Nutrition talk for doctors

I had a great time talking to doctors and nurses at the American Mission Hospital (AMH) in Bahrain!  Not all doctors are open-minded enough to listen to a talk on natural healing, so I was pleasantly surprised.

I spoke about my latest book I Want a Healthy Pregnancy and the different ways that pregnant women can benefit from nutrition and complementary therapies to enhance their pregnancies.

I had a lovely time. And other than one heated discussion with an Anaesthetist about why I didn’t choose the ‘harmless’ epidural during labour, it went very well! One dermatologist even agreed with my radical theories about avoiding dairy to help acne; what a relief that truth is finally catching on!

Dr. Michel Mansour, the Chief of Medical Staff at AMH was a pleasure to work with.  Being a retired Obstetrician, he was very open to consider many of my natural pregnancy/birth theories that some doctors might consider ‘extreme’ such as hypnobirthing, not cutting the cord too soon, looking at food sensitivity as a source of water retention, and much more.

So… thank you 🙂

Oh, and I was presented with a certificate of appreciation (seen in the photo above).

I hope more doctors, nurses, and hospitals get inspired to educate themselves further in order to help people take prevention and natural healing more seriously. It’s a must in today’s world.

As the saying goes: “If the doctors of today don’t learn about nutrition, then nutritionists will become the doctors of tomorrow”

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Here’s the synopsis for the talk.  Feel free to pitch it to your hospital and/or doctor. You can email me through my website for seminar bookings


Why Nutrition Matters?

Is pregnancy different for a nutritionist? Does pregnancy get easier when you’re eating well? Does nutrition really make a difference for mother and baby during this important stage? 

In an eye-opening talk, Nutritional Therapist and Author, Alia Almoayed, presents her latest book I WANT A HEALTHY PREGNANCY and talks about the unlikely circumstances that made her decide to become a nutritionist and later an author and health writer.

I WANT A HEALTHY PREGNANCY, Alia’s fourth book to date, helps women to have healthy and vibrant pregnancies the natural way.  It is a must for every mother-to-be who wants a natural, comfortable and stress-free pregnancy.  In a light and simple manner, the author explores her own pregnancy journals to help women find simple and natural approaches to conception, pregnancy, and delivery. 

Join us to find out how Alia Almoayed uses nutrition to help people select the health information that really counts and start implementing diet and lifestyle advice that gives them maximum results with minimum hassle.



One response to “Nutrition talk for doctors

  1. If the doctors of today don’t learn about nutrition, then nutritionists will become the doctors of tomorrow” = loved this saying. I too, want to be a nutritionist or a naturopath. Can u suggest some good institutes for the same?

    Thanks and keep up the Good work

    God bless

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