#AliaRetreats – Bodrum 2013

Group Photos - #AliaRetreats Bodrum 2013

We did it! And we’re back.. detoxed, rejuvenated, and energised!

And did I mention? more beautiful 🙂

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What we did..

A couple of years ago, I had a magical experience detoxing in the Turkish coast. So I came up with this crazy idea of going again but this time taking some my clients with me (at least those who were crazy enough to trust me on this one!).

And this past April 2013, we did it!

I took a group of seven brave men and women on a trip of a lifetime – juice fasting, detoxing, and self-discovery! And of course, lots of bonding 🙂

Image 20

We spent a wonderful 7 days at the LifeCo health centre in the breathtaking fishing town of Gulturkbuku (outside of Bodrum), in Turkey.

I’ve spoken a lot about what we were going to do on the #AliaRetreats website. Have a look there and also see all the videos that I had put up about the centre and juice fasting..

But back to the Bodrum 2013 group..

During our seven-day stay, we had:

  • Seven days of only fruit and vegetable juices (plus endless vegetable broths, herbal teas and water)
  • Lots of massages, facials, and pampering
  • Yoga, meditation, sauna, steam, salt room, and breathing sessions
  • Daily walks, support groups, and lectures
  • Afternoon excursions to the beach, neighbouring towns, and local markets
  • A final celebratory (and delicious) dinner on the day of breaking our juice fast!
  • And lots of bonding with the group (many friendships were born!)

Group photo - restaurant

I must say, I was very proud of the whole group. They all did really well and I was very impressed with their strength and willpower.

It’s not easy going on a juice fast, but the experience really adds richness to your life. You really get to know your body during the process and you also learn a lot about your personality and your own limits.

It is truly a journey of self-discovery. And as a bonus you get to cleanse your body of all of its toxins, get pampered in a beautiful setting, and of course, we all lost weight!

For more details about what’s involved and how you will feel, visit the #AliaRetreats website

Our support group in action

Our support group in action

What they said

Here’s what some of our detoxers had to say:

The experience in LifeCo was both exciting and beneficial. Not only the place is serene with all the greenery and surroundings, the staff are kind and well equipped with all requires resources to assist. In this regards, I would like to extend my gratitude to Ms Alia AlMoayed whose support is significant in going through the seven day detox program. She made the process fun, informative and at times boosted our self-esteem.  Joining Alia Retreats in LifeCo exceeded my expectations and I look forward to join the next trip…  With all my love.”  Mariam Almansouri

“I definitely recommend the liquid detox to all my loved ones.  A great place, cute little town and friendly staff. I feel better in all aspects and going to surely miss the fantastic group I met on our 7-day detox retreat. Thank you Alia for making it all happen. Can’t wait for next year.” Shareefah Alghanim

“I will recommend this detox for my family and friends because I experienced the best time of my life, totally enjoying my 7-day detox experience of not eating but drinking only juices, and being away from the daily routine.  I feel more energetic and fit. I had a very good time in all my daily routine, going on long walks in the mountains, going to the gym, and taking beach walks with the group.” Mohammed Sirajuddin Khalid

“Experiencing the detox retreat in Bodrum during the month of May was a pleasure to both the mind and soul.  The pleasant weather and breathtaking scenery were lovely.  For me the juice fast was a novel concept and I found it to be extremely satisfying. The selection of treatments and the freedom to explore around the area was liberating. The staff at LifeCo were experienced and friendly. The time spent with Alia was highly informative and fun.” Nasser Al-Sabah

“انصح جميع من احب بأن يذهب الى هذا السنتر لانني حصلت على فوائد كثيرة منه من الناحية الجسدية والنفسية. كانت المدينة رائعة والجو رائع والسنتر مريح وصحي ونظيف وكذلك العاملين في السنتر لطفاء. وقد حصلت على فائدة كبيرة مثل بشرتي اصبحت صافية وكذلك خف وزني ٤،٥ كغ في مدة اسبوع، وكذلك دروس اليوغا اعطتني مرونة في العضلات التي كانت عندي مشكلة فيها. اتمنى ان ارجع مرة ثانية لهذا الينتر مع اخوتي ونفس المجموعة في المستقبل ان شاء الله.”
 جوهرة المطلق


Join Us!

We’d love to have you with us next year! Mark your calendars for May 2014.

Go to this link for more details about upcoming #AliaRetreats.


One response to “#AliaRetreats – Bodrum 2013

  1. AH this is Mirey!!! I have been there before twice… the place is absolutely gorgeous and the people are beyond… i don’t know if the yoga instructor Melek is still there, but she was and is amazing! glad you had fun!

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