Fasting Supplements

So you’re fasting all day and then you have a big meal of rice, meat, samboosas, and maybe a small side dish of vegetables or salad. How many nutrients do you think you got from that meal? Did it contain enough vitamins and minerals to make up for a whole day of fasting? Is it enough to keep you healthy for another day of fasting?

In an ideal world, we’d get everything we need from our food. The perfect meal should in theory provide you with the exact amount of nutrients your body needs.

But who has the perfect diet in today’s stressful lifestyle? And where is that perfect meal that will provide you with everything?

With our stressful lives of today and the abundance of junk and fried food, it’s very easy to fall short on nutrients. Furthermore, modern trade has made it easier for us to bring fruits and vegetables from all over the world, which means picking them early and most likely lowering their benefits.

Add to that, pesticides on crops and possible hormones and antibiotics in animal products, and you end up with a meal that you are unsure will deliver what it promises.

I find that most people do better on supplements because nutrients are so often lacking in their diet.

Where to start? Start with a general multivitamin/mineral which has a bit of everything. It also helps to take extra vitamin D as so many people are deficient in it in this part of the world.  And if you’re ill, take probiotics for a couple of weeks (the beneficial bacteria).

Give your body a kick-start this Ramadan and make sure it complements a healthy diet, not replace it.

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