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Is pregnancy different for a nutritionist?  Does pregnancy get easier when you’re eating well? Does nutrition really make a difference for mother and baby during this important stage?

Find out how to have a healthy and vibrant pregnancy the natural way!

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN to the Krazy Preg Talk!

I Want a Healthy Pregnancy is a must for every mother-to-be who wants a natural, comfortable and stress-free pregnancy.

In a light and simple manner, Nutritional Therapist Alia Almoayed explores her own pregnancy journals to help you find simple and natural approaches to conception, pregnancy and delivery.

Discover how an optimum diet and lifestyle can enhance your pregnancy experience and give you amazing results – a healthy pregnancy, a vibrant mummy and a super baby!

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How to maximise your nutrient intake

How to address nausea, fatigue and digestive issues

How to deal with cravings, appetite and weight

How to use natural remedies for common pregnancy symptoms

How to handle pregnancy’s emotional rollercoaster

How to boost your immune defences

How to optimise pregnancy during travel, work and fasting

How to plan a healthy menu and exercise routine

How to have a happy, natural and drug-free delivery

… and much more

CLICK HERE to listen to this amazing chat I had with pregnant mother-of-two Mara Mostafa about pregnancy and my latest book I WANT A HEALTHY PREGNANCY. She was one of the first few people who got to see the sneak peak copy!

Packed full of first-hand, tried and tested advice that really works, I Want a Healthy Pregnancy will be your best friend throughout your amazing journey to motherhood.

Now in all Jashanmal bookstores around Bahrain and also on AMAZON!

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Reviews and praise for ‘I Want a Healthy Pregnancy’

“At a time when our region is rocked with obesity, disease and many other health problems for both the mother and her children, having a book to help you navigate these issues is very important.  I am glad Ms. Almoayed decided to tackle this pivotal subject.” Muna AbuSulayman, 1st UNDP Goodwill Ambassador KSA

“Finally a book about pregnancy a guy can read!  “I Want a Healthy Pregnancy” is an easy-to-read, go-to guide to a healthy and happy pregnancy.  The book is insightful and the tips and ideas are simple enough for anyone to use.” Kevin Gianni, Author;

“Whether you are the “I think I’m ready to get pregnant” or the “Oh My God, I’m pregnant, AGAIN!” kind, you should run to the nearest bookstore, pick up this book, and enjoy the easy read. The author did a great job answering all pregnant women’s questions in an informative and engaging way.” Dr. Rajaa Alsanea, Endodontist and Author of the international best seller GIRLS OF RIYADH

“Alia is a gifted writer.  I read the book in one go.  It feels so personal, coming from the hopes, wishes, fears, and anxiety of a pregnant woman.  It is like a memoir and self-help book with a very simple way of telling a story.   Nutrition is critical to a healthy pregnancy and Alia does a great job at giving great advice plus first-hand experience. A precious combination.” Dr. Sambhu Pillai, Doctor of Ayurvedic Medicine, India

“I cannot ever remember having so much fun reading any book. My first hint occurred early on as the author responds to her 5-year-old’s question, “How are babies made?” From there, the contents of this book soar upwards, delivered with wit, wisdom and humor, and should become mandatory reading for both expectant moms and dads.  Alia’s lyrical journey begins before conception, and lasts long after birth with advice regarding the perfect foods to eat for both mother and child. The one regret I had reading “I Want a Healthy Pregnancy” was that I was without a copy during the births of my own three daughters. The one blessing is that I will be giving each of my three children her own copy of this magnificent book so that one day I become a multiply blessed grandfather.” Robert Cohen,

“I wish I had this book when I was pregnant!  As a first-time mom I was greatly concerned about the health of my growing baby and yet most of the information I received from my doctor only covered the basics and the internet left me confused. Alia’s personable, straight-forward and thorough book supports prospective parents through the pregnancy from start to finish with practical insights and effective suggestions.  Best of all, Alia’s warm writing style is like having a knowledgeable big sister sharing your journey with you.” J’Lein Liese, Ph.D., International expert on youth development and family philanthropy advisor

“A complete A-Z guide for a comfortable, successful, and enjoyable pregnancy. Easy to read, easy to follow. Should be taught in medical schools!” Andreas Moritz, Author of Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation

“This user-friendly book by experienced nutritionist, author, and mother, Alia Almoayed, offers valuable and practical information. The tone is positive, reassuring, entertaining, and comes from a voice of one who knows, both professionally and personally. A must-read for pregnant moms who want healthy pregnancies and healthy babies!” Judyth Reichenberg-Ullman, ND, LCSW, Naturopathic and Homeopathic Physician;

“I truly believe that Alia’s effort in this book will save many expecting mothers from widespread myths about pregnancy.  An enjoyable and very rich read.” Jumana Alawadhi, Child Wellness Writer

“Being a proud father of four children, I wish I had Alia’s ‘I Want a Healthy Pregnancy’ available to read years ago to support my wife. It’s perfect for a man, simple to read and insightful.  Anyone wanting to become pregnant or going through pregnancy should buy this book and read every page of it.” Reg Athwal, Chairman, OneTVO and RAW Group LLC, Bestselling Author and International Presenter

“Giving birth is what brings life into existence, Alia has brought together with such grace the simple essentials and know-how of childbirth every couple would want to be aware of as they embark on the most magical journey of their life” Nikhil Kripalani, Spiritual Teacher

“In an engaging and utterly reassuring tone, Alia Almoayed delivers yet another vitally important book on nutrition. Accurate and easy to read, this ought to be every pregnant woman’s handbook. A must read.” Muna Easa Al Gurg, Director of Retail, Al Gurg Group and Vice Chair, Young Arab Leaders; MBA-London Business School

“Thank you for this very informative, culturally sensitive contribution to family well-being and health.  The clear guidelines and suggestions provide mothers-to-be with insightful awareness towards improving and sustaining health from conception to birth and beyond.  This dedicated, personal effort will go a long ways in empowering mothers to make informed and aware choices that will have lasting effects on their children’s development.” Dr Julie Hadeed; Child Psychology & Development; Bahrain Montessori Centre; The Mother Child Home Education Programme, MOCEP

“Alia was able to combine her personal experience with best practice to write this book. It’s a must read for pregnant women and their husbands.” Dr. Nazar S. Al Baharna, Education and Human Development Speaker

“This is an essential book for any woman who is trying to get pregnant. Alia has addressed all the issues that a pregnant woman might go through. Her style of writing is so warm and easy to relate to. As a mother of three, I found her advice invaluable!” Sheikha Bodour Al Qasimi, Founder of Kalimat Publishing House

“Science has now proven that our earliest experiences inside the womb get imprinted into our memory and set up the physical and psychological patterning for the rest of our adult life.  Alia’s book shows how to start this foundation for your little one on a healthy note.” Liza Borodkin, CST Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist and expectant mother

“’I want a healthy pregnancy’ is the name of this tiny, colourful, simple, to the point, focused book. This book takes every new mother through the journey of pregnancy! Ms. Alia Almoayed, a courageous Bahraini mother, shares her experience of pregnancy in detail with all new moms.  She speaks out of experience in very simple words starting with her own hand-written entries, which make it warm to the heart! I recommend this book to every new mom who has no idea what pregnancy is all about other than having a baby!” Nabeel H. Tammam, Consultant ENT Surgeon

“Alia’s contribution to nutrition is magnificent.  This is the pregnancy nutrition book we’ve all been waiting for. Look forward to seeing more of your work Alia.” Breda Gajsek PG Cert., Principal and Founder BCNH

“What a great book! I will definitely read it again when I am pregnant next time! I loved the scientific facts behind your reasoning which makes it even more interesting! Love the personal touch to it as well!” Khawla Al Serkal, Director of Sharjah Ladies Club

“Alia is genuinely committed to supporting women and families who want to have healthy natural pregnancies and childbirth. By sharing her personal experiences from her journals, as well as her professional knowledge as a nutritionist, her book provides plenty of practical and down-to-earth advice, tips and encouragement for both physical and emotional well-being for mums – and dads.” Dr Leila Edwards, Senior Consultant Hypnotherapist & Psychotherapist, specialist in Hypnobirthing and Active Birth, certified as a trainer, counselor and parent educator by the National Childbirth Trust, author of Total Relaxation: the Secrets of Successful Stress Management for Mind and Body

“This carefully and practically written book provides a wealth of nutritional guidelines for enhancing the health of the mother and her infant during pregnancy. It is a real joy to read for every mother and father to be.” Siham Alsuwaigh, Ph.D.; CPT. Educational Consultant & Play Therapist

I WANT HEALTHY KIDSbookshotreal2

Are you having a hard time getting your child to eat healthy? Is your child hyperactive, fussy, or overweight? Wish you could bring something nutritious to the table, but don’t know where to start? In an age of conflicting media information, time restrictions, and sugar addictions, I Want Healthy Kids captures the essence of raising healthy children with minimum hassle and maximum results. In a simple and interesting manner, Alia Almoayed shares her experience as a nutritional therapist and mother to bring you valuable insights and hands-on tips on how to make healthy food part of your children’s daily lives, how to establish positive eating habits, and how to make health and nutrition work for the whole family. Discover creative ways of making healthy food more appealing for children, how to shop and cook smart, how to apply natural remedies to most common health concerns and, best of all, how to involve your kids in your health efforts.

To find out more about this book or to purchase it, go to my website

Or get it from amazon here



Get my Arabic book أريد أطفالاً أصحاء

My book was translated into Arabic by Jarir bookstore and it is now selling around the Arab world.  Go to your nearest Jarir bookstore or ask your local bookseller for it.

أريد أطفالاً أصحاء

صدر وأخيراً كتابي باللغة العربية

إلى جميع القراء اللذين صبروا كل هذه المدة، الآن بامكانكم الحصول على جميع المعلومات باللغة العربية

يباع الكتاب حالياً في مكتبات جرير وفي معضم الدول العربية فاسألوا عنه في الأسواق


The Dream Body Eating Plan

This is a book that I wrote especially for The Dream Body Centre.

To get hold of your very own copy, all you have to do is become a member there!

Not only will you get your dream body by sparing just 23 minutes 3 times a week, you’ll also get an eating plan that will take you there in no time – a Dream Body Eating Plan!

To find out more about the Dream Body Centre, click here.


101 Great Ways to Improve Your Health


I want to tell you about a new book that I have the privilege to be a co-author in. The book is titled “101 Great Ways to Improve Your Health” and is a compilation of 101 proven strategies with reliable, tried-and-true ways to become a healthier person.

”101 Great Ways to Improve Your Health” is literally the “Who’s Who” of the top health experts in the world and I’m excited to be a part of it. As contributing authors you’ll be amazed to find Dr. Joseph Mercola, Gary Craig, Dr. Marcus Laux, Dr. Susan Lark, Dr. Stephen Sinatra, Dr. Julian Whitaker and many other leading health experts.

David Riklan, the president and founder of the #1 Self Improvement website in the world, – is the creator of this amazing collection of health knowledge!If you are serious about:

  • Achieving Great Vibrant Health
  • Eating Well
  • Losing Weight
  • Reducing Stress
  • Sleeping Better
  • Reducing Chronic Pain
  • and just plain feeling better

. . . then now is the time for you to make an investment that will guarantee a hugely beneficial return!

David tapped into the minds of some of the world’s very best physicians, doctors and health gurus to create a book that you can start using to improve your health IMMEDIATELY!

This book can – and will – change your life. From holistic healing to natural supplements, diet and nutrition to improving your health through general self-improvement, this book covers EVERY single aspect of the health arena that you can possibly imagine!

Don’t expect to read the same old health tips you see everyday! David coaxed the experts in this book into revealing some of the lesser-known facts about health to ensure you learn everything necessary to make your body, mind, and spirit are as fit as possible.

And because David wants to ensure that you are in absolute best health, mentally and physically, he has bundled this book with a goldmine of bonus gifts! The combined value of these gifts amounts, literally, to thousands of dollars, but you’re getting ALL of them for FREE just by purchasing one copy of our book!

David is so confident you will love it that he is backing it up with a completely solid guarantee.

Get Your Copy!

Go there and take a look for yourself – and make sure you check out the bonuses. I think you’ll be astounded at the stuff that David’s GIVING AWAY AT NO COST TO YOU! Here’s the link for you to go directly to his offer

Order it how here

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  1. hi dear,do you have your books in arabic language

  2. I’m very proud of you! Thank you very much for your care and concern, you are a good example of Modern Bahraini lady.

  3. I like it and i am going to read more from yr book

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  6. Great site..and i am a admirer of you and your husband’s great work 🙂

  7. My dear Alia
    I am a visitor for Bahrain from India came last month for a short visit visa and when I have through” Gulf weekly” I find your surprising activities for improving health of Gulf people . I also read “101 ways to health” book of yours. It is really nice of you that your research work improving the health of people of Gulf and Bahrain is proud of you. I am staying at Bahrain this month with my son who is working in MNC in Bahrain. I am also a doctor and have knowledge of medicine in the field of Homeopathy and treated several patients in India and abroad for chronic diseases and also interested to cure chronic diseases of some known patients here, can you suggest me my degree of HMBS (university of BHU) and MD (Homeopathy) with a long term experience of 20+ can fetch me a registration in Bahrain so that I may start treatment here for the cancer patients of my neighbourhood? I am very much excited to see you in person, if you may spare a moment, I shall be happy to discuss some health points invented by you.
    Sincerely Yours

    B.Sc. B.E.(Hons),MBA.H M B S (BHU)
    Rehab.(Bombay), M.D.(AM), Ex-SE(WRD)
    Registered Homeopath in India
    B-162 Shahpura Bhopal 462039 (India)
    Present Address: F-21,H-1606, B-318,R-1828 Alhoora Bahrain

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  12. Good iterative medicine center in Thailand
    Please …if u recommend one to us that would be very helpful

    • Sorry my question was …which integrative center to u recommend in thaliland for chronic metabolic disease ….I know only veritalife center …but they are accepting only cancer patient Thank u

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