Andreas Moritz – the world has lost a great man

Last night close to my kids bedtime, I was tending to the usual evening household rush – sorting dinner, checking homework, reading school books – then I got a WhatsApp message which I went to check. The message was from a friend (S) who wrote: “Hi Alia, I read on Facebook that Andreas Moritz has passed away….”

And the rest was a blur

I couldn’t read the rest of the message. It was like somebody had poured a glass of cold water over me.

I stopped reading my child’s story, tried very hard to concentrate on the kids but could not. I grabbed my phone again and went onto Facebook to check for myself. “I’m sure there’s been some sort of mistake. Maybe the account was hacked or something… you can never believe social media these days..”, I thought.

And there it was in front of me: the announcement of his death. I went to his official website as well to check and it had the same announcement.

Scattered thoughts, lots of questions, sadness… a deep deep sorrow.

A great man

Why would I be so sad about the death of a man I have never personally met?

I was blessed that my life overlapped with Andreas’ life for about three years. I had heard about his work from a friend in India (Nikhil), so I started reading his books, first The Amazing Liver & Gallbladder Flush, and then the others…. especially Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation which I’ve read many times, and continue to refer to regularly. A classic.

His books elevated my knowledge and opened up many horizons.

Over the short time that I knew Andreas, he has been very kind to do two episodes with me on my health show Dare to Be Healthy. He also wrote a wonderful review on my latest book I Want A Healthy Pregnancy which I am very grateful for.

I remember commenting to my family about how a man of such great achievements and knowledge could be so humble and still speak to every person like they knew as much as he did.  A rare quality these days.

The good news is that Andreas Moritz leaves behind a legacy that speaks for itself. His books and teachings will linger for a long time after he’s gone, that I’m sure of.


What makes me sad, however, is that people like him are hard to find. His death is a great loss for humanity. For me personally, I lost one of my ‘health heroes’. I looked up to him, admired his courage to speak his truth, and his perseverance to deliver the health message to a cynical world. I was hoping to to meet him face-to-face one day to let some of his light rub off on me. I have lost one of my main sources of inspiration, one of the few people that I could have had a very interesting conversation with, a conversation about energy, healing, detox, nutrition, Ayurveda, and the meaning of life.

Andreas, I know you will continue to shine your light wherever you are. Rest in peace. Our conversation will continue in my dreams.


7 responses to “Andreas Moritz – the world has lost a great man

  1. My heart sank when I read the title heading of your blog post in my email. I carry Andreas’s ‘Amazing Liver & Gallbladder Flush’ book everywhere with me, and have read his material for many years.

    My thanks to him for all the knowledge that he shared with all of us.


  2. I felt the same way yesterday when I read the notice. I was sad for so long and was amazed that it hit me so hard. I had never met him, yet he had a place in my healthy world. I knew if I had questions, I would get them answered from him, through his books or e-mail. He gave off such a peaceful vibe, that just to look at a picture of him or one he made is instantly calming. A great loss to us, but his work will carry on and we can draw from that. I thank him for putting me where I am today.

  3. I felt exactly the same way when I read the sad news…I felt as if I lost a brother, a loved one. Never met him personally either but I felt like I did…I had answers to questions from him personally through email. He cared for the world and the well being of all human beings…in my world he was an angel and went back to where he came from. I’m sure that now he will be closer to us than before. God bless Andreas Moritz forever…

  4. I know! Its so sad to lose Andreas. This world is so filled with ignorance and greed and hate and Andreas was bold enough to stand up to this ignorance and share his wisdom and insights even though people constantly tried to discredit his work (due to their own fears and financial greed). I admire Andreas so much because he truly had compassion for the sick and suffering and did all he could to help. I pray that I can continue to spread his work throughout the world and that we can all help in keeping his work alive. This is a huge loss for the progressive medical community and I just hope now more of us can stand up to big pharma and ultimately expose them for the murderers they are in the name of the amazing teacher Andreas Moritz.

  5. Despite this great loss for alternative medicine and humanity all along,let’s hope that from now on his amazing insights will pass on to a wider audience…

  6. GOD gave Andreas to us for a short but meaningful time, to help us to understand more about our responsibility to learn, educate and use our own intelligence, and act as individuals to benefit our own health and not be acted apon by the society we belong to which has for decades, been conditioned by designing and conspiring individuals, for self gain to the detriment of humanity. My honest belief about health is that GOD created this incredible intelligence, and provided the most beneficial medicine for it, and that is FOOD, the type HE CREATED, and not the stuff that man has tampered with, eg genetically engineered. NOBODY can make food like he can, that the body can assimilate with, and he has. When we can understand this principle, we can accept that there is no one greater then him, NO scientist, doctor, the list goes on and on. THEY are just mere mortals like you and I, who sometimes think that they are more intelligent then he who created them. People like ANDREAS MORITZ are few and far between, and they do not FEAR others with financial power and influence, all they do is inform you, and leave you to use your own intelligence which we all have, to decipher these truths. GOD BLESS ANDREAS MORITZ and all those that helped him to help others, including myself. Regards, LEZ MCKAY

  7. I’m so late to finding out about the death of this wonderful man… I had the same response you did. I was so sad and did not know how to feel. He was such a calm, humble, and loving man. It was like losing someone I knew personally for decades. More than that it was like someone I admired passed away. I am happy to hear that his knowledge continues. I will miss him sorely.

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