Ramadan and Ice Cream!

This is one of the episodes of my TV show Shrayha Alia that explains how to make the amazing raw chocolate ice cream that we can’t have enough of! Especially in this hot summer! Press ‘cc’ at the bottom of the video for English subtitles.

I also wrote about the recipe on my blog a few months ago. Here it is

But yesterday I tried something even more exciting!

I experimented with more flavours and here goes:

Flavour #1: Pina Colada (same amount of frozen bananas, plus fresh, ripe, frozen pineapples, honey, and a generous layer of dessicated coconut.

Flavour #2: Mango. (same amount of frozen bananas, plus fresh, ripe, frozen mango slices, honey, and a few slices of fresh mango to decorate).

Flavour #3: fresh Dates. (same amount of frozen bananas, plus fresh, ripe, soft dates from my garden, a pinch of cardamon, and some raw nuts on top.)

All the flavours were very popular within my test group (ie. my husband and kids). I personally loved the Pina Colada (so refreshing!).

But the all-time favourite is still the one you see in the video. Good old chocolate ice cream.

Let me know which flavour you would enjoy most in the ‘comment’ sections below, and please tell us about any other flavours that you come up with!

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