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Food for your Child’s Brain


Part 1

Part 2

Did you know that kids who eat nutritious food have higher IQs, perform better in school, and get into less trouble with their friends?

Also, kids who have a balanced diet get sick less often, they have stable energy levels that last them through the day, behave better in public, and enjoy a bunch of health signs such as better digestion and brighter skin.

Children’s diets today don’t only affect them in the short-run, but the health effects last throughout life. BUT parents and caretakers are often confused as to what is good nutrition for their children.  They receive mixed messages from the people around them and the media and end up unsure of what to do.

In this workshop, Alia Almoayed puts the spotlight on kids health and shows us how to use nutrition to improve the health of children, no matter what their age.

Listen to the replay on DARE TO BE HEALTHY radio

FOOD FOR THE BRAIN – part 1 of 2

FOOD FOR THE BRAIN – part 2 of 2


Should you self-publish?

In photo (from left): Alia Almoayed, Robin Barratt (head of Bahrain Writers’ Circle), David Hollywood

As a Bahraini Nutritional Therapist and Author, I gave a talk on Sunday to members of the Bahrain Writers’ Circle.  The topic of the meeting was self-publishing and the meeting included the highest number of attendants since its inception in February, earlier this year.

I spoke about my experience with self-publishing in Bahrain.

It was such a pleasure talking to a group so passionate about writing.  It’s not my typical lecture because it has nothing to do with nutrition but I enjoyed it immensely.  I was very inspired by their dedication and love for writing. I hope I was able to encourage them to get their voice heard through writing.

I look forward to reading all your published work soon!

Wanna listen to a replay of the talk?



Rotary talk

I had a great time at the Rotary Club of Manama lunch meeting on Sunday!

I gave a short talk about the ‘5 Secrets to a New You’.  Great audience! In the photo above you can see me with Rotary President Mr. Bashar Ahmadi.

Here’s what the Gulf Daily News wrote about it.


Lose weight with me!

I can’t wait for my upcoming weight loss course. If you have not yet joined, now is the time to do it!

Listen here to some more details.

And here‘s where you can get more information and register.

Look forward to seeing you there!