What Are You Holding Onto?

April 3rdIMG_2594

Once one of my clients told me an interesting story. She said that she finally ventured into trying colon hydrotherapy treatment (a process where a qualified professional cleans out your colon).

In this treatment, you watch the contents of your colon as they come out and pass through a glass tube (strange I know, but very interesting).

One of the things she noticed passing through the tube was a copper coin. She was shocked. ‘What was that doing there?’ she wondered.

After a long brainstorming session with the doctor, she remembered that she had swallowed a coin when she was five years old. She was amazed that the coin was still there after all these years (she was 56 years old at the time of the colonic).

‘But I thought things pass through regularly’ she thought out loud.

Well.. do they?

The digestive tract is a long crumpled tube. Things can get stuck. Especially if the walls of the digestive tract are compacted with old faeces and undigested food.

Research has proven time and time again the link between digestive health and common diseases of today.  If you’re constipated, you’re a lot more likely to fall ill. If you can’t absorb nutrients from your food because of a congested digestive system, you’re a lot more likely to have deficiencies and disease. If your elimination is not regular and complete, you’re much more likely to feel uneasy, lethargic, and stressed.

So start assessing your health today by looking at your digestive signs. Are you going to the toilet at least once a day for a bowel movement? When you do, are you eliminating all the contents of your colon or is it small and hard? Does it smell fermented?

They are strange questions but you have to be able to assess your own health.

Step #1: drink lots and lots of water so that your stools are regular and large

Step #2: Put a stepping stool under your feet when you sit at the toilet to elevate your knees for better elimination

Step #3: Make sure your diet contains a lot of health fibre from fruits and vegetables (not wheat) to aid in elimination.

We had a great once-in-a-lifetime detox retreat last month and we’re going again next year! Stay tuned for the blog post about what we did..

More info here www.AliaRetreats.com


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