Zoom in on Reiki


Reiki is one of those things that you hear a lot about, but unless you learn about it from a qualified practitioner then you would not be doing it, or yourself, any justice.  I took a peak into the world of Reiki a few years ago and I was fascinated by it. I always felt that there was more to it that I would like to find out but never had the chance.  I know it’s a form of energy healing and I know it works; but how does it work and how can you make the most of this fascinating healing method so that it can elevate your own life, work place, and health! Join me as I find out all the juicy details from the expert herself, Reiki master Julie Lomas.


Julie Lomas is the founding member and Managing Director of Conscious Connections, a company dedicated to bringing spiritual awareness and holistic practices, including Reiki, stress management transformation and life coaching to all areas of people’s personal lives, and to business.

Julie is an International facilitator in personal development and awareness.  She is a UK registered business and life coach. She is a Registered Japanese Jikiden Reiki Shihan, Western Reiki Master / Teacher.  (Practising Reiki since 1993 and teaching it since 1997). AND she’s a Registered Professional Crystal Therapist  & Teacher,  Registered Angel Enlightenment Therapist & Teacher, Holistic practitioner, Spiritual coach & Writer.

As a certified life and business coach she addresses   areas such as personal confidence, self esteem, stress management, as well as teaching holistic therapies, energy awareness and spiritual development.



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