Skin Madness

I’ve written about my own acne nightmares in many blog posts before, but here I am writing about the topic again because it’s soooooo close to my heart.

I still wonder how some people can’t seem to make the connection between food and health.  

I was reading the health section of a well-known Bahrain magazine and
it included a Q&A column.  The question came from a 20-year-old male
suffering from pimples and oily skin for many years.  The answer came
from a medical doctor who suggested that “there is no cure for pimples,”
but that skin creams, antibacterials, and antibiotics may be of help.  To my
surprise, the doctor specifically stated that “science has not proven any
relation of food to acne”!

Now I will ask you: how is it possible that food does not affect acne when people sometimes see a direct effect of certain foods on their skin health?  How is it possible for us to swallow an antibiotic pill and digest it and then it heals our skin?  Just like the medicine pills go into our digestion to affect our skin, is it not by the same mechanism that the food we eat goes into our digestion and affects our skin?  

And how is it that they say there is no connection between food and skin
when vitamin-A-based creams are the most frequently used creams for acne?
Is it not possible that the body needs vitamin A to fix skin cells from the inside
and not just from the outside in the form of cream?  And where would vitamin
A come from; not from food?

And yet, food is very often ignored as a factor in many health conditions.
We are living in a ‘medicalised’ society where medicine has become the
answer to everything.  We are losing our trust in nature and our faith in our
internal healing mechanisms.

What bothers me the most is that doctors are resorting to medication before
they even consider anything else.  shouldn’t a change in diet be the first consideration?
In this article, the doctor states that “..if you have mild to moderate acne and
oily skin, try oral antibiotcs like tetracycline pills”.  Of course he fails to mention
that tetracycline is one of the most powerful antibiotics around.  And he is
suggesting them for ‘mild to moderate’ acne!  Antibiotics have a huge negative
effect on the body, including lowered immunity, digestive problems, yeast
overgrowth, and even yellowing of the teeth!  Wouldn’t you rather try
making some changes to your diet first?

Nutrition has helped many people improve their skin, just by changing the diet.
Sometimes the solution is right in front of you but you just don’t see it.  Take a
close look at your diet: sugar feeds the bacteria that causes acne; fried foods
and dairy products block the pores; zinc helps skin healing..
And the list goes on…

So before you accept extreme treatment measures, look for more natural ways
to help your problem.  Remember that we are surrounded by healing foods but
we just have to know where to look!

Food is medicine, use it wisely.

Mai’s feedback

After reading what I wrote, one of my readers, Mai Al Hashimi, came back to me with her own powerful message.

“Yes Alia. I totally agree with what u wrote about the link between our skin and food. I had some acne problem in my face since high school. I went to most of our famous dermotoligsts in Bahrain.

They prescribed antibiotics, pills, moisturizing creams, peeling creams, you name it.. But none. I say it NONE of them asked me : what do u eat ?!!

By reading and googling about health in general, I read about what the cheapest source of food can heal in our bodies. Water! Yes water. I used to drink ZERO glasses of water a day. 2 juices (or I better say colored flavored drinks)

I immediately (after 7 or 8 years or acne problems) started to drink water. It was difficult for me at the beggining to drink a glass of water, but with time , I got used to drinking 2 or 3 litres a day!!

What encouraged me to continue my efforts to drink water on daily basis was the immediate result and positive effect it showed on my skin in general, and my face in partiuclar. My acne reduced to a remarkable degree that many asked me about the name of doctor I discovered with the cure for acne problems.

Alhamdullela, now I learned this the hard way but I try to deliver it to my loved ones as 1 2 3 info.  This is my story with food and skin. Thanks” Mai Al Hashimi

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2 responses to “Skin Madness

  1. It’s amazing how something as fundamental to our survival as eating, can, according to some, have ‘no affect’ on our body, health and well-being. Why eat?

  2. Can I please know which magazine was it ?

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