. عندك اسلوب رائع ومشوق في نقل المعلومات الصحية للاغذية ومن اول مره استمعت لك الاسبوع الماضي على برنامج اشرايها عليا بإذاعة البحرين شدني كلامك ومعلوماتك. بعد كذا رحت ابحث عن البرنامج باليوتيوب واطلعت اكثر على معلومات مفيده بعدها بحثت لقيت ماشاء الله عندك موقع وشبكة تواصل سهل التواصل معاك. حقيقة انوقع لك مستقبل زاهر ورائع مليئ بالانجاز وتحقيق النجاح تلو الاخر لان مجتمعنا بحاجة ماسة لمثل هذا الابداع المتمثل في شخصك الكريم ومعلوماتك القيمة اللي تشاركينها مع مجتمعك البحريني والعربي ككل. بالتوفيق الدائم لك.  ابراهيم الشعبان

“Dear Alia. Thank you so much for all your emails and I apologies for not replying earlier. You have a lovely, gentle  way of coming across which  makes a lot of sense, thank you. I really do enjoy reading them. Hope you have a Merry Christmas  and a happy, healthy  new year!” Nadya Vella

“Thanks again for the enthusiasm you shared with us on Sunday’s [webinar]!  I’ve already started thinking in terms of my ‘book’.  Using mind-map and not letting myself become constrained by length or an overabundance of expertise gives me more options.  You were right as well about looking back to our original motivations for becoming nutritional therapists- thank heavens we all are passionate about helping people as we live in a world that is so much in need of both help and passion.  I look forward to following your blogs and website.” Joan Viskant (BCNH)

“I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your expertise and your ideas with us yesterday at the webinar. It was hugely motivating and encouraging! I hope I will put your advice to good use. Many thanks.” Anja Springthorpe (BCNH)

“Many thanks Alia for your healthy tips. I am a young girl who just got married, currently am reading your book ” I want a healthy pregnancy” and I started to change my diet, I found lots of useful information that we all need to improve our health. Thank you for your efforts.” Maryam Al-mutawa

“It was a pleasure hearing Alia Almoayed talk to the Schlumberger team members. We all benefited a lot and came out feeling positive and empowered when it comes to our health. It was also a great bonding experience for the staff and Alia’s relaxed style made the event very casual, entertaining, and informative.  I hope that we can conduct more such events with Alia, and I would highly recommend Alia’s seminars to other corporations.” Viveka Belot (HR Manager, Schlumberger Bahrain)

The experience in LifeCo was both exciting and beneficial. Not only the place is serene with all the greenery and surroundings, the staff are kind and well equipped with all requires resources to assist.
In this regards, I would like to extend my gratitude to Ms Alia AlMoayed whose support is significant in going through the seven day detox program. She made the process fun, informative and at times boosted our self-esteem.  Joining Alia Retreats in LifeCo exceeded my expectations and I look forward to join the next trip…  With all my love.”  Mariam Almansouri

“I definitely recommend the liquid detox to all my loved ones.  A great place, cute little town and friendly staff. I feel better in all aspects and going to surely miss the fantastic group I met on our 7-day detox retreat. Thank you Alia for making it all happen. Can’t wait for next year.” Shareefah Alghanim

“I will recommend this detox for my family and friends because I experienced the best time of my life, totally enjoying my 7-day detox experience of not eating but drinking only juices, and being away from the daily routine.  I feel more energetic and fit. I had a very good time in all my daily routine, going on long walks in the mountains, going to the gym, and taking beach walks with the group.” Mohammed Sirajuddin Khalid

“Experiencing the detox retreat in Bodrum during the month of May was a pleasure to both the mind and soul.  The pleasant weather and breathtaking scenery were lovely.  For me the juice fast was a novel concept and I found it to be extremely satisfying. The selection of treatments and the freedom to explore around the area was liberating. The staff at LifeCo were experienced and friendly. The time spent with Alia was highly informative and fun.” Nasser Al-Sabah

“انصح جميع من احب بأن يذهب الى هذا السنتر لانني حصلت على فوائد كثيرة منه من الناحية الجسدية والنفسية. كانت المدينة رائعة والجو رائع والسنتر مريح وصحي ونظيف وكذلك العاملين في السنتر لطفاء. وقد حصلت على فائدة كبيرة مثل بشرتي اصبحت صافية وكذلك خف وزني ٤،٥ كغ في مدة اسبوع، وكذلك دروس اليوغا اعطتني مرونة في العضلات التي كانت عندي مشكلة فيها. اتمنى ان ارجع مرة ثانية لهذا الينتر مع اخوتي ونفس المجموعة في المستقبل ان شاء الله.”
 جوهرة المطلق

“Alia came to BCNH to give a lecture about setting up a practice and how to establish yourself as the expert. The students were blown away because Alia armoured them with powerful ideas and tips on how to be the best in their field; she answered all their concerns about setting up a practice, and reassured them and motivated them to start.  And I was shocked to realise that even I was pulled by the information for it’s richness in value and content.  We were so inspired by Alia and her ideas that we all wanted to run out and start implementing! Thank you Alia, it is such a pleasure seeing one of our own students come back to help other graduating therapists go out and take on the world” Breda Gajsek, Principal BCNH

“Alia, I saw you once at Rotary in Manama, and have been receiving all your email and health advice.  I think it is all really really good information that you are giving people – I really enjoy getting your emails.  Please keep up the good work, and I hope we will meet again one day, I know you are very busy, –  its all wonderful really. Nutrition and how we look after ourselves are so important, its great all the knowledge you have – thank you.” Robert Moxon

“Dear Alia, just a small note as a token of appreciation for the valuable awareness about health that u keep providing right in our inboxes! You are really doing a worthwhile job out there as it appears there is a lot of disinformation about health even in this modern era of science. Thanx a lot and stay blessed,” Mehreen Zeshan

“Alia was a special spotlight feature speaker at the Arab Leadership Forum 2011. Her presentation was very well-received with many participants giving excellent ratings. She came across as sincere and vibrant. She exuded confidence and inspired the audience with powerful presentation. Many indicated that they would love to hear from her more. So kudos to you, Alia and thank you for your positive contribution to make a difference.”
Delphine Ang, Managing Director, Partners Conference & Event Management Pte Ltd. Organiser for Arab Leadership Forum – by Young Arab Leaders, Bahrain

“I’ve struggled with weight my whole life finding it both a dream and a weighted burden at the same time. Alia’s course gave me a mirror where I saw myself through a new holistic perspective on what I really needed to consider in order to go through a proper weight loss journey; in a healthy manner. Traditionally there are literally millions of ways to do it, but no one put it all together quite like this course did. It involved looking at your: core, emotions, influences external as well as internal ones and learning where your own body is in relation to it all. Most importantly Alia’s course has helped me to take my body and realize I “CAN” control it with better planning. The planning however doesn’t only involve my weight goal and meals but also to get me through my own personal traps. There is a whole lot I’ve learned here that I can apply to my life. Thanks to Alia my dream weight is closer and more attainable because she’s empowered me with excellent knowledge and advice that I can customize for myself. Highly recommended course for healthy weight loss!Thank you.” Sarah H. Mohammed

“I want to congratulate you for running such an informative and practical two day workshop. The main advantage for me was to gain a better understanding of the effect different foods have on the body and what could be causing weight gain and other health issues and how to fix them. Although I have had several consultations with nutritionists and read various books on the link between nutrition and health, it was only in the workshop that i actually began to understand what all this really meant to me specifically. With this greater understanding about why I  should or should not eat certain foods i am now empowered and inspired to make strong decisions over my food and lifestyle choices, which is something that was lacking before. i should add that a key benefit of the workshop is that it isnt a short term diet but a healthy eating and lifestyle plan FOR LIFE, for you and your family and in this regard alone it is worth the investment. I would highly recommend this workshop to those who are seeking help to lose weight or have health problems which they think may be related to the foods they are or are not consuming. One of the main benefits of the workshop is you will come away with a knowledge and understanding that will make you self sufficient to create your own meal plans, as well as recognise the impact certain foods have on your body and mind. Another reason why this workshop is beneficial is because you will be sharing ideas and experiences with others in a confidential and private atmosphere. This may seem daunting at first but it is actually very healing because you realise you are not on your own, you can get things off your chest with feedback, and you can learn from other people’s experiences and health journey. I wish you all every success! Thanks again Alia!” Rebecca Torr

“Extremely useful and inspiring course that is an eye-opener and a life-changing experience that can easily be applied on one’s day to day life. Many thanks Alia and keep up the good work” Mzoon AlBwardy

“I  have enjoyed every single minute of this course. I  have learnt so much over the past two days. Not just for myself, but for my husband and my two children.  I know I am going to be a better mum and wife to my family by giving them healthier food. Thank you Alia.” Michelle Larkin

“I have not ceased talking about [the course’s] impact on me!
What a great workshop with richness and quality both in information and delivery. It was an enlightening experience.  And I have learned an immense of true secrets to weight loss in the 2 days course.  I am feeling it now  mentally more than physically.  All I can say is that you were gifted not only in convincing your audience of the wrong practice in eating healthy  but you were able to empower them with rational justifications. You were blending traditional solutions with modern cure in a smooth delivery.  I can admit that you were able to influence me at this stage and age! I  am eating 6 meals for the last 3 days and I am feeling good about it. I would definitely recommend this course to others in the future, and consider me your PR rep from now!” Mohammed Khalfan

“This course has reconfirmed some of the information that I have and gave me more details on how the body and the soul are interconnected.  It addressed some of the puzzles that I had about some symptoms.  It was an eye opener experience.  I would definitely recommend it to others in the future.  Thank you.” Karima Al-Hamdan

“I wasnt well so my email piled up to 160 but I COULDNT DELETE any of UR NEWSLETTERS! COULDNT! thyr SO FULL of positivity i love them! ThankU” Reem A.

“Thank you soo much for your mails. Though you may not realise it, you do a great deal of job in the form of helping hand and educating teacher. I am a working- commerce student. But of late, I have started developing interest in science and have made efforts trying to gain knowledge from various sources thanks to your mails. I take this oppurtunity to thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing the tips and advises to keep us healthy. May God reward you abundantly for your selfless acts.” Elza Jemi

“Hello Alia, Im a great fan and a big follower of u on facebook email magazines etc etc… and Im glad about it… now I am writing this mainly to thank you for what u r doing….Remember, The radio show you did on weight lose, yes that changed my life! I was 65 kg at the time I was listening to your show, and your show came at the right time when I was struggling to lose a few kilos with dieting and without exercise…without exercise I say because I had a disc surgery and therefore I was exempt from exercise and at the same time i had to reduce weight….I am 5 feet 2inches!….and then when I listened to your weight loss show, the first question you answered was mine!! yes!!! and I did exactly the way you told …avoided starch and sugary food completely but for more than 2 weeks coz I was not exercising while following that diet…..and now I am 58 kg!!! and on top of the world :)))…because I did this with a perfect healthy diet and without exercise….but I do brisk walking…and all the household work.  Once again thanking you from the bottom of my heart…..!!YOU ARE THE BEST!!” N. AK

“Hi Alia, I would like to thank you for your e-mails and would like to tell you that you have made a big difference in my life introducing me to good healthy food and to craniosacral therapy. I really feel much better. Thanks again for all your efforts.” Nabeela Norouz

“I love your ability to express so much knowledge and awareness. You are doing an incredible job. Your hard work and passion for the truth is not in vane. You are lighting the fire in the spirits of many people.”  Monad Elohim

“Hi Alia. One of my friends gave me a book of yours to read: ‘i want a healthy pregnancy’ as she heard that I’m pregnant. I must say I loved reading it and enjoyed it a lot and learned a lot from it….thanx for such a lovely book and sharing so much of your personal experiences with us, the readers…” Mehreen Akbar Malik

“Dear Ms. Alia.  Good day.  Your interview in Radio Voice 104.2 was fantastic and the health tips was very much helpful. Thanks and Regards.”  HARISH SANKARAN

“Dear Alia, I’ve never got a chance to interact with u but I remember the passion, determination, dedication in your eyes to reach success and glitter everyones life from the knowledge u have to help them throughout the life::) Bravo at you and I believe Allah is always with u cuz he chose u to bring awareness…. I feel happy when I see u moving forward step by step::) livelong lots of prayers…” Anila Baloch

“Hi Ms. Alia Moayed,  My name is Masooma Kadhim, and let me just say: I am an avid fan of yours! I recently discovered your blog, in March, and from that time I was simply hooked. Why? It was surprising to find a woman who not only promoted veganism, organic foods, but also healthy eating habits. It’s quite motivational to have a fellow Bahraini who actually is aware of the problems in our food supply and its relationship to medical diseases here. I’m only 16 years old, but in the past year (before discovering your lovely blog), I learned just how much healthy eating plays a role in defining our mood, behavior, and actions. It was thing kind of shift from junk food – which I shamefully was addicted to –  to raw (mainly), dairy-free, animal-free food. And I could see the effect of that change, both physically, spiritually, and mentally. I remember reading your post on getting criticized for eating animal-free food at a restaurant, and let me just tell you, it’s everywhere! As a teenager who’s been vegan for 2 and a half months, the first question people ask (after their jaw has finishing dropping, of course) is: What do you eat? I tell them that for breakfast I normally have chia pudding or chickpea soup, for lunch I normally have a lentil salad, and for dinner a split pea avocado salad. Of course, it was my mistake mentioning that I drink spinach smoothies and bake black bean brownies. But I’ve stopped caring: ultimately, it’s my life and my health. Sure, restaurant options are quite limited, but nevertheless when I do eat out, I feel content that I put something in my body that it wants – and even needs.  So, I just wanted to let you know that I admire you vehemently. I wish I can get the chance to meet you some day, visit your nutrition office, and absorb your teachings. In the future, I plan on becoming either a psychologist or a nutritionist. Either way, I want to help people, and you serve as one my role models for that.” Masooma Kadhim

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته .. انا فعلا عاجزة عن تقديم الشكر لكى يا د.علياء انا فعلا كنت حزينة على نفسى وعلى ابنى واخيرا انقذتينى . انا حاليا بدأت فى تنفيذ خطتك الممتازة واحب افرحك معايا ان ابنى بدأ يجرب اكلات معانا والحمد لله . صحيح بكميات بسيطة جدا لكن المهم انى استطعت فرض بعض الاكلات المفيدة عليه . انا عملت كمان لايك على صفحتك عالفيس بوك لكى استفيد من علمك اكثر واخيرا مهما قدمت كلمات شكر لم ولن استطع ان اوفيك حقك .. وشكرا

“Dear Alia. Thank you for your inspiration. This morning, yet again, it is rainy and chilly, where I live in the states, and I’ve been up many hours and carrying around a feeling of boredom and some despair of what to do today.  Your e-mail was so timely (were you a fly on my wall) that I’ve made a decision to get up, take responsibility, get together a game-plan and begin to implement that plan, outside the walls of my apartment.  I feel enlightened and empowered.  “Mess with me, if you want, but don’t you lay a hand on the children”.  That is what I am feeling.  How did I ever lose that feeling?  Advertising and lack of support, I would think was a big influence.  Well, you just advertised to me a powerful message and that is such a wonderful thing. May God continue to bless you and your efforts, each and every day.  As for me, I’ve got to get going for now, cause I’ve been inspired, by you!!!  I would be honored to allow you to use this message to serve as testimonial to your efforts and the cause to create a healthy world, for without your words to me yesterday, I had obviously felt that the core of my belief…’that if not separately, then together, we can make a difference’ had become over-shadowed, by powers stronger than me.  I have experienced a re-birth in my belief that a squeaky-wheel gets attention.

I have begun this spring, by enrolling in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, here in the states, to become a health coach.  I’ve become ‘stuck’ on where I will take my efforts, in order to serve our world the best that I am able.  The passion and disdain I felt upon reading your message hit me like a ton of bricks and it seems, thanks to you, that I may have found the direction that I was looking for.  Another point of proof, that inspiration knows no boundaries.

As soon as I finished writing to you, I made a decision that action was needed, on my part and I took the only immediate skills I had in my possession, which was my smile, personality, belief of the cause, and went to our local farmers market, in the cold and rain (lots of rain) and spent hours purposely acknowledging the efforts of parents. children and the vendors, that it is so wonderful to be fortunate to have the opportunity to support our local agriculture, feed our families healthy foods and experience the day as family-time.  I had little money, yet I made a few purchases from vendors which I had passed up in the past, due to the fact that I could have purchased those items cheaper at the supermarket or perhaps not at all.  My dinner last night was so tasty, as it was comprised of ingredients that I normally would not have thought to try.  The creativity was reborn.  It was a wonderful, wonderful experience.

In driving home, I was so cold and wet, but the smile never left my face.  I no longer felt bound by my limitations and my brain was working overtime, as to what steps I can take this week to be either the squeaky-wheel or the friendly informant on a larger scale within my community, state and national level.  I may be only one, but together, we will never be alone.  So, on those days or nights, when you are tired or wonder if your efforts are getting a message of change out to anybody else, please remember that you were able to dust the cob-webs off of this woman and inspired me to know that I’m committed to carry the torch with you.  God bless us on this Easter Sunday.  May the signs of Spring remind us all that re-birth is not only possible, it is evident.” Jayne K. Tierney

“It is awesome to be associated with you who (teachers like I) give us the insight into training students for a healthy living. God bless you the star of our life. I feel proud to be a part of your mission.” Nirmala Jose

“Sallaaam!! i must tell u i love ur sincerity and ur optimism and selflessness towards helping others. we dont find people like u nowadays. i feel u hold a strong sense of responsibility to educate others into a healthy lifestyle. thank u soo much. may Allah bless u and ur family in this life and the hereafter!” Ayesha

“Dear Alia, you are true &perfect.” Naser Qashou

“I bought my copy of the [I Want a Healthy Pregnancy] book today. I am already thru a few pages and I think it was worth the wait. Congratulations on the launch, I am sure a lot women will benefit from it. Thank you once again.” Mumtaz Haider

“Dear Alia, I would like to thank you for all the wonderful messages on emails you sent, it was indeed full of hope and enlightenment and inspirational.  Wish you all the best and I pray we all be healthy, happy, take less suffering and be at peace in our heart. God bless.” Myrna Al Mulla

“Wishing you and your loved ones a very happy New Year 2011. May god bless you and your family with good health, happiness and prosperity. I have recently started to receive your e mail subscription related to nutrition and fitness.  In the short time after reading your e mails / radio programs, i become a fan of your knowledge.  I am happy to receive good tips and i do follow your advices to achive total fitness and health.  Keep writing on nutrition & health.”  E.Vinayaka Murthy

“Dear Alia, I have been listening to most of your radio shows, & I am inspired by you. My breakfast drink is your “green smoothie” which is so refreshing. Thanks for the recipe.  Pls keep those emails coming.  Its never too late to be healthy!!”  Sharmila Godinho

“Dear Alia, You have touched my life and inspired physical and emotional health in me. Taking care of yourself and your body is one of the most joyful things you can do, and you’ve helped show me how it can be fun too.  Just a note to say thank you, I really, really appreciate all that you are doing… and you are an excellent writer too!” Waleed Hashim

“Dear Alia a dear friend of mine sent me this email from you about forgiveness and I think this is really really beautiful and meaningful – I have always known you to be a writer and advocator of good and healthy eating but this one of yours gave me food for thought – thank you for that…” Ella Mandeel

“A very first time i listen you in radio Talk and u believe me i stop my car in parking and listen whole your conversation with radio jockey …and then i go out .. so that was really very impressive way to explain each and every thing …. & this is also a 1st time i listen in any thing in this radio and come back to home and search you … & now i strictly follow your all videos and updates ….inshaallah rahman if i get the chance to come Bahrain i defiantly meet u as your fan (A first fan whom i tell i am your fan ).”  Azfar Ahmad from Al-Khobar

“Right from the beginning I was really looking forward to listening to your shows… Neither could I tune in on Mondays and neither can I open the sites that you mentioned…. I was lucky only with your very first introductory interview with Kelvin.  Please help me and let me know how can I get to listen to your shows… I’m in Saudi Arabia. One more thing I’d like to mention is that I’m truly impressed by you… Not only as a nutritional therapist but also as an Arab Women who is so confident, strong and by your voice I can tell that you are also a very sweet person… You were an inspiration to me.  Keep up the good work. Hats off to you. Will be looking forward to listening to you again….  Thank you.” Sabah Ali

“Alia, I’ve been reading about your impressive work and accomplishments and I also watched few clips of your talk on YouTube. I thought about letting you know that you INSPIRE me. I’m sure that many other women feel the same way toward you. I wish you more success and happiness.” Salma Rabghy

السلام عليكم يا عليا.  أشكرك على الرسائل المفيدة و البرنامج (الاذاعي) ..ممتاز.. وهذا ما أقوله دائما ..الله أعطانا جسم رائع وعقل لانهائي التجدد والأفكار…سبحانه..لكن لانستعملهما بالشكل المناسب .  حتى تأتي رائعة مثلك لتشد من عزمنا وترفع همتنا.  وأعرف دائما إن أي ألم كما تفضلتي هو جرس إنذار يدق ليلفت أنظارنا نحو خطر ما لا ندري به ..فالله لم يخلقنا مرضى أو “بكرش” ….لكننا ظلمنا أنفسنا
إِنَّ اللَّـهَ لَا يَظْلِمُ النَّاسَ شَيْئًا وَلَـٰكِنَّ النَّاسَ أَنفُسَهُمْ يَظْلِمُونَ ﴿٤٤﴾ يونس
أتمنى أن أعمل بما تعلمت وآمنت به . وأدعو لك بالتوفيق دائما.  وأنتظر الإقناع بحياة بدون جبنة ولبن
تحياتي.     هالة صادق

“I’d like to tell you that I do enjoy every email I receive from you and I’m impressed by your insightful thoughts and advice. You corrected some misconceptions I used to have about health and nutrition. Thank you! By the way, your selection of topics is really smart.” Maha Alhejji

“I just LOVE it when you make things so easy to understand by the way you explain them!  Your style of writing made me read 8 of your articles today on one go!  I look forward to read your books and find out more about my health and body.  As a cheeseAholic and someone who gets migraine attacks, i am really interested in trying your strategy and advice.  It is true that all external symptoms have internal problems, thats what I say to my patients as a Hand Therapist, and I believe in it strongly.  Looking forward to read more of your work, and learn more!  Well done!” Reema Yusuf

I agree with this whole blog on dairy! I have been vegan for almost 2 weeks now and I suffer from IBS and had so since childhood (i am 27 now) and since I cut out dairy my tummy issues have done a complete 180! I feel so much cleaner and lighter! No more issues with my digestive track after eating! I thought my like would suck after cutting out the cheese, meat was never that big of a deal to me, but cheese was a staple like bread! I love pasta so much and cheese goes hand and hand! I thought I would never be able to give up mac and cheese, but when I think about the constipation, bloating, cramping etc. it is so not worth it. I am over the diary industry. I only eat whole foods now and I do not feel deprived. When you develop the habit of eating out and buying frozen meals, you start to think everything HAS to have globs of cheese and meat in it. But the truth is there are a slew of healthy delicious recipes out there that do not require dairy or they can be easily substituted with nondairy products.” [blog comment by: Ex-CheeseAholic]

“Although your [TV episode] advice was for children, i learned a lot …:) great insight and lovely charisma” Khalid Alkhalifa (Minister of Foreign Affairs, Bahrain – on Twitter)

“Dear Alia, I just want to let you know that I got really inspired by some of the videos you have on youtube basically telling people to stop having dairy in their diet. This is my second week and I feel really good! Pls inform me if your organising seminars as I would love to attend!” Nada Kazerooni

“Nowadays am busy reading your book on I want Healthy kids and its an amazing book I could literally say that among hundreds of books that I have and thousands of books that I have read all my life it happens to be one the best book that I have ever read. And am glad to have it .Thanks for doing a great job.” Naseema Jaber

“Hi Alia, hope you are well! I have been checking out your blog a lot recently as after years of battling chronic sinusitis and nasal polyps (which means I have zero sense of smell except for the last month I was pregnant and first month my daughter was born for some unknown reason- i loved it while it lasted), I got fed up of steroid based medication being the only solution that worked for me and wanted to see if I could be taking a different approach. I don’t see steroids as a long term solution, and obviously when I was pregnant and breastfeeding, antihistamines etc. were just not an option.

My ENT dr suggested I try a food intolerance test and some results were very surprising- others were not. One had me hearing your “voice” in my head: DAIRY. I tested v.v.intolerant to dairy ( and yeast plus couple of others). It has only been 2 wks since I have been dairy and yeast “sober” and can’t believe the difference. Even my yoga instructor asked what I had done after just 1 wk because she noticed my breathing was better and my face didnt seem as swollen as usual. I have been using soya milk but remembered reading in your book I think that its not recommended to have soya when pregnant and as I hope to have baby number 2 soon-ish I remembered reading in Gulf Weekly that you had an easy recipe for almond milk.  I found it on your blog so thanks so much for that (all the ones in the supermarket have cane sugar and I tested intolerant to that too) and also thank you for the “pinky sauce” recipe- huge help as I have been wondering what to put on the lovely bread my mother now bakes me (yeast and egg free- yes also intolerant to eggs apparently!!) as it screams out for some butter. The sauce sounds yummy.

Have found the adjustment to my new “diet” a tad frustrating, especially when it comes to eating out but now that the rewards are already becoming apparent and much sooner than I expected, will be referring to your blog more frequently for advice on alternatives to dairy and healthier eating. Fingers crossed my sense of smell comes back soon and I can finally know that lovely smell babies/toddlers have when they wake up from their sleep that all my friends keep raving about.  Thanks a million.” Donya Amin

Dear Alia, I’m a big big fan of your nutritional approach and started implementing every single advice you give with my family. We now prepare healthy chicken/fish fingers homemade style with corn flakes coating. They’re yummy and the kids prefers these now over the ones offered at the junk food outlets.” Rouaida

“Hi alia i really appreciate your blog very much you are doing a great job i have become a vegan and feeling much more healthier than before thanks for all your e-mails may God send more people like you.” Priya Johnson

“Heya Alia. The workshop @ HSBC was AMAZING !!  I found the tips very useful, and the book very interesting although am single with no kids =)  During the presentation; It clicked !!  All the health issues I was having were actually caused by my eating habits and the hormones in all that junk food!!  So, went straight out afterwards and bought me a big ol’ bottle of organic sesame oil =D  Currently in my detoxing phase …. Will let ya know how that goes …… =)  Btw, am the girl standing on ur left 😉 Nice meetin’ ya !!” Tahera AbdulRidha

“Alia, thank you for this [Youtube dairy] video. I am glad to see you are making people aware of the Dairy products by telling them the truth. When I used to eat cheese every night and drink milk all the time. I had really bad heartburn and diharrea, acne, and ear infections. Now that I dont eat dairy products, i feel way better and dont have those problems at all anymore!. My cardio is 4 times better as well. Now that i have this knowledge, i now question all assumptions. Thank you for this video beautiful :)” WestSideCoolidge

“Thanks for the fantastic presentation. On behalf of YPO Bahrain thank you for the most informative way to learn about our bodies! I personally took a lot of take home value. One thing is for sure, I know now that I can never see tuna the same way!” Qutub Dadabai (YPO Education Chair)

“Good for human race u are working, wish u all the best.” Shivanand Patil

“Alia, I wish I could meet you! I find your emails very educational. We try to ensure our children eat well, eat a varied diet, including some sweets and treats, and that they know that things like McDonalds are only for sometimes. Usually I use the “tooth fairy” reason – i.e. the tooth fairy can’t visit you if your teeth have fallen out from eating too many bad things. They both brush their teeth day and night. Keeping them healthy is not that hard.  I buy their food, and pack their kindergarten bags.  The responsibility is all mine. But I am appreciative of the information that is out there – including what I receive from you. Kindest regards.” Kirsten McKenzie (New Zealand)

“Dear Alia.  I would just like to appreciate you for your frank and professional article about pros and cons of swine flu jabs that you wrote in mid-2009 in a local English daily. I also browsed your website and blog yesterday and found both interactive and educative. Wish you success in your bold public awareness campaign about health tips for kids and adults.  Warmest regards and best wishes.” M. Saleem

“Happy new year. I am grateful for all the advice u gave which made me lose 22 kg although later I did cosmetic surgery. I feel great. Thanks for everything. Sure you can use my words. You have been such a good help to me.  Honestly thanks again and again.” Rudaina Nasr

“Hi Alia, I have read your book that you wrote for dream body centre and have got fascinated the way you have simplified things and the way you have expressed the fact with do’s and don’ts. Hmmm how can I purchase the rest of your books like 101 ways to improve your health, I want healthy kids and 5 Secrets Your Doctor Won’t Tell You About Your Health, for this particular one I have registered myself on the site but haven’t received any feedback from you. You are doing simply an amazing job.Im truly impressed. Keep up the good work and God bless ya.” Naseema Jaber

“Dear Alia, I hope this e-mail finds you in smiles and perfect health. Many thanks for the wonderful and inspiring information you share with us in your blog and e-mails. With your knowledge and passion for what you do, you changed the way many people think about food and i am proud to say i am one. Thank you. and like Lamees Dhaif said in her column, you are a treasured asset in our country.” Noor Bader

“Dear Madam.  It is really a great information, almost every person commits this type of mistake and by reading [your emails] he can correct himself by not repeating the same mistake of consuming sweeteners and diet products.  I am really thankful to you for having provided this wonderful and helpful information in particular related to health.  I am also thankful to god for having allowed me to register in your website to know such wonderful things and guidance from you.  With Best Regards, Mohammed Shaik Saleem

“Dear Mrs. Almoayed, My inbox is full of junk email from god knows where and forwards from friends who have nothing to do but surf the net all day long and forward everything to everyone. Given my hectic work schedule, it can’t be more apparent that I seldom have time to read through even a portion of what comes my way. However, I’ve been getting your email for the past two years (I think). I must say it has managed to grab my attention. I love the sincerity in your writing, the clarity of the message and your pragmatic advices to people. I am forced to read it, in a good way that is. The reason I am mailing you is that my wife is pregnant (3 months now) with our first baby.  In your email below, I read about your book “I want Healthy Kids”. Where can I purchase this book? Is there any other book that you recommend as a must read for ‘to be mothers.I would really appreciate your kind feedback. Many thanks in advance. Best regards, Zulfikar Dhanse (P.S. Don’t stop writing!)”

“Dear Alia. I read with interest your article in the GDN the other day. It was as if I wrote the article myself! Thank you very much. What surprised me is that instead of commending you in your endeavors, the higher authorities are actually blaming you by saying silly things; for eg: you stepped the line and you don’t know what ur saying! Very simple case of male dominant, chauvanist attitude. However, I hope that you will totally IGNORE this ranting from people who don’t care about other people’s lives. They probably don’t have a clue about what their kids are like due to the lack of interaction or interest in raising children. And they are probably not sure if their own kids have been affected by any of the dangerous chemicals that are in vaccinations itself.  Keep up the good work and am so proud to see a Bahraini woman taking charge. If you ever need any assistance in any way, I will be the 1st to defend you as I believe they are planning to take action/question your article. Their comments make NO sense as you have rightly said what has to be said.  Once again, WELL DONE and good to see people like you doing good to society and sharing your knowledge.” Lakshmi Iyer

“Hi Alia. Thank you so much for all ur emails and blogs, ur the only one who is making some sense these days!!  By the way have I ever told u how magical was and still is ur (garlic/honey/vinegar) combination? That has been a life saver for me and my kids and family. It had saved me even with sever ear infection and a fever of over 39!! No doctor, no antibiotics!” Elham Rajai

“Hi Alia.  It is always great to receive your informative emails. I was soooooooooooooo impressed when I attended an AWA Meeting and you were guest speaker and then again I was a facilitator at the Bayan School Parent Conference [my workshop was Childhood Self Esteem] and you were also. Again I was so happy that you as I am are passionate about childhood nutrition and I indeed have been exposed to and horrified at the diet that so many children are consuming today. Please continue your thought provoking dietary and nutrition emails . I forward them on to my family and friends in Australia and elsewhere. My very best wishes.” Kris Saldukas

“I really enjoyed the session.  I learned a lot of things that I didn’t know about.  It was very useful and helpful to me as I have 2 small children.  Great stuff.” Sony Manku

“Thank you for the lovely lecture.  It was really helpful.  I will keep tracking your blog.  God bless you and your family.” Mariam Qutami

“Hi Alia, wanted to tell you that I read your blog from time to time and i really like it. I always walk away with insights or information that add one more positive thing to my life. I believe the thing that makes it so great to read is the positive intent behind it. It’s just flat out genuine. Keep it up. I am officially a fan 🙂
Btw, You are so right about about milk. Believe it or not, ever since i was a kid, i hardly ever drank milk just because my body reacted so negatively to it. I even felt guilty that i didn’t ‘drink enough milk’. Even though my brothers would chug it down, I would get bloated, and sometimes end up having the runs! not kidding. it’s like my body goes into over drive to try to flush it out of my system. Like most others, i do get lazy sometimes and end up using milk products (in small doses that won’t upset my stomach) only because it’s so easy to access. You motivated me to go back to what my body tells me. So did Skinny bitch, she really grosses you out huh?! Hehe” Noora Feleyfel

“Hi Alia.  I’m glad to report that since I started the organic coffee enemas in June 08, I have seen a lot of benefits.  The best thing is that I had my eyes checked recently and the result was that both my eyes numbers decreased by 0.25. My eyesight seems to have improved! I’ll do another check next month to confirm.  Also, regarding my 2-year-old nephew, I had a long chat with his mother, who is the best to judge the results of stopping the dairy products.  She said that after exactly one week of eliminating dairy products, he started to talk by telling words. After 2 weeks, he began calling people around him by their names, now he is able to combine words into sentences.  His understanding and focus increased. His eating and sleep improved.  Of course, flu and phlegm lowered dramatically; getting sick is much less now.  One thing she added that even his learning to go to toilet instead of using the diapers is quicker than his peers in the family.” Nadia Al Hallak

“Dear Alia, You are one amazing woman and nutritionist. I’ve bee reading your emails ever since I’ve arrived in Bahrain and every time I have so much to learn from them. I very often circulate your emails to my colleagues at work and they enjoy it too.  I wish you a Happy Ramadan to you and your family. Ramadhan Mubarak!  Thank you for sending these wonderful newsletters and making the effort and most of all being creative.” Stefania Badea

“Dear Alia, Just a short note to tell you that I do take time to read every email you send me and to tell you the truth I do enjoy what your write, it obviously shows that you are a well informed natural therapist and your articles do make a lot of sense.  I am what you call a nature fanatic, I strongly believe in the laws of nature and in the equilibrium that nature follows in balancing things out. it is so sad that we don’t listen to nature instead we abuse its laws. For every ailment there is a cure in nature, that is for those who do understand the language with which nature communicates with us. I am sure you are one of those gifted people who need no interpreters to understand mother nature’s dialogue.” Hartyun Aziz

“Dear Alia, Thank you for explaining the negative effects of dairy products to me. I’ve been suffering from a kind of foggy brain for quite long time. At first I thought perhaps it is psychological . I was working hard to clear my mind ,doing meditation, exercising or  going for walks . They all helped for a while, but soon the symptoms were back. This was really disturbing me.  However, after our meeting, your words worked like magic!! Next day, I decided to stop all dairy products. I replaced milk with Soya milk and since I adore cheese I replaced it with veggie cheese. The shift was not difficult at all and the results were AMAZING. I know feel very relaxed, focused and I can spend hours doing high demanding  tasks with no problem at all. Tonight ,I finished editing four chapters of my Life Skills 2 book with a clear mind a very relaxed mood. There is no way that I would go back to using any dairy products again . I can assure you that!” Shahnaz Bahman (Educational Consultant)

“My dear Alia, your work doesn’t need testimonials. Its part of God’s work you are doing, i.e., spreading positive energy and attitude in people. This itself is enough and believe you me, your success is not measured in quantity, but quality of people. Prophet Noah PBUH lived for 1000 years or so to spread his Mission; and how many people did he gather? Only 80!!!!!! So Truth spreads with conviction within. And I hope you remain in touch with your own “Self” while doing this good work. You may become Self-ish or Self-less, that time will tell…. God Bless.” Mohammed Emad Malik

“Dear Alia, Thank you for all of your e-mails, and you are right about the natural antibiotic. I’m using garlic, honey and lemon juice as antibiotic because when ever I used antibiotics in the past I had problems in my stomach and instead I got better i was suffer for one month with pain in my stomach. But now I’m telling every body to go with this recipe since last year after I got pregnant and really I feel better from first time. Thank you again” Nabeela Nourooz

“Dear Alia, I find your articles so interesting and at times I feel you must be such a calm, collected and lovely person.  May God bless you for sharing with others and at least trying to make this world a better place in your own little way.” Lola Desouza

“Hi alia, many years ago, when i was a little child, a thought came to my mind which was, we are humans and we drink milk… Milk comes from cows, camels, etc.  This milk is produced after the animal gives birth to a baby animal.  Logically, this milk is for this baby animal!  Then, how come we humans drink that baby animal’s food???????? I began to think about eggs which are intended to be baby animals and how we eat them. It felt disgusting and brutal to me!!! I remember the days of my childhood when i was critisized of being abnormal and forced to eat meat! I remember talking to my parents who told me that it is not right to eat rice without meat!!!
When we; you and me met in bahrain during the mind festival 25-10-2008, i was shocked when you tackled the same thoughts especially about milk.  I finally realized that i was right. The point is that i am afraid to express myself because people would accuse me of being abnormal. I have been through a lot of frustrating situations!!!  I am happy that you are there to help people think about and change their eating habits and to give them a lot of alternatives to get better long healthy lives. I am happy also because i feel comfortable to share you my feelings, thoughts and experiences! Thank you very much, alia. A lot of love” Amal Aqeeli

“Hi Alia, I attended a seminar of yours at Chaoss a while back.. I was not expecting much from the seminar to be honest because I thought I already knew all that would be discussed…I just believed I was more educated on nutrition than most in Bahrain. But your seminar was informative (mainly regarding your anti-dairy stance) and after reading some of your emails as well as your blog, I’ve become a big fan. I am surrounded by too many people who roll their eyes at my beliefs on nutrition and health care so you make me feel….what’s the word…normal! So thank you.  Also, I would love to hear more about why you’re against milk and cheese. I too believe that the milk on store shelves today have little or nothing to offer (definitely more harm than good anyway) so I would only buy organic, hormone-free whole milk for my 18 month old (and in Bahrain, it cost a fortune!!). Your seminar sort of gave me permission to say no to dairy, which was always a gut feeling, and so I started buying rice milk while giving him the vitamins you recommended. Ever since then I have been combining rice milk with either almond milk or goat’s milk for him. I heard somewhere that goat milk is really good for you (might have been Dr. Oz!) so I’m curious as to what you think. I took out almost all of the yogurt and cheese in his diet but wonder, are you against goat and sheep milk/cheese too or just cow milk/cheese?” Anna Faulkner

“Hi Alia.  Thank you so much for your wake up call on Monday.  All I needed was an ‘aha’ moment and that was motivation enough to really change.  Don’t even have to meditate for 5 mins.  The last two days were the greatest in a very very long time.  God bless you x” Lamar Kanafani

“Once I said that Bahrain was lucky to have you. I wasn’t kidding! You sure do have your job cut out for you.  I am aware of the statistics but was shocked at diabetes in children in this part of the world.  The fact that it is on the rise is not acceptable.  There are 2 parents in my daughter’s class that give a healthy snack for school. One of them is me!  Imagine! I noticed most of the parents themselves are overweight.  Kind a hard to preach what ya don’t practice yourself!  I have my own little plan of action to hopefully get this food situation under control at school. Wish me luck!  Thank you for your wisdom and dedication.  I love your emails and your book. Finished it in one day!” Michel Bigardi

“By the way, I followed your advise, no more milk during the night and my son is sleeping continuously until morning.. Many thanks dear.” Hanan Janahi

“Well I’m thankful to you for giving me such a nice piece of advise, regarding diets. I fully agree with what u say and your theory has brought a revolution in my life.” Dr. Yaqoob Sher Zaman

“I’ve seen great results on my new eating programme and I feel amazing on it. I’ve lost weight in a short period of time without even increasing my exercise levels, and I don’t even feel like I’m on a diet or that I’m hungry; in fact, I’m eating more than I used to.  It’s amazing how you can improve your metabolism and fat burning just by making a few adjustments to your meals and snacks.  The best part is that in addition to the weight loss, I actually feel that my health is improving and my body is loving it.  People are all asking me how I’m losing weight, and I’m sending them all to you!” Luis Maronese

“Dear Alia, I usually forward your messages to my friends. But this message [about eating when you’re sad] has received the most “thank you” reply from my friends. Everyone felt that the msg. is addressed to her/him. They found the case and the advice is what was puzzling them all the time. I am having a print out to stick it on my fridge door, so I remind myself to LISTEN to my body, especially the discrete VOICE !!! Thanks dear for your valuable tips.” Mahnaz Kadhemi

“Thank you for this lovely [yoga] email. I am already familiar with yoga and meditation practices because I practice meditation too. But the thing is that Allah has given you this special ability/talent to express things in a very positive and bright manner, which makes any topic very interesting to read about and creates this urge to know more. And this email is one of those that make you love what you do. Thank you for adding Nitro-Power to the spiritual practice.” Mohammed Emad Malik

“I keep getting your emails and your nutrition tips and im so happy to read them the whole time 🙂  I just gave birth to my second baby and I wanted you to know that one of the gifts i received was your book.. just wanted you to know that your book is given as a gift so im sure you that will make you more proud of your work and what you are doing and yourself.. and to tell you the truth it was one of the great gifts 🙂  Keep on the good work and I wish you the best luck :)” Manal Ishaq

“Dearest Alia, I hope the critic of the enclosed writer did not upset you a bit? This is always the case of a battle to change “deep rooted” concept within us and the generation before. Maybe you have heard about Mariam Noor. She has once said the same, i.e. -ve impact of dairy intake, through Bahrain TV, when the ???? made fun of her “Live”. I agree with some mothers that, true, it is difficult to give it up completely, so I believe having a “little” of it a day cause little harm, please correct me if I am wrong. Dairy products are around us everywhere and in everything Alia. Cakes, biscuits, some breads ….. etc. and to reduce the consumption of it to minimum is a victory by itself. Keep on your strength, coz your admirers are behind you. Derive strength from the GREATEST allah – and God bless you, sweet angle.” Mahnaz Kadhemi

“Hi Alia, just wanted to give u the good news that i have almost given up tea. I am so proud of myself!!!!!!!!! I just had tea twice in a week n that also few sips imagine. Everything is going great. Now only the mercury fillings r left inshaAllah will take care of that next
week, but surely will let u know. Thank you soooooooooo much for everything.  I am fitting into clothes which were hanging in the closet for the past year n a half. I can’t tell you how happy I am and its all thanks to you.”  Arshi Alvi

“Dear Alia, I am a dentist who recently got registered on to your site actually, even I like all the mothers thought that milk is a healthy diet for kids. But even I knew the fact that cows milk could only be digested by a calf but still like all mothers I fed my son with only milk. As he used to refuse to eat anything.  But deep inside I used to be annoyed and I never wanted to feed him milk but I was forced to. Thus the result is delayed speech. Now he is finding it slightly better after I have stopped his milk completely after reading your article. Hence I should be thankful for your kind advice. I am repenting that i should have read your article long back.  Thank you so much for sharing this message with us. Please kindly continue your mails.” Vidya Chandran

“I actually have been wanting to thank you so much for the free education you are providing us with.  I’m sure you have no vested interest from your position against dairy products other than educating all and changing these long everlasting myths about dairy products.  But please understand dear that change is difficult and everyone of us is so different at accepting or dealing with change; some embrace it, others question it and others fight it like our friend: the author of the published response in GDN.  Its funny watching people’s reactions but at the end of the day, we are different and these kind of reactions are expected.  But what I like about you is that you are strong and educated and we trust you! Thanks again for keeping us informed!” Maisa Shunnar
“Very interesting feedback you are sending, people will have choices to try and see the differences before and after drinking milk and dairy products, I know its hard for people to change what they use to believe but its a matter of time for people to understand. Wish you a nice week-end and God bless you and your family.” Fadhel Al-Nasheet

“Since I saw you last month I have lost stubborn weight that I have been struggling to lose for a long time.  In a matter of a month, I’ve lost 3kg, but I’ve also noticed that this weight loss is not the kind that I gain back as soon as I mess up my eating programme.  I also feel that I’ve lost inches, and people have been commenting on how much thinner and better I’m looking!  What’s more interesting is that I stopped getting the headaches that I got when I first started changing my eating, and I also got a much better period this month which was a lot shorter and significantly less problematic.  And best of all, unlike any other diet, I do not feel hungry at all and I’m really enjoying the way I feel on this programme and the way my relationship with my body and food is improving.  I will keep going and hope for even better results!” Arshi Alvi

“This is Hanan Awadh the mother who had a daughter that has asthma and I tried to stop her on drinking Milk, as you advice me, I just want to tell you now that in around ten days of this her asthma became very little, and I feel that she is much better now than before.  Thank you very much and I will continue following your e-mails which give me a lot of good & healthy information.  Thanks again & regards.”  Hanan Salim

“I can’t stop myself to say that you and your research both are ”incredible”.  I am receiving your regular emails and trying my best to follow them religiously, but sometimes i break these healthy rules just for the sake of some social obligations but not regularly.  I had changed all my eating habits as advised in your emails and it really works and we all have to be patient to see the positive results which are just a corner around from us.” Mustafa Ali
”Thanks for the email .. i managed to stop the 2 servings of milk ages ago .. now my kidsonly have it if they are having cerial which is not more than twice a week .. [my daughter] came back with the same leaflet the other day .. and now she is requesting milk every night, she says mama it is healthy .. look at me .. The problem is that u don’t want to teach them that what they tell u in school is not correct .. at the same time u don’t want them to believe that .. so simply I am lost !!!” Marwa Sharif
“I am so glad somebody else is screaming at what is being dished out to our children in the whole of Saudi Arabia and Gulf schools; actually, when my sister was a head of one of the schools in Saudi Arabia, before she retired, she was offered gifts to allow fizzy drinks to be sold in her school’s canteen. She does not fall for such offers, but you know that others do.” Um Hafithe
“I cant thank you enough for the great information and advice you dont stop giving me and which of course I forward to my family and friends.”  Moushira Roushdy
“Thank you for your lovely, really informative emails.  I do distribute whatever I receive to my contacts, guess what?? they are all interested in the subject and excited to receive such emails.  With your permission I will pass them your email address.” Khadijah Garashi

“Thank you so much for today. I am so happy to have received your intervention. you truly encouraged me to do smarter by [my daughter].  i see this whole mission to change as preventing myself from poisoning my daughter with a life-long eating disorder.  That’s my biggest fear; and you’re helping me save my daughter’s life from every angle, so thank you. I will implement all the changes to the very best of my knowledge and ability, and we pray for change :)” Lamar Kanafani

“I want to tell you that since I came to your session in Batelco, I became more caring about my health and my kids’ health too, I even started giving my daughter rice milk instead of dairy… and bought the veg. brush like you have ;)” Safa Noor

“I thank you immensely for the wonderful and productive lecture you have conducted in batelco. I should admit your approach was very impressing in the lecture and I did come out with half of my theories about an ideal diet completely wrong!!!  Once again I would like to take a chance to thank you for that and please let me know if there are any seminars or lectures in future that could be very beneficial for me to attend.” Salma Nader

“I really learned a lot in this 2-hour consultation. You were truly my last hope for feeling better. I read your kids book and I attended your kids course and I’m already implementing most of the things you said; so before I came today I was wondering if there will be anything else left for you to tell me, but I was very wrong. What we spoke about today gave me a new hope. A lot of people think that your nutrition consultations are just about food, but they are about so much more. You address the whole body and mind and discuss issues that have never occurred to me before. I’m always trying to describe your wonderful methods to my friends but I guess they won’t believe it until they see it and experience it for themselves. Thanks Alia!” I.P.
“I would like to thank you for your lovely presentation last week in Batelco, and I really became shocked for the new information you told us about healthy food for children especially about milk.” Najat Mohammed

“After 3 weeks I see and feel the difference already.  Amazing!  Very much what I needed; someone to guide me on the path of a healthy lifestyle.  I enjoy it.” L.J.

“I am pleased to let you know that my son was listening and absorbing every bit of what you were advising me the other day in our meeting.  Let me narrate an incident that happened with him:  A few days ago, at his school, there was a student/parent/health panel comprising his teachers at school.  A student of the 10th standard asked the panel “Give me some advice on how to lose weight”.  One of the panel answered in some do exercise, eat less etc etc.  My son raised his hand and explained to the entire audience the concept of “slowing metabolism” that you explained to me the other day. He explained the skippings meals, body storing energy as fat, must eat regular meals, concept for nearly 1.5 minutes.  The panel accepted his answer and they all clapped.  Even after our meeting, my son wants to follow your advice now itself.  He eats fruit platters, salad platters and has started eating nuts with fruits. He is slowly getting obsessed with health and fitness.” Subhash Jalan

“You should know, that you became a part of our life, because whenever we start to have junk food at home or whenever we feel, we should eat more vegetable or fruit, we start our sentences with: Alia says (in the book)…..” Dr. Volker Ludwig
“I’m still struggling on making my eating options healthier…it’s really difficult even up to now. I’ve seen good results…but it’s really an emotional journey. I eat because I’m happy…i eat when i’m sad….i eat when i get excited….can u imagine! that’s why it’s really helpful when I go back once in a while to all ur previous emails and read them again. Everytime I do that, i feel relieved once again….and learn new things…once again.” Jo Arellano
“Thank you!  The girls loved the talk and I even had some parents calling this morning to thank us for what we have done!!! The feedback has been great!!!”  Mireille Isaac

“Thank You Very Much Ms. Alia, i stopped having RedBull a few days ago after having to drink it every single day since 2 years.” Ghada, grade 10

“I have read your book and I love it.  I wanted to congratulate you myself on a work well done. You have given a lot of good advice and I liked all the different parts.  We have already started implementing healthy options for our kids; I even sat with my kids and showed them the tips.  As a family physician, I especially liked the section on vaccines; it was very informative and to the point.  Thank you for a great job. I have been recommending it to my friends and would certainly highly recommend it to all the parents and caretakers out there. We all have very big responsibilities toward our and other kids when it comes to their nutrition. And if we start early, through reading and setting examples, we can improve their health and many generations to come. My advice is to start by trying to replace at least one less healthy item every week with a healthy alternative. Another advice is to motivate others in a positive way and encourage them to implement the read information because somebody there has done all the effort to do the search for them. Information is building every second and we all have to keep up.  I hope to see lot of new parents more into healthy nutritious options.” Dr. Ameera Al-Nooh, Consultant Family Physician

“It has been only 3 months since I first saw Alia for a nutrition consultation regarding my 7-year-old son.  At the time, he had a slight communication problem, he didn’t make proper eye contact, and he had developed a twitch in his eye which meant he had to wear glasses for a while.  After doing the hair analysis to test for toxins, I was amazed to see all the toxins that were in my son’s body which were probably affecting him negatively.  Together with Alia, we worked on a diet and supplement programme that opened my eyes to a lot of things that I wasn’t aware of. For example, I cut out Tuna and replaced dairy products, and I also switched to brown bread and introduced quality vitamins. Slowly but surely, these changes and adjustments became part of our daily routine, and I’m glad to report that the benefits have been amazing!  My son changed tremendously.  His communication skills are significantly better; he makes a lot more eye-contact when he speaks; and he no longer needs the glasses.  When my mother came to visit recently, she said she saw a completely different kid!  And the best part is that I’m involving him in the process and explaining to him along the way and he’s taking it very well.  I am still learning and adjusting, and I have no doubt that the benefits will soon spread to the whole family.” Areez Alfarisi

“I just finally finished your book. Wanted to let you know again how much I enjoyed it and your talk at BMC. As a mother, yoga teacher, massage therapist and natural food enthusiast-my passion is also sharing the information I have/know to help others feel better and live a happy healthy life.  Thanks again for speaking truth!”  Susan Barber

“I have been reading your book just now, and I wanted to reiterate how much useful stuff there is in it, written in such a parent-friendly way.   I especially liked the ‘day-to-day’ case studies, which are so interesting and make it ‘real’.  I also liked the bit about sitting down to meals, it really inspired me, because I’m terrible like that – mainly because Kublai, being 2, is hard to keep at the table and I think if I spoon-feed him in the living room at least I’ve got the food in him.  I think I’ll make more of an effort though just for the social part of it and, as you suggest, think of conversations to have with them.  So thanks for that.  Also the pictures really are lovely especially those trad Arab costumes and the mehendi… It was nice to see the photo of you and your kids too – I can’t believe how big Laith is now, I remember when you were pregnant with him and feeling pretty fed up!”  Sally Beare

“When I read your book, the Dream Body Eating Plan, I was amazed at how many ways I could improve my health and lose weight.  I started to implement a few aspects and saw immediate effect.  Within just a month, many people have noticed that I lost weight, and even better, my cravings completely vanished.  And I loved the apples and almonds concept and have been applying it since; thanks for introducing me to something I loved!  Then when I came to see you for a consultation, you opened my eyes on even more things that I could do to improve my health; things that must have been obstacles all along. The subject of nutrition is so interesting and you present it in a way that makes me understand and get convinced rather than forced.  I’m really excited about our coming consultations, I want to learn everything.  I have no doubt that over the next few months I will see even more results.” Deena Al-Ansari

“I have attended a lot of nutrition lectures but I have never been as enthusiastic to change as I am today.  And the reason is the style of the lecture and putting across this massive amount of valuable information in a convincing way!  The slides were very clear and informative.  My overall impression of the course: excellent.  I used to have a fear of changing my habits at home, but by the end of the course today I became more confident in myself and my own abilities to implement what I learned.  Thank you Alia” Mahnaz Kadhemi

“Well done. I love your book. It is easy to read and easy to follow and i hope that all mothers will read it and i hope one day you’ll be able to translate it into Arabic so more mothers in our region will benefit from it.” Arwa Aljowder

“I was so impressed by Alia. She is taking a bold stand on some controverial issues (eliminating most dairy, bringing up the toxins in vaccinations etc). I was really surprised and impressed. WHen I heard we were having a talk on nutrition, I was not thrilled. Usually these talks are about “moderation” like some “some crisps but not too many” instead of what Alia says which is most of these types of things have no place in our diets. There’s a lot of politics behind food –in the U.S. the dairy Council actually funds programs in schools so to get the schools to say no dairy is almost impossible.”  Susan Barber

“I LOVE your book!  It really addresses many concerns and it’s also fun to read.. Great job! I’m highly recommending it to my friends, especially those who really watch after their kids” Dana Buhijji

“Alia is great in presenting her material; she is very structured and very clear.  It’s a joy being in her lectures!  She makes all the “very difficult stuff” sound doable; she gives practical ideas that actually work.” Elham Rajai

“I’ve always enjoyed learning from your e-mails and I thank God that I’m still on your mailing list. Thank you for constantly updating me about what’s going on in your circle especially your triumphs! Congratulations! I’m looking forward to a local tv program that u can host…hmmmmm…you should do this.”  Jo Arellano

“Thanks so much for sending me details about going through a good diet. I really appreciate it.  How I wish that I could really follow this good examples.  As they say “easier said than done”.  Right now I’m slowly cutting my taking of cigarette, hopefully soon enough I’ll be able to really stop smoking.  Cutting down on taking dairy products, junk foods and a like has also been observed, slowly though. Slowly that I am observing some improvements in myself.  Looking forward to meet you again someday (not just here in our office but on a 1-on-1 consultation). Again, thank you very much for uplifting my interest in making/doing a good and healthy diet/life. More power Ms. Alia and God Bless!!!”  Miriam Zapata

“THANK YOU SO MUCH – I knew you would do it well but this book surpasses any expectations I might have had.   Congratulations and well done.   I have already shown it to a number of people and it is being raved about. I am so proud of you!!” Dr. Jean Borgstrom, Paediatrician

“I have talked to some of the staff and parents and they had very positive feed back:  The talk was interactive, not too long, very informative and practical, I especially liked the fact that you brought along the packages of the items you were talking about and talked about the natural remedies available in everyone’s homes, we definitely feel children are over medicated these days. You could have talked about the recipes in your book as they looked lovely, maybe next time we could make the healthy alternative for parents to taste.  So I think it was a very positive overall. I will be mentioning it again in our parent’s newsletter and telling them about the book, workshop and your contact for those who did not attend.  Thank you again, I hope we can do this again in the future.” Janeann Mohseni

“I’m enjoying reading your book, and my husband too. Your book is helping and inspiring many parents.  In Be-Free Center we thought after reading the section “At School” of offering and promoting healthy food in our small canteen. For this week workshop we’ll be serving fresh fruits.” Rana Alsairafi

”[The consultation] opened my eyes to a vast variety of information about the relationship between our food intake and body activities.   I am a reader of many nutrition books and health magazines, but the consultation sessions were clean from any jargon and tailored to my personal requirements, Alia simply outlined what I need to know in relation to my own body.    It has been 2 months since my first consultation, I have more energy, can sometimes stay up later than usual, I feel lighter, less bloated, and more comfortable coz I am more aware of my body’s needs and requirements and tend to provide it with the right type of food, vitamins and life style. I used to visit health shops just as an attempt to ‘live healthier’ without knowing what my body really needs.  Now, I am a smarter shopper, I look for what will make me feel good in the short and long term. I recommend this nutrition consultation to anyone who is committed to changing the way they live to a better, healthier and happier life.”  Nada Alshehabi
“I found the consultation very positive and excellent.  It changed a lot in my health and I now feel much more ease and confidence in myself.”  Shahnaz Rabiei

“The consultation benefited me in so many ways.  First I had no idea how dairy could affect us negatively.  The same goes with wheat.  I always thought that the more we ate the better.  Also, switching to organic shampoos, etc. never crossed my mind.  I came here mainly to alter my eating habits but got so much more. Before I came I didn’t know how to stop myself from gaining weight.  Once I have a wild appetite I would continue to eat.  If I stop, I would go on a very strict diet and go back quickly to eating junk because I feel deprived.  Now, I realised that there are endless options when it comes to good food and it doesn’t mean depriving myself, so it makes it much easier to lose weight. I would definitely recommend it to others. There’s so much information that would benefit people and each is catered to the individual’s needs, unlike other nutritionists who would give everyone the same diet menu.  Most people are on crash/fad diets these days and are always complaining about their health and weight issues.  This is the best way to go.  The problem is that there’s so much lack of education.”  H.B.
“We benefited by having a healthy style of living and eating; lots of interesting information about food.”  A.A. (mother of 13-yr-old)
“I definitely notice some changes in my eating habits [since joining the 12-wk slimming course]. I’ve been eating more often and in small quantity and I don’t feel like starving myself. Unlike before when I started a diet, I really felt deprived. But now, I can feel that I lost some pounds already. I sometimes crave for the food that I like and when I do, I make sure that the quantity is very less. After eating the prohibited food, I still feel a little bit of guilt though. Thanks a lot for always giving us interesting as well as enlightening sessions. Your follow up system is also excellent. I’m so happy with the way you handle us.
And to update you with the latest development in my body stats [at week 7], I’m so proud to have lost 1.5 kg more than the 3kg I lost last week; and 5.7% body fat!  At first I wasn’t so happy about it coz I was expecting more kg to lose, but the trainer explained that its excellent coz I’ve developed a big portion of my body fat into muscles….I’m so grateful!
By the way, thank you for sharing the secret. I think it’s priceless. I can’t wait to have my own copy of the dvd. I really want to go through it again and again so I won’t miss anything. I think this is the best year for me to really give my life a boost. This year, I have so many things to thank for…a new job in April, my wedding in August, a new and healthier me…for life!”  Jo Arellano

“I really enjoyed your lecture the other night.. many people have knowledge, but only few can present and share their knowledge well.” Elham Rajai

“Thank you so very much for your expert advice and care regarding [my daughter’s] nutritional consultation.  It meant so much to me.  She left so positive; so energised; and talking about it.  She has gone off to get the vitamins.
I feel quite emotional.  I just don’t know how to thank you enough.  You really really got through to her.  Thank you.”  Janet Abbas

“I read about your nutritional tips in the monthly issue of ”WOMAN THIS MONTH” and it was really really great! In fact I am not a regular reader of it because previously I was simply not aware of this, but by chance I got this from one of my friends and I took this to my home and start having look at it in my free time. In the course of my review I saw your page and started reading it seriously and found it very much interesting and I am really impressed about your expertise.  May Allah Bless you forever for doing such a wonderful task, spreading knowledge by way of media. To make people aware of such thing which they really don’t know exactly about.  I would like to stay in touch with yourself in future, for that I have registered myself on your website.  Kindly add me in your routine subscription for Health Tips.”  Mustafa Ali

“Many congratulations on the launch of your book.  I hope it becomes a source of reference in every Mothers kitchen – it deserves to be. With the holiday season coming up it will make a great gift for my friends!  I’m feeling fit and healthy because of your help and wish the same for everyone else.” Christine Collier

“Congratulations Alia!  The book looks amazing and the content has very valuable information.  It was a nice book launch.  I will make sure all the parents I know get a hold of your book.”  Alaa Alalawi

“I have found the [12-wk slimming] course excellent! Before I started I was really down and  feeling horrid about myself, I was really moody and a bit of a pain to be around. NOW!  I am feeling more energised, happy and a lot more chilled out, I used to get terrible heart burn and was taking zantac almost every day, that has stopped completely and i cant even remember the last time I had it, also I used to be very tearful and moody around period time, this month I didn’t even realise I was pms!
So I am feeling really good, I have to say that I have cheated a bit with the carbs, but only eating rice cakes. I also had a couple of days where I felt light headed, bit I realised that I was not eating enough, it’s a challenge not eating carbs and I’ll do it a couple of days every week.
All in all though, I feel that I have benefited from every aspect of the course.  I haven’t weighed myself yet, I’m a bit scared that I haven’t lost anything and don’t want to get dispondent, but I’m going to do it next week. I know I have lost because I can feel it and have had a couple of comments.
I think that you and the staff at Desange are brilliant and your support and motivation have got me going, especially Marichris who has helped and motivated me so much, she is a really special person and we are lucky to have her help, she just gives a 110%.  Thanks Alia for all you guidance.”  Carla Ferreira

“I feel better in health.  I am not hungry all the time. I am sleeping more comfortably and I have more energy.”  Nahed Al Lababidi

“Attending [the 12-wk slimming course] has been so worth it. I have become so aware of so much nutritional informational or should I say the lack of it. Cutting out the carbs has been the best thing I’ve ever done to make me feel good. I feel so much lighter! That has always been the missing link because I do exercise and I did try to “eat healthy”, but the carbs have been my drawback. Now I know!
Before embarking on this programme, I thought  I knew what eating healthy meant. I now realise I was so far from it as I saw healthy eating as eating the fruits and veg and all the so called “low fat” alternatives to regular food . Little did I know of the other intricate details that are always overlooked  such as the damage a lot of the so-called “healthier options” does when one takes a closer look at the ingredients they contain.
I saw [a course mate] at the spa this morning and we  got chatting about how we are benefiting form this course.  She said she knew about it through taking her sons to your husbands kickboxing classes at Zen-do. Such a coincidence. While attending one of the open days for mothers, in my quest to finding an activity to keep me active, he did mention that for those of us trying to shed pounds it is a combination of physical activity and  the right nutrition hence he told us to visit a web site should we need nutritional guidance. Unfortunately, as much as I enjoyed the session, I couldn’t take it up because of my knee. To be honest with you I did not think I needed any advice because I “knew” what to eat. How wrong was I!  Now I know better. Thanks Alia.” Nkechi Mgbenwelu

“It has changed my life!  You gave me healthy alternatives that I never thought I had.  I now know exactly what to do and I’m really happy about it.  I am telling all my friends about you because I want them to benefit like I did.  You are a real asset to the country, and I can’t wait for my next consultation!  Thank you so much.”  Samra AbdulAal

“After just one month of following Alia’s tips, I experienced almost no headaches, better bowel movement and much more energy.  And I also lost 2.5kg!”  E.A.

“How do I feel after 12 weeks?  More positive about keeping myself ‘under control’ emotionally and weight-wise.  My everyday mood feels ‘lighter’.  Before the start of the course I was bogged down with too much weight as well as negative approach to myself, my appearance and my worth.  I’ve managed to put things into achievable goals.  Did I learn new things?  Yes, yes, yes.  Where can I start!!  From bad food to bad energy.  Simple things like eating breakfast and snacking as opposed to starving myself.  I have lost at least 5.5kg during those 3 months – and an overall total of 15kg+ since September.  I feel fab.  I know I can do something (willpower).  I have given up smoking (big thing for me), and got my eating in order (also huge thing for me).  What am I going to do now?  Watch my eating and food quality; and keep on with physical activity which I love now!  I will stay focused and positive.  I would encourage other women to do this course.”  Monique Rennhard

“I really enjoy reading your emails, they comfort me a lot especially when I come home after a rough day I start reading my inbox, there are some emails that make me laugh and others make me smile and
remember old times.. your emails are those that make me smile 🙂  Thanks, and all the best.”  Manal Ishaq

“I learned about good and bad foods.  About the effects of food on behaviour.  Good food = happy.  And more natural food is better for you.  I definitely have reassessed my eating habits and think twice about what goes in my body and my children’s.  Sometimes, choices have to be made for the sake of you and family.  I do see a better side of me physically, mentally, and emotionally and realise how food, stress, daily routine, and family, affect it both positively and negatively.”  Reem Najeeb

“It changed my eating methods.  It took me to another level of health awareness.  It helped me lose weight.”  Hanan Al-Shehabi

“Just to update you regarding my girls, I started with [my youngest daughter’s] night feeds; I stopped them, then in 5 days she was drinking normal milk instead of the powder, then by the end of the 2 weeks she started drinking in a glass and stopped her bottle!!! I couldn’t believe that it can be done this easily and this fast.  I have to really thank you because I couldn’t have done that without your encouragement and advice.  I am working on repairing the kids food habits gradually.. thanks to you.”  Marwa Sharif

“It gave us the chance to have more healthy stuff and understand its impact on our body and overall health.  It helped my kids be healthier and more self-confident.”  Soaad Al Merbati

“It has helped me in regaining control over myself; stabilising my moods through vitamins and supplements; feeling positive about being able to change my eating habits for the better; and taking myself seriously in that I want to be good to myself because I’m worth it and so is my body!”  K.K.

“It honestly clarified all the pre-misconceptions I had about what a healthy diet is.  Alia managed to put me on the right track.  I feel healthier, happier, and more energetic!”  Jubran Abdulrahman

“I’ve been on this nutrition plan for two months only, but have never felt better, even though I need to lose a lot of weight. I am not too obsessed about ‘dieting’ and my weight. I never feel hungry, am very energetic, and quite pleased with the results! The best thing about this is that you are not restricted by quantities or what to eat for each meal, because you are not ‘on a diet’.
And Alia is a very nice person too. Our sessions are always very interesting. It’s always refreshing and reassuring to sit with someone who knows exactly what you are going through. I advise everyone to meet Alia… at least once.”  Khadija Dajani

“After 12 weeks of attending this course, I feel fulfilled, happier, healthier, more in control of my eating, and well informed on nutrition.  Before coming to this course, I felt unhealthy and unhappy with my food choices and weight.  Now, I’m so aware of the food choices I make and more conscious of the nutritional information provided on food packaging.  I have lost weight – 6.5kg.  However, I will endeavour to lose a further 3.5kg.  I have found out that I have more determination and willpower, that I can overcome temptation, and that I can control my eating at home and socially.  I will continue to exercise diligently, control my eating, and overall maintain my new lifestyle ☺.  I would highly recommend this course to women who are willing and determined to change their lifestyle.  NB:  I finally have a flatter stomach; the best in 13 years!”  Nkechi Mgbenwelu

‘It was very interesting indeed to find out all the wrong habits that we put our kids on thinking it is good for them, then finding out it is harmful. With growing up, [my daughter] started getting more and more difficult in eating her meal, she’d play with the food, we would have to offer her up to 3 dishes until she eats a little bit. After your consultation and tips, we were able to make Maya eat proper meals again with acceptable amount of fuss. Also, with her eczema, your advice made a huge difference and her skin cleared very nicely. The third thing was the weight problem, or potential problem, as it runs in the family. After changing her diet, [my daughter] lost “the bad weight” without cutting down portions or meals.
And last but not least, the thing that I didn’t think much about but it was the ultimate result, is that eating Healthy Good Food will keep my child inshalla healthier and smarter. In the book you recommended, I read that a school head master changed the kind of food that was served in the school, by the end of the year they achieved improvement in passing rate, concentration span, less of skipping school and even less fights and problems between the kids. The funny part is that the people that resisted this change the most at the beginning were the parents not the kids!!”  Nadia AbdulRahman

“The benefits I saw were many. I expected it to be difficult in the beginning when I first heard about Alia, but when I sat with her my interest level increased and I was more keen on continuing. I saw benefits on many levels, including: increased energy, better sleep patterns, weight loss, period regulation, reduction in my excessive sugar intake, and an overall improvement in eating habits.” Lulwa Al Sabbagh

“The consultation changed my life. I have found new energy levels that I could never achieve in the past, while being able to cure symptoms simply through changing what I eat.”  Mohamed AbdulRahman

“I found your nutrition consultation the most professional I’ve seen. The information and handouts are great and the report is very useful. As a client, I really felt I was given undivided attention and a lot of time for explanation and questions. Very good value for money and I would highly recommend it to others.
My husband and I tried the Sugar Plan that you recommended and we felt great! We both had a lot more energy and we even noticed an immediate positive effect on our sexual life and body shape. Also, for the first time in my life, I am committed to an exercise programme. I feel motivated and energised and I’m now addicted to how I feel after exercise.
I also implemented your advice on my children and saw very positive results. The winter season passed very smoothly this year with hardly any illnesses and no visits to the doctor. My daughter eats much better now and I’m very happy with her growth and development. And the Kids Menu outline is great; it incorporates many healthy ideas and makes feeding my kids healthy food much easier to maintain.”  E.A.

“After 12 weeks of attending this course, I feel well!  Motivated and happy.  I have been wanting to change my life into a healthy one and I feel like I am finally doing so.  I have really enjoyed the course.  Life before the course was different; I am healthy, fit and much happier.  I have learnt amazing new things and everything I have learnt makes sense.  I have fitted the new things into my life and they are working for me.  I have lost weight (about 4kg); I feel a difference in everything I wear.  I discovered that I can do it!  I can be motivated and disciplined and stick to a ‘programme’ for longer than 2 weeks.  I have finally made a life-changing decision and will stick to it.  In the future, I will keep following our diet guidelines, keep exercising at least 4 times a week, and keep trying to quit smoking.  I will definitely encourage others to do the course.”  C.F.

“It certainly put me on the right track, and gave me confidence that I’m giving my child the right nutrition. Moreover, I have benefited greatly from many tips like milk intake and stopping the night intake which has not been easy to put into practice. But the guidance proved so beneficial for his solid food intake and for his night sleep.”  Kawkab Almoayed

“Lots of my bad habits of eating have been eliminated, and my stress levels reduced dramatically.”  N.E.

“I benefited a lot from the diet programme that I followed a month ago. I lost 4kg in the first month although I didn’t feel that I was deprived of the things I like. I benefited a lot in terms of managing my eating times and I learned that it is more about the quality of food that I eat, not the quantity. In the beginning I found some new foods hard to get used to, but the next day I started to like the taste. I hope I keep my strong will to continue until I reach my ideal weight that I was at before I had a baby.”  Raida Yaghi

“I love the seminars.  Every second is so interesting and I am really learning a lot that I never knew about.  Thanks very much Alia for your time and knowledge.  You are changing many people’s lives.  I will try my very best until the day I die to live a healthy life.”  Terry Peters

“I really like the seminar and I feel excited to hear what you have to say because I feel that it is all beneficial.  I also like applying your advice and buying the products that you recommend.  I have benefited a lot from the changes I made.” Lulwa

“The information is great and I really enjoyed the seminars.  I have seen a lot of changes in my health compared to the first time I attended.  Thank you for the great information and I wish you all the success.”  Sawsan

“It has been a pain-free year for me, something I haven’t had in a long time.   Alia has devised a diet and supplement programme to help address my persistant diverticulitis. The programme included advice on how to change what I eat in order to prevent very painful attacks of diverticulitis. It also included daily supplements.
Now, more than a year later, I’m happy to report significant improvement, no attacks since, and much better overall health. Nutrition was my last port of call before what doctors called ‘inevitable surgery’; it should have been my first.”  G.A.

“After 12 weeks of attending this course, I feel healthier, happier, motivated and more informed about healthy food choices.  Before, I was unaware of the important effects food had on the body and many pre-learned ‘myths’ were explained.  I learned that I was important in the food choices I make such as buying family foods and food choices for the family.  The course empowered me.  Did I lose weight?  Yes!  6kg and 2 dress sizes!  I realised that it’s easy when you know how!!  Now that the course is over, I will continue to take care of me!  And educate my family.  The course has motivated me to take responsibility for myself and my daughter Layal.  We no longer have biscuits, sweets, cakes in the house and Layal now doesn’t eat sweets.  If we have some for some reason, she will say I’ll just have one mummy.  I also let her eat as much as she wants and she says “my tummy says it’s full mummy” and as there is no unhealthy snacks around she eats when she is hungry.  I have known Alia over the last 4 years and her advice with KG Kids and me personally has dramatically changed my life, my school children’s and my own children, and will continue to do so!  I wonder how many people can say they have had such a profound effect on someone’s life!”  Janet Abbas

“I lost 5kg within a month! And [the nutrition consultation] has helped me to be a more healthy person and watch what I’m eating.”
Mariam AlMahmood

“First of all, I started to lose weight and I feel lighter and more energetic. It’s nice to know that you can control yourself and you’re stronger than food and chocolate.”  Demet Parmaksiz

“After 12 weeks of attending the slimming club classes, I feel healthy, beautiful, slim, happy, and strong.  When I first came I was suffering from reflux, I was overweight, upset, and not fit.  I lost 3-4kg.  My body has changed, everyone noticed that.  I’m proud of myself.  I discovered that I like exercising very much and I like to do it in a group.  I enjoy food but I can control it now.  I will continue with what I’m doing now because I don’t want to lose my shape.  I encourage all the ladies to join, to be healthy and feel good, lose weight, and support each other.”  Eman Alkhaja

“I love your approach – ‘Back to Basics, and no fads and nonsense’.  Very informative!”  Shani Marcos

“Although I knew a few basics about nutrition, I found there’s so much more to learn!  I am now more informed and therefore more armed to create a more healthy me!  Lovely atmosphere, real life situations.  I really felt a part of that evening.  I felt empowered to take control and responsibility for me and my health!  Thanks Alia, a super evening.”  Janet Abbas

“[I learned about] the reality of what you think you know and do not know.  Taking things for granted and not reading what you buy affects your wellbeing.  I learned about spending time on one-self.”  Florence Richards

“I learned how to shop with dignity.”  Dana Rashdan

“It gave me a clear and concise direction. It wasn’t daunting, and Alia works with you to find the right combination – ensuring that I keep to my contract. I really feel that the changes Alia has encouraged me to address have made a huge difference to various aspects of my life.”  Christine Collier

“It has made a big difference. I feel much better after lunch; less bloated and capable of going back to work without feeling down. Generally, I feel much healthier.”  P.A.

“Since I have been coming to Alia, my life has changed dramatically. First and foremost, I had a period, my first after seven years without any! This was probably the greatest thing to happen to me in years as it means that I do menstruate and can now get pregnant. I have just had another period (3 months after the 1st) and this shows that nutrition plays a vital role in hormone health. I am now a great believer in this. Aside from this I feel more energetic, have better skin, more energy, less headaches, no nausea (dairy was making me feel sick), and I’m finding ways to deal better with stress.”  R.T.

“I feel much more motivated to lose weight, be healthy, and exercise.  Before this course I did nothing!!  I wish I had not taken so much time off!  However, I hope to maybe rejoin the next course.  Compared to the start of the course, I feel more in charge of myself.  I have hope for a good future for my mind and body, whereby, before I was just depressed and hopeless.  I feel I have learned a great deal about nutrition, and I hope it will stay with me for life so I can pass it on to my family.  I don’t think I have lost actual weight, but I knew I wouldn’t [due to my thyroid problems].  However, I have lost inches and I am feeling more comfortable in my clothes.  I have discovered that I’m not just an old fat woman.  I can be attractive again!  I can work out, even with my health problems.  I just feel so much better.
What am I going to do now?  I will try and follow Alia’s healthy eating plans.  I would love to meet up with the group once every few weeks.  I would definitely encourage other women to join; however, they must understand it’s not a “diet” club!!”  Helen Al Shamlan

“I have improved skin (glow), reduced black circles under my eyes, shorter PMT, and I feel less tired. I feel better generally. I now enjoy eating healthy food and discovering new textures and flavours.”  Debbie Al Asfoor

“The nutrition consultation has enabled me to feel more balanced overall in my daily life. It has made me realise how much food can affect my mental health and how I can fix myself with food rather than just using modern medicine.
I now have more energy for sports and for other people. It has also fixed a long-standing problem that I had with my lymphatic system which modern doctors thought was insignificant and were unable to treat.”  John-Luke Khalaf

“It’s life changing, completely made my life more healthy and productive, helped me with my problems especially migraines.”
Dalal Al Alawi

“I’ve actually noticed improvement with my symptoms since I last saw you (24 Jan). First of all, my skin has really improved. It’s more clear and I’ve received so many compliments on how it’s been looking lately.
Also, I used to have severe pain accompanying my period. After incorporating the foods I should be having and reducing the amounts of what I shouldn’t be eating, I noticed the pain I usually get and lasts 5 hours, has now reduced to 2.
The supplements you’ve recommended have also helped and I do feel they’ve helped in cleansing my system as well as provide me with whatever I was missing. I now believe it when they say that food and nutrition are key to wellness and beauty. Thank you.”  N.N.

“After 12 weeks of joining, I feel that I finally had the courage to cut out carbs from my diet.  I have gone a long way in just 12 weeks.  I am more confident of being alone with chocolate now ☺.  I have more trust in myself passing by Digestives; I do not even crave them anymore.  And of course the black coffee in the morning as well.  I have learned about how to cook some the weird things (e.g. Quinoa and millet).  I have initially lost 5kg, then an additional 1kg.  But of course, after I had hurt my back I did not work out for two weeks.  I now have the courage to do spinning class thanks to Dessange for giving me the challenge.  And now that I’m on my own I know for sure that I’m not scared of gaining back the weight as I used to after going off the so called Die-t!”  Amira Rehaimi

“I came to Alia Almoayed with terrible food cravings, unexplained stomach aches, constantly feeling unwell or ‘under the weather’ and always had really bad mood swings.
Since following this special diet and cutting out dairy and wheat – my overall health has greatly improved. I don’t feel as tired anymore, with much more energy (even though i’m five months pregnant!).
The stomach aches have disappeared along with the cold symptoms and I’ve even lost some weight! I’ve already booked an appointment for my husband whose eating habits are terrible and for both my parents who are diabetic – I’m sure that Alia will be able to help them as she has helped me.”  Nikki Bonnici Ahmed

“I have always been a person that has been extremely concerned about my health and weight. Although I am not classified as overweight, how I looked in certain clothing, or how I felt when I woke up in the morning could make or break my day. Even though I was always an athletic person I never felt as healthy as what I knew that I could be. Experiencing tiredness in the afternoon, bloating after eating, occasional migraines and often being quite irritable was something that I just became accustomed to.
After Alia did an evaluation of my diet and certain side effects that they were causing me, she sat down with me and gave me a complete analysis of why I was feeling the way I was. She explained the reasoning behind it according to my diet and advised me that I needed to change certain aspects of the way I ate.
I thought this would be a difficult task but with all the information that Alia gave me, it turned out to be really easy. Alia also suggested that I had certain allergies to certain foods, which I would never have known had I not consulted with her. I came to realize that a lot of why I was feeling so unhealthy all the time could well be because of this allergy.
I started to eat properly, also taking the required vitamins that Alia suggested, almost immediately and after three or four days I almost felt as though my health had improved 100%, which was something that I have never really felt before. I highly recommend a nutritional consultation with Alia Almoayed and I believe that it will be a life-changing experience for those who follow her advice!”
Adamandia Vidalis

One response to “My Testimonials

  1. Dear Alia,
    i get your emails regularly and read them with a lot of interest. it is really a blessing to have someone with your knowledge and academic background on this island, someone who is not out there to sell medicines! our bodies are very powerful and even more powerful is the mind and once we start to control that we can control our bodies. i have always told myself that i will not take tablets or unnecessary medicines and i have managed to control my physical health just by controlling my mental health.
    doctors here prescribe panadol and antibiotics like vitamins! its unbelievable what is happening to our hormones and natural immunity! i commend your work and research and hope to keep receiving those enlightening emails . I do have a suggestion: it would be great if you could add a section for ‘questions’ where people can directly ask health related questions and get answers. it will be a big help to the others with similar queries.
    all the best!

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