Bahrain: Ramadan slim in 23mins!

A LOT of people gain weight in Ramadan. And now that Ramadan falls during the summer holiday it’s a double whammy! You gain weight on holiday and then gain more weight in Ramadan, and by September you don’t know what happened to your body!

That’s why I was very happy to see that the Dream Body Centre in Bahrain are offering a great solution for that. I wrote their Dream Body Eating Plan so I truly believe in what they do.




And I happen to be married to the owner (so yes, I’m biased 🙂

But it’s because I know the team so well that I know all about their success stories as well. People who have followed the exercise routines 3 times a week AND read my tiny eating plan have seeing AMAZING results.

I will say no more because the results will speak for themselves. Try it for yourself or even just visit the place in Bahrain Mall and check out all their success stories posted all over the place.

At the moment, this is available only in Bahrain, but I look forward to seeing more Dream Body Centres all over the region!

For more info, contact them on Bahrain +973 17 582 982
or check out their website



One response to “Bahrain: Ramadan slim in 23mins!

  1. Dream Body Eating Plan it working out?

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