About Me

Alia Almoayed is a Nutritional Therapist running a busy nutrition consulting office in the Kingdom of Bahrain, offering nutrition advice for the whole Middle East community. Author of four books, Alia also writes health articles for various publications, runs TV and radio programmes on health and nutrition, holds popular workshops on the subject, offers one-on-one nutrition coaching, and heads a number of weight loss projects.

Alia’s start as a nutritional therapist was not a typical one.  She has a BA in public relations from Boston and an MA in marketing communications from London, but she got into nutrition after a personal illness made her reassess her health and search for natural solutions.

Once healed, Alia decided to help others like she helped herself. She went on to pursue various nutrition qualifications including a certificate in nutrition and later a 5-year qualification in nutritional therapy from the reputed UK College of Nutrition and Health, which earned her a membership in the UK-based British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy and made her an expert in the field.

Since qualifying, Alia has helped many people of all genders and ages claim back their health the natural way.  She gives practical ideas that actually work.  Her consultations, workshops, and writings have received amazing reviews and she has also been featured numerous times in various media, including radio and television.

“I derive a big part of my passion for nutrition from my desire to keep my family healthy.  My three children inspired my latest book, I WANT HEALTHY KIDS, and continue to fuel my passion for health and wellbeing.

I am fascinated by the magic of complementary and alternative therapies and love experimenting with the different ways of enhancing body, mind, and spirit.   I get a lot of benefits from having healthy food and yoga in my life, but seeing my clients thrive on a healthy eating plan is the greatest source of my gratification.” Alia Almoayed

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For more information about Alia, to book speaking events, to get regular email health tips, or to request my special FREE Report entitled: 5 Secrets Your Doctor Won’t Tell You About Your Health, visit www.AliaAlmoayed.com

Radio Show

Alia Almoayed runs a weekly live internet radio show called DARE TO BE HEALTHY with Alia Almoayed. Click here to hear the amazing episodes!

In an age of time restrictions, food addictions and conflicting media messages, the ‘DARE TO BE HEALTHY’ show captures the essence of healthy living with minimum hassle and maximum results. In a fun and casual manner, Alia Almoayed explores her own journey towards better health, and uses her experience as a nutritional therapist and mother to give you hands-on, tried-and-tested tips on how to make health and nutrition work for you and the whole family.

Good health comes to those who dare to take the leap into the amazing world of natural healing. Find out what it’s like to look and feel great. . .and finally live your life to its maximum potential.

From weight loss to and natural remedies and alternative therapies, Alia Almoayed will take you on a journey to discover what works best for you. Real advice, eye-opening interviews, book recommendations and more! DARE TO BE HEALTHY airs live every Monday at 11 AM Pacific Time on the World Talk Radio Variety Channel.

Books and more

Alia Almoayed is the author of I Want Healthy Kids, a book on how to raise healthy kids, and The Dream Body Eating Plan, a weight loss guide. Both books have been translated into Arabic.  She is also co-author of 101 Ways To Improve Your Health. Alia also writes health articles for various publications, in both Arabic and English. For more information on her books, click here.

Alia is currently running the ‘I Want Healthy Kids’ campaign, in which she is working on improving children’s diets around the country and the region by starting with parents and schools.  She also sells an one-day study-at-home course on kids’ health for parents and teachers, which can be purchased at www.IWantHealthyKids.com.

Alia’s future plans include writing more health books, running more speaking events, creating regional health documentaries and TV shows, and expanding my nutrition coaching expertise into the region, in both English and Arabic.

Private consultations

Alia’s one-on-one private nutrition consultations are eye-openers for people.  They are done face-to-face for her Bahrain clients and over the phone or Skype for her overseas clients.

During her consultations, Alia shows her clients how simple changes in diet and lifestyle can have tremendous effects on health.

Her health programmes are individualised which means she takes people’s life lifestyle, food preferences, health conditions, and stress levels into consideration when devising an eating routine.  She has a unique, casual and simplified approach to health and nutrition, which makes the subject less daunting and the advice easy to implement in our day-to-day lives.

Speaking Events

Alia Almoayed holds speeches, workshops and seminars on health and nutrition at various venues.

In an age of sugar addictions and time restraints, Alia’s hands-on interactive approach is said to make ‘difficult things doable’ and has many people coming back for more.  She helps people learn how to select the health information that really counts and start implementing diet and lifestyle advice that gives maximum results with minimum hassle.

“With today’s busy schedules and stressful lifestyles, who has time to eat well!  That’s why I make sure I talk about realistic, tried-and-tested methods that work every time.  I love to bring nutrition and health closer to people’s hearts.  Good nutrition has changed my life, and it can change yours too!” Alia Almoayed.

Workshop topics: Health / Wellness / Weight Loss / Kids Nutrition / Healthy Parenting / Women’s Health / Immunity / Natural Healing Methods / Detox

Fees: inquire for details

Travels from: Kingdom of Bahrain
(see below for speaking topics or make your own suggestions!)

Speaking Topics

FEELING FAT TODAY? 5 Steps to Guaranteed Weight Loss

Let’s face it, everybody wants to lose weight! With all the diets and weight loss books around, why aren’t people getting results?  In a frank, casual manner, Alia Almoayed explores the five most effective natural weight loss methods.   Losing weight is not supposed to be a struggle.  Find out how to alter your diet, lifestyle, and thinking in order to make way for a great new (slim) body.

Why Should I Detox? Super Ideas for a Fresh New You

Alia Almoayed talks about the ever-so-important topic of toxins and their effect on our body.  What are they, where are they coming from, what are they doing to us, how can we get rid of them, and most importantly: how detoxifying will give your body a second chance for more energy, better productivity and greater looks!  An eye-opening lecture that is interactive, casual, somewhat shocking, and fun!

THE BIGGEST MYTHS IN KIDS NUTRITION, EXPOSED! How your long-held nutrition misconceptions are making your child’s health worse!

Did you know that kids who eat nutritious food have higher IQs, perform better in school, and get into less trouble with their friends?  Also, kids who have a balanced diet get sick less often, they have stable energy levels that last them through the day, behave better in public, and enjoy a bunch of health signs such as better digestion and brighter skin.  Children’s diets today don’t only affect them in the short-run, but the health effects last throughout life.  BUT parents and caretakers are often confused as to what is good nutrition for their children.  They receive mixed messages from the people around them and the media and end up being unsure of what to do.

Based on her book, I Want Healthy Kids, Alia Almoayed puts the spotlight on kids health and busts some nutrition myths around the topic.  Learn how to select the health information that really counts and start improving your child’s health immediately. How to make fussy eaters eat, how to boost learning, how to make healthy food appealing, and much more!

*All attendants of this event will get a complementary copy of Alia’s recent book ‘I Want Healthy Kids’.

* Terms and conditions apply.  Inquire for details.

Natural First Aid Kit. 4 Secret Weapons to Prevent and Treat any Illness

Are you confused about illness because of all the conflicting messages you keep getting? Do you want to relax but don’t know how because of all the hype around one disease or another? Are you worried about your children and want to find ways to prevent them from getting sick?

This workshop is Alia Almoayed’s answer to health scares.  In a refreshing and fun manner, Alia teaches you the secrets of developing super immunity that will protect you from all common ailments; how to stock your kitchen and medicine cabinet with natural remedies that will help prevent and treat any illness (no yucky meds); and how to  tune into your body and optimize your health for best immunity.

THE FIVE BIGGEST HEALTH MYTHS, EXPOSED! How Your Long-Held Nutrition Misconceptions Are Making Your Health Worse!

Did you know that many of the things your mother taught you about health no longer apply?  Did you know that most of your health problems and complaints are caused by your own food and lifestyle choices? If that’s true, how can you change and where can you find the right advice?

Most people are confused as to what is good nutrition for themselves and their family.  They receive mixed messages from the people around them and the media and end up unsure of what to do.  Most of them end up doing nothing, and then end up in a body that they are not happy with and an eating routine that is driving their health into a downward spiral.

In this eye-opening workshop, Alia Almoayed puts the spotlight on nutrition and health and busts all the nutrition myths around the topic.  Topics to be covered include how to lose weight quickly, how to balance hormones, how to maximise energy, how to get rid of headaches and cellulite, how to handle fussy eaters, and more!  Learn how to start improving your health immediately and how to make it work for the whole family.  Hands-on, tried and tested methods that have worked for many people and can now work for you too.  Let 2010 be the year you reach all your health goals and finally start ‘living’!

*More topics and details available.  Inquire for more

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To book Alia Almoayed for a speaking event, email alia@aliaalmoayed.com

For more information or to sign-up on Alia’s personal email list, go to www.AliaAlmoayed.com.




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  1. Thank you for the info\
    I will be there………
    Daniela K

  2. I am travelling to India on 30th, so I will not be able to attend. However, I will pass on to some of my friends who are teachers and nurses in schools.

    Thank you.

  3. looking forward to listening to an alternative to the usual on swine flu!

  4. Looking forward for the workshop 🙂 So I should pay only from Sat 27 Sep?

  5. I would definitely come to the workshop. We all need some natural remedies to use instead of the tons of medications we always are prescribed!

  6. Hi Alia, I would like to attend your workshop!
    Thanks for having it!

  7. Hi Alia,
    I will be attending the ‘flu buster’ course. 🙂

  8. Thank You so Much for keeping us informed!

  9. Hi Alia, I will be attending your workshop. Will try to register sometime next week.

  10. Great news about the workshop.


    c u there 🙂

  11. Maiken Hvidbro-Mitchell

    Dear Alia,
    I consider myself fairly knowledgeable about nutrition and have two children who eat healthy without a struggle (my two children don’t even know McDonalds or Burger King exist). I believe in conventional medicine and in child hood vaccine, but have my doubts about seasonal flu vaccines and will not give them to my children or myself for that matter. I don’t believe in homeopathic remedies….so taking the above into consideration will I benefit from you seminar since I’m eager to learn about nutrition?
    Kind regards,

  12. I’ll be coming…

  13. Hi Alia, sounds interesting. I would like to attend.

  14. hi i will be there2.

  15. enshalla iwill attend i really want to


    its very kind of you to send to me about this workshop inshallah im coming

  17. Dear Mrs Alia
    Thankyou for your efforts in finding out solution & sharing with the parents to fight against swine flu.i and my wife will attend the workshop, i will pass the informtion to my clients.

  18. Hi Alia,
    Thank you for your quick response to my request for information. Unfortunately I have a previous engagement, so next time I hope!

  19. InshaAllah, I would love to attend this workshop. Please register me. JazachAllah Khair!

  20. I would like to attend the workshop.


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  22. yes i will attend..

  23. Greetings,

    Sounds interesting, count me in!




  25. Sure, will try my best

  26. Great!exactly the type of information I was looking for.really worried for my kids.may Allah always keep all of us safe from such.

  27. Hi Alia , Enshalla i will attend, sound intresting ..c u

  28. I would like to attend

  29. Hi Alia,
    gr8 count me in.

  30. sahar kazerooni

    hi alia …
    inshalla i will attend

  31. ليش موقعك مو بالعربي

  32. ليش الموقع مو بالعربي
    نبي نستفيد من برامجك الغذائية

  33. Thabet El- Barshoumy

    Dear Mrs. Al Moayed,

    I got to know about your website through my niece who has attended a wokshop that you have held in her school in Bahrain a few years ago. I would like to receive notifications of any new posts and I would also like to know how to go about booking a private consultation.

    Best regards.

    Thabet El- Barshoumy

  34. greats this is my first join here

    happy to see you with Mr. Gazi Al Gusibi

    have fun and thanks alot

  35. Hello there =)

    I hope this email finds you well. You probably don’t remember me but i remember you from the food fair created by New Dawn Society a long time ago in which you were promoting your book I Want Healthy Kids. I spoke to you about how you actually published your book and you gave me some publishing houses’ names. I never got to actually write a book which is on my to do list but i did start a small business of my own.

    Anyway, i was just reading through your blog and i wanted to suggest something. As a mumpreneur who is trying to balance between her life with her family and her work, I always wonder how successful ladies such as ur self got to do it. How do they balance? what is your daily life like?
    What i am tying to say is, more than wanting to know what you personally eat, I want to know how do you fit it all in: work, exercise (which i never have the time for!), kids, time with your husband, social life, writing books, doing a radio show, blogging, etc without feeling like you are neglecting one or the other and without being exhausted doing it all?
    I find that the moment i get engrossed in work or anything else and find myself missing my kids, I feel guilty for ever starting a business, which is nowhere close to a big thing now. And i always fear that if i do make it big, it will take away from my time with my children or make the time i have with them stressful so the guilt drives me crazy!

    How do you do it? Do you get to see your kids and spend time with them quite a lot? do you have your week, month, year planned out or do you just go on daily doing whatever you think i more important on a given day?

    I think that if you write something here or anywhere else on how you do the balance, like a weekly calendar or something, and whether you do it effortlessly or struggle with it, it will be very interesting for people like myself and other mothers to read and probably relate too.

    i know it will be a big motivator for me to see it working for someone else.
    just a thought =)

    Best Regards,

    Eman Alghawas

    P.S: you can soften hard dates by soaking them in a little bit of hot water rather than using butter. I do that for date cake but i’m not sure if it works for the truffles 😉

  36. هل للموقع نسخة عربية ؟؟
    أتمنى أستفيد منك عزيزتي علياء

  37. ماعنوان المركز الخاص بك أو العيادة
    التي يمكنني زيارتك فيها
    فأنا من خارج البحرين ؟؟

  38. مافى موقععربي لك عزييزتى
    وانا حابه اشترك معكم بالرحله حتى استطيع التنضيف والرجيم وانا معى سكر

  39. Hello,,
    I am very proud of the follow-up lectures 🙂

  40. Amazing to see you alternative health and holistic approach in Bahrain, I am a Holistic Nutritionist and a Certified Yoga instructor in Canada and would love to connect with you as am planning a visit in the fall

  41. صحيح نحتاج يكون ف الموقع خيار عربي علشان نستفيد مو الكل يعرف انجليزي

  42. Hello

    I’m trying to get in touch with Alia Almoayed in order to book a consult but unfortunately cannot seem to find any direct contact number to an office or to her.

    Would really appreciate if you could kindly assist me with this.

    Thank you.

  43. Reema albazei

    Dear alia,
    I’ve been trying to reach you but it has been so difficult ,, i need to take an appointment i have galbladder stones and wanted some consulting,,

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