Smart Fasting 101

I read a few days ago in the newspaper that meat consumption is expected to rise during the month of Ramadan. That surprised me and then saddened me.  Mainly because the holy month of Ramadan is supposed to be a time when we pay more attention to our food and our health. We are supposed to eat LESS not more. And we are supposed to eat wisely because fasting requires a lot of nutrients.

Someone once said something smart: he said “everyone can fast, but not everyone can wisely break their fast.”

The reason many people don’t break their fast with a good meal is because of several factors. The biggest is probably cultural. Ramadan has a lot of cultural and emotional elements that come into play. And many have connected big meals and family gatherings during that month, which often equals binge eating as well.

Another factor is the fasting itself. When we fast, it’s natural to crave food; so we sit around all day dreaming of all the foods we’ll eat after sunset. And when sunset comes, well, we eat them!

But the most critical factor is that many people forget about the point of fasting. Many fast because it’s part of the culture and religion, forgetting (or maybe even never knowing) that the main reason for fasting is for health.  If you fast for health, you’ll also break your fast for health, which does NOT mean mega meals, fried foods, sugary drinks, and gigantic desserts.

If you are fasting this Ramadan, I suggest you remember why you’re doing it. Rest your digestion, eat light at iftar, and let your body enjoy the health benefits of this annual rejuvenation.

If you want to learn the exact ways of ‘smart fasting’ this Ramadan, visit


One response to “Smart Fasting 101

  1. Thank you for your advice, your videos are always very amusing to watch.
    However, I must say the “main” reason for fasting is not health, we have been asked in the Quran and by the prophet (PBUH) to fast as Muslims.
    That makes the first and foremost reason for fasting our religion. Along with that comes the health benefits. 🙂

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