Fasting and Happy?

Are we supposed to be happy while fasting?

A lot of people get grumpy when they’re fasting. Understandably, they are hungry, but why else would be upsetting them?

When we fast, we go through major bodily detox. Our body quickly goes into ‘clean-up mode’ and it starts vacuuming all the debris collected throughout the past year.

But what it cleans out is not just fat and toxins, it also cleans out emotions. Old emotions that are unnecessarily stored in our cells. Emotions that are no longer needed.

The emotional roller-coasters are part of the detox process. In order for the emotions to come out of the cells, they need to pass through our circulation before they are excreted. All you have to do is be an observer. Watch what comes up and be patient with it. By the end of a whole month of fasting, many of your emotions will have been cleared out.

That is why it is so important to make sure that your food and your diet are in top shape during this time. It will help you detox effectively and successfully and get the most out of the holy month.

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