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My Book in India


My book I WANT HEALTHY KIDS has been published for the Indian market in May this year.  Life Positive (book and magazine publishers) have printed it in English to sell to Indian parents who want to help their kids get healthier.


I am very grateful for my publishers for making this possible. And honoured to have amazing panelists and attendance for the book launch events in Mumbai and Delhi.

The Mumbai book launch took place at Crossword Bookstores at Kemps Corner. And the Delhi book launch took place at The Habitat Centre.

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I hope the book will make kids in that region a little bit healthier.

Here’s how you can get your copy of the Indian version of I WANT HEALTHY KDIS. Click Here


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To get the original version of the book, go to Amazon for the printed and the Kindle version.

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Book Launch Speech

Expert Testimonials


تكريم المجلس الأعلى للمرأة

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سعدت جدا بالقاء محاضرة عن فوائد الديتوكس بمناسبة يوم الصحة العالمي في مقر المجلس الأعلى للمرأة في البحرين في شهر ابريل 2014

وسعدت ايضا بمفاجأة التكريم التي قدمتها الاستاذة هالة الانصاري بمناسبة فوز برنامج شرايها عليا بالجائزة الذهبية لافضل البرامج التوعوية في مهرجان الخليج للاذاعة والتلفزيون

شكر خاص للاستاذة هالة الانصاري وجميع المنسقين والحضور الكرام

Very happy to have given a talk on the benefits of detox at the Supreme Council for Women in Bahrain – for world health day.  And a surprise honorary award to celebrate the success of the ShrayhaAlia health show. Very grateful

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جائزة برنامج – شرايها عليا؟

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فاز برنامج #شرايها_عليا بجائزة أفضل برامج التوعية التلفزيونية في حفل ختام مهرجان الخليج للإذاعة والتلفزيون الذي استضافته مملكة #البحرين مساء الخميس
يشرفني ان يكون برنامجي من بين كل هذه المواهب والشكر لكل من ساهم في نجاحه
ومبروك للجميع

My Health Show ‘Shrayha Alia’ won the Best Educational Show’ Award at the Gulf Media Festival ceremony this past weekend. Very honoured

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Patrick Holford in Bahrain!

Alia Almoayed with Patrick Holford - Oct 2008

A few years ago, Patrick Holford ran a conference called ‘Food for the Brain’ in London. I decided to attend that conference in spite of my 7-month pregnant belly.  I went specifically to meet Patrick Holford because I am a big fan and I really admire all the work that he’s done for the nutrition field.

In fact, his book ‘Optimum Nutrition Bible’ was what got my husband and I interested in nutrition in the first place, in 1999.

Flash-forward TWELVE years, and Patrick Holford is coming to Bahrain!  That’s the best news ever!  I know I have certainly made myself free for the two workshops that he’s holding here, and I hope you will too!

Patrick Holford will be talking about two topics:

Bahrain – Saturday 26th Nov, 9am-5pm: Diabesity workshop [Gulf Hotel, BD35/person]

Bahrain – Sunday 27th Nov, 3:30-5:30pm: Optimum Nutrition for Children

Tickets to be purchased in advance and are available from Organic Foods & Café, Seef Mall, Bahrain. Call 3888 2085 or 1782 2230 or book online at

Diabetes is a very big problem in Bahrain and the Gulf region.  It is a silent killer and it is on the rise even in children.  Here’s more information about the Diabetes seminar:


Say No to Diabetes

There is a simple cure for the obesity and diabetes epidemic, but everyone is looking in the wrong place.’ Professor Charles Clarke, Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh

The diabetes epidemic is upon us. More than 230 million people world- wide have diabetes and, according to the World Health Organization, that number will increase to 333 million by 2025.

BUT new evidence shows diet CAN reverse diabetes.

The vast majority of people with diabetes can achieve perfectly stable blood sugar balance, even without the need for medication, by following the advice in Patrick Holford’s new book Say No to Diabetes which explains clearly how to prevent or reverse diabetes, lose weight and restore health and wellbeing and provides a practical action plan with diet and lifestyle advice plus recipes for every meal.

For some readers, this book may seem eye-opening, and to others shocking, because it may turn upside down their perception of what is healthy and unhealthy in relation to an appropriate diabetes diet. Patrick Holford has been an important and courageous voice in the UK and internationally, and has dared to challenge the establishment. However, it is important to understand that the challenge is a credible one because the thrust of this book ties in with what the latest research is beginning to show,” says Dr Fedon Lindberg, a leading diabetes expert in Norway.

Patrick Holford, one of the most inspiring and informative health and nutrition experts in the world, is supporting the release of Say No to Diabetes with worldwide Diabesity seminars beginning in South Africa this August and taking in London, Dublin, Cape Town, Johannesburg, Nairobi, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Singapore and Manila.


  • What’s driving diabetes, weight gain and metabolic syndrome
  • How to become master of your blood sugar balance
  • The perfect low GL diet to minimise insulin need
  • The practice of a low GL diet – what you buy, cook and eat with menu planning
  • How to cut the sugar load of meal
  • The best anti diabetes daily supplement programme
  • The best exercises

–       plus plenty of time for your questions


I hope to see you there, Bahrain!

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