Why Are You Still Drinking Milk?

Whenever I write about why you should NOT have dairy products, people bring out all their defensive tactics in support of milk and cheese.

I’ve written about this numerous times (see Life After Cheese) and still receive some ‘hate’ for it.  But I’m sticking to my conviction that dairy is not as healthy as people make it.

But to answer the questions of all of you who still have doubts that Dairy is not good for you, I brought the ‘Not-Milk-Man’ himself. I grilled him with loads of challenging questions and his answers are bound to convince the most stubborn of us!


Why Are You Still Drinking Milk?


3 responses to “Why Are You Still Drinking Milk?

  1. hi there, i am listening to your talk with kevin, not the milkman, about the naturally occuring hormones in cows milk. i do not give it to my child, but what about other milk, such as camel milk or goat milk? do they also have naturally occuring growth hormones? or are they a suitable substitue to get your calcium from?

  2. I dont like cow’s milk and I also believe it is not good for humans… But, Robert Cohen supports drinking soy milk and supports the soy milk industry according to some… A lot of discussions about him among the vegans, they think he is over the top…

    So, do you think soy milk is good?

  3. There has been some controversy over protein milk which says that it contains phytoestrogens which can affect the human body. ^

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