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#AliaApproved Burger

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#AliaApproved Burger

برغرعليا المعتمد

It was so much fun!

If you haven’t yet heard, we recently launched the #AliaApproved Burger at Burger Lounge in Amwaj Lagoon (Bahrain).

It was a fun project that I really enjoyed.
Burger Lounge had decided to do a #celebrityburger campaign and I was very flattered to be chosen as the first ‘celebrity’ who will launch the campaign.

But, to tell you the truth, initially I thought it wouldn’t work!
I told them that, “It will be very difficult for you to make a burger that I would eat”

But they were up for the challenge.
And we created a to-die-for vegan burger made mostly with brown rice, brown lentils, and vegetables, mixed in with a beautiful combination of Indian spices.
The result was delicious!

We launched this burger in January, but the demand for it has been great!
Burger Lounge AliaApproved Event Feature - Al Watan Newspaper Jan 26 2014

GDN - AliaApproved Burger Event Launch - Jan 28

Good News!

And to add to the good news, Burger Lounge has decided to keep the #AliaApproved burger as part of their permanent menu. Hurray!
So I look forward to seeing more and more people choosing the ‘healthy burger’ option when they’re eating out.

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If you haven’t tried the #AliaApproved burger yet, make sure you do ASAP
And tag #AliaApproved with your picture on social media.
Let me know what you think!


AliaApproved Maki

_MG_0150If you haven’t yet tried the AliaApproved Maki at Maki Restaurant, then you’re missing out.  Head over there ASAP, order it and let me know what you think!  It’s available in all Maki outlets: Bahrain, Kuwait, Beirut

Here‘s a video of the the launch event as seen on



Stay tuned for more AliaApproved products and services.

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