21 copyHow to Boost Your Child’s Brain Power, Improve His Behaviour, Prevent Illness – AND Preserve Your Sanity!

Alia Almoayed, Nutritional Therapist and Author of I Want Healthy Kids, Offers You A Once-In-A-Lifetime Opportunity To Bring Health and Nutrition To Your Kids and Make it Work For The Whole Family!

Introducing Alia’s HEALTHY PARENTING CRASH COURSE: The One-Day Nutrition Course Designed to Help You Improve Your Child’s Health, Boost His Brain Power, and Help Him Reach His Maximum Potential in Life. It is Based on Guaranteed Methods on How To Prevent Fussy Eating, Food Tantrums, and Energy Rollercoasters and How To Incorporate Healthy Eating Into Your Day-to-Day Lives and Establishing Positive Eating Habits For Children, All the Way Into Adulthood.

  • Date: Saturday 2nd March 2013 (10am-3pm)*
  • Venue: Café Ceramique, Aali Mall, Bahrain
  • BD49/person
  • Language: English

(Includes a food demo & a healthy lunch with Alia Almoayed)

*Doors open 9:30am. Workshop starts 10am sharp. Please be on time.

Register Now!

Here’s how you can register:

  • Email us at to reserve your spot
  • Call my assistant Atik on +973 3325 2854 or send a text message with your full name and email address
  • Go to this link to register yourself and make your payment online.

Don’t you hate it when your child won’t try a new food? Or worse, when he won’t even touch a meal that you worked hard at creating…

Do you ever wonder why your child has a tendency to eat a certain kind of food and nothing else?  Why he would refuse all your offers of variety and opt for the same old plain pasta or rice or whatever he’s hooked on?

Don’t you wish your child would eat more vegetables and salads? 

Don’t you wish your family members would help you out with keeping your child healthy, instead of spoiling him with unlimited sweets and chocolates?

Wouldn’t you like your spouse to support your health efforts, back you up with  your lifestyle changes, and trust your judgement when it comes to nutrition?

Don’t you get embarrassed when your child is the only one running around and screaming while others are well-behaved? Or when your child is aggressive towards other kids and you don’t know why?

Don’t you get worried when your child gets sick frequently and you are left to decide on the best medication or the right thing to do?  It’s those horrible moments late at night when your child is burning with fever and you’re lying down staring at the ceiling, not knowing what to do. 

The good news is that you are not alone.  Many parents are in the same boat, and it can be very confusing.  As parents, we have to carry the burden of our kids’ health on our shoulders.  We are expected to know and do everything right, and that pressure can be very difficult.

To be honest, I don’t blame you if your child’s diet is not healthy; with all the stress, time restrictions, and social responsibilities, who has time to think about healthy food! With all the mixed messages out there telling you something new everyday about nutrition and health and all that’s going on in your busy life, I totally see how you can put nutrition further down on your list or priorities (I’ve been guilty of doing that myself sometimes!).

So, if nutrition has been low on your priorities list, this is me nudging you to remind you that it’s really important.  In fact, it’s one of your most important roles as caretaker.  Don’t delay much longer.  Start taking action now.  I can show you how I did it and how I helped other mothers do it too!

Did you know that kids who eat nutritious food have higher IQs, perform better in school, and get into less trouble with their friends?  Also, kids who have a balanced diet get sick less often, they have stable energy levels that last them through the day, behave better in public, and enjoy a bunch of health signs such as better digestion and brighter skin.

From my experience and research, I can even tell you that children’s diets today don’t only affect them in the short-run, but the health effects last throughout life.  A child with an iron deficiency, for example, will continue to be at an intellectual disadvantage compared to children who don’t; and that disadvantage will continue long into adulthood.

The best gift you could give your child is the gift of health… so read on and I’ll tell you how.


Hurry, this is your chance to finally see your kids eating healthy!

One-Day Only HEALTHY PARENTING Crash Course for Parents and Caretakers:

Saturday 2nd March, 2013 at Café Ceramique, Bahrain


The Course That Will Change Your Life

Using nutrition to your advantage does not have to be complicated.  You’re not supposed to memorise the food pyramid or remember how many servings are in a cup of rice.  What you need is more practical information, and once you have the right tools, you’ll awaken your natural mother instincts where health information comes naturally to you and your family. 

This is where I come in.  Because I want to make life easier for you and because I know that you’re busy and short on time, I have put together the most comprehensive information you’ll ever need to know to keep your kids healthy.  And I’ve bundled it all up in an easy-to-access one-day crash course that not only will save you time, but will be the key to moving your kids and your family to the next level.

This course will teach you valuable information that you will never get elsewhere.  It will save you reading dozens of books on the subject or surfing the net for hours.  It will put to rest any confusion that you might have and will answer all your questions.  Basically, you will be the nutrition expert in your family and you will be able to take care of your loved ones like you’ve always wanted.

This course is for you if:

  • You are a parent or caretaker and would like to elevate your child’s health
  • You are a teacher or school owner who deals with children on a regular basis
  • You are a healthcare provider and would like to learn more about the nutrition aspects of children’s health
  • You are a charity or organisation leader and deal with children or parents
  • You are working with children of special needs and are interested in getting a background of nutrition for kids
  • You work in or own a food outlet or restaurant and would like to learn how to create healthy menus and enrich your young customers’ health
  • You are interested in changing careers and would like to know if this field is as interesting as it seems (and it is!)
  • Or if you are in any other way connected to children or will be connected to children in the future.

This is the perfect opportunity to elevate your expertise, increase your knowledge, and be the change in kids (and parents) health today!

What You Will Get From This Course..

This full-day event will enable you to find the health potential in your child and enhance it.  You will receive a balanced combination of nutrition, health and strategy lessons with practical exercises and cooking demonstrations to ensure you and your kids are ready to implement my principles into your day-to-day lives.  During this full-day event, you will obtain priceless knowledge about how to keep your children healthy.

But That’s Not All You Get…

In addition to the no-fail nutrition and health principles, you will also get:

Lifetime skills that you can apply to any of your kids, anywhere.  Better yet, these skills can also be used for the whole family in your efforts to keep yourself and your children healthy.

Peace of mind. You’ll know that you’re doing your best at being a good caretaker for your children.  You will no longer feel that there’s something missing.  You’ll be doing all you can to elevate your children’s health and you’ll be doing it well.

Happiness.  There is nothing to describe the feeling you get when your child comes home with high test results, when a hyperactive child sits alone and reads, or when a fussy child decides to have salad.  This is the feeling you’ll get once you’ve done the course.  You’ll know what to do and it will work wonders.

Prevention.  This course is like taking preventive measures to protect the health of your loved ones (and yourself).  If enough people took preventive nutritional measures, hospitals will go out of business.  Learning these valuable methods of keeping your children healthy will be similar to you insuring their life and their health.

Satisfaction.  By doing this course you will get an amazing sense of accomplishment and a great satisfaction in knowing that you’ve done the most you can do as a mother and caretaker.  This course can become one of your great achievements that will probably be the most useful for you and your family for many years to come.

Empowerment in knowledge.  Once you have the knowledge, you will be empowered to make a change.  This empowerment will help you take charge of the health of your family and be able to lead them in the right direction of optimum health.

Less stress and guilt.  With this course, you will be able to combat your biggest problems: stress and guilt.  Mealtimes will no longer be a source of stress, you will not need to worry about your kids eating healthy, and you will have a lot less guilt when it comes to their diet and lifestyle habits.  You will have the skills to feel great about what you’re doing.

Preserved sanity.  This is the best part.  Once you hush all the clutter of mixed messages and outside influences, you will have internal peace and quiet, which will allow you more time to think and give way to your natural creativity.  You will feel calm and a general feeling of wellbeing simply by knowing how to feed your children and how to overcome daily obstacles that come in the way.

Learning at its maximum.  At this event, you’ll be the direct receiver of guaranteed methods and information that I have researched and applied over many years.  You’ll be able to surpass the unnecessary stuff and jump right into what works.  I will be giving you the most important skills you need, and you will also be able to discuss them with like-minded people, ask questions, and make friends.

One-Day HEALTHY PARENTING Crash Course for Parents & Caretakers:

Saturday 2nd March, 2013 at Café Ceramique, Bahrain


Date: Sat 2nd March 2013
Venue: Cafe Ceramique (Aali Mall), Bahrain
Time: 9:30am – 3pm
Fees: BD49

Event schedule:
9:30am – register/network

10am-1:30pm – Interactive Healthy Parenting Course

1:30-2pm- Healthy Cooking Demonstration (making healthy food more fun)

2-3pm- Healthy lunch with Alia Almoayed

Register Now!

Here’s how you can register:

  • Email us at to reserve your spot
  • Call my assistant Atik on +973 3325 2854 or send a text message with your full name and email address
  • Go to this link to register yourself and make your payment online.

Make the right decision now and register. Hurry, spaces are limited!  I have no doubt the benefits to you and your children will be endless – and I will be there to help you along the way.


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