What superfood can you add?

In addition to fixing your regular diet, what else can you add to push your health to the peak?

Instead of struggling to fix your diet, why don’t you just think of a few super foods that you can add to your daily routine that will make all the difference.

Here are a few suggestions of foods to add:

Beetroot – this amazing vegetable boosts energy and helps detoxify

Steel-cut oats – add fibre to your diet and is also naturally gluten-free

Coconut oil – this amazing addition to your diet can help heal the digestive system and even get rid of any yeast and candida

Chia seeds – these are very high in protein and calcium, so eat up!

Aloe vera gel – as a drink it can heal the digestive system internally. And externally, it can be used on cuts and burns

Almonds – these are alkaline nuts that are full of calcium and magnesium. Soak them and add them as a daily snack, or make almond milk

You can add these ingredients to your morning smoothies or anywhere in your daily routine.

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