My Favourite Books

I have been blessed to come across many amazing books in my life, and I thought I’d give you 4 suggestions for this year.. If you haven’t read them, add them to your wish list right now because they are certainly worth a read!

#1 Perfect Health – by Dr. Deepak Chopra. This books is great for information about Ayurvedic body types and healing

#2 The Wisdom of Your Face  – by Jean Haner. This book helps you to understand people more by reading their facial features

#3 Born To Run – by Christopher McDougall. This book will inspire you to exercise and run like no other book ever can. It really shows you how and why you should be getting off the couch.

#4 Timeless Secrets of Health & Rejuvenation – by Andreas Moritz. This is a classic and no one should end the year without reading it. It is a must in every household and has an abundance of information about health, nutrition, ayurveda, healing, and everything fantastic. Truly timeless. Get the ebook version, much cheaper and easier to transport.

Happy reading!

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