My ‘Diabesity’ talk with Patrick Holford

I wrote a few weeks ago about Patrick Holford’s visit to Bahrain. I was very excited about him coming and inspiring the people of Bahrain to take their health seriously and look into nutrition as a way forward.

I was very happy to attend his Diabesity workshop & Kids Nutrition seminar. They were both received very well.

Alia Almoayed with Patrick Holford. 'Diabesity' workshop Bahrain Nov 2011

Although Patrick did not stay long enough in Bahrain to see much of the country, I was very pleased to know that he liked his short stay here and hoped to come back.

I hope his message continues in Bahrain and the Middle East even after he’s gone. Diabetes is a serious issue in this part of the world and the tips given here are not to be taken lightly.

For you, I have made sure I’ve interviewed him TWICE on the subject of Diabetes, in the hope that my efforts make a difference to someone somewhere.

Have a look at the YouTube video interview (above). And the extended radio interview (listen to the replay below).

Here’s my extended chat with Patrick Holford on DARE TO BE HEALTHY

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2 responses to “My ‘Diabesity’ talk with Patrick Holford

  1. التنبيهات: My ‘Diabesity’ talk with Patrick Holford | Bahrain What's Up?

  2. Hi Alia, i attended Patrick Holford workshop on Diabesity and his seminars on PMS and Kids Nutrition in Dubai. I’ve read his books long time ago and it was really a very good and wonderful experience attendind these talks.
    Hope it will continue making a difference especially for kids. Thank you for this blog and all your talks, thank you for being the good example, there’s still a lot of work to do! Courage!

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