Fasting Digestion

Imagine you have a room full of dust. You spend a good part of the day cleaning it, brushing away all the dust and collecting it in one corner to throw it out later.

You come back a few hours later only to find that the dust is still sitting in that corner, and in fact some it has spread back to the room again because it was never removed properly.

That’s exactly what happens when you fast all day, and your body does a great job at cleaning your body of toxins; but then your digestive system is too slow or stagnant to get rid of the toxins accumulated. And your sluggish constipation leaves all the toxins to ferment in your body, and maybe even go back into circulation.

If you’re fasting, you have to make sure that your digestive system is in top shape because without it you would not be benefiting from the most important part of the fasting process: elimination.

To avoid constipation, I’ll give you two great tips:

Mix one tablespoon of flaxseeds in a glass of water and keep it covered overnight. Drink the mixture on an empty stomach. This will help add slippery bulk to your stool and help you get rid of constipation. Keep repeating until you are regular.

The other tip involves putting a small step stool in front of your toilet. Elevating your feet on the step stool as you sit on the toilet will help improve the elimination process because the colon opens up more when your feet are raised.  This proves the benefits of the old-style squat toilet, but since those are almost extinct, adding a step stool is a great addition to your toilet.

Once you make sure your elimination process is in top shape, then you can start getting the full benefits of fasting.

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