Make meals fun for kids

So many parents have a dilemma when their kids don’t want to eat. Of course, with three kids, I still go through that myaself many times, especially with my youngest who is three years old and quite particular with his food.

The truth is that I love how kids have a precise food personality. They know what they want and what they don’t. And they certainly know when they don’t feel like eating, but we can’t seem to take no for an answer!

A few weeks ago, my son had a fit at lunch. He just seemed frustrated and not interested in eating. I thought that was strange since I was sure he was hungry.

So I thought: ‘maybe he’s just bored with the same procedure day in and day out. let’s try something different’.

I brought out these plastic sticks and asked him if he wanted to try eating with them. I gave some out to my other kids as well, and we all started eating with them. What happened was nothing short of magical. He ate a whole big hearty meal – all using the plastic cocktail sticks.

We used them for pasta, cherry tomatoes, olives, and even black-eyed peas.

It worked! Try it for yourself.

In the past, I’ve also given my kids toothpicks, corn-holders, and even chopsticks to eat with. That always made the meal more exciting.

For more ideas on how to make meals for fun for your kids, get my book!


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