I’m Trying the ‘Liver & Gallbladder Flush’

So I read this AMAZING book and decided to try what the author recommends.

Andreas Moritz (the author) suggests that almost everyone has a congested liver and gallbladder (and I’m sure I’m not an exception).  They get congested from years of eating the wrong foods. The stones (which are in the liver and the gallbladder) are basically lumps of cholesterol, bile, calcium, and other substances.

A congested liver and gallbladder cause all kinds of symptoms, including hair loss, liver spots on the face and hands, fatigue, hormonal problems, and the list goes on.

So I decided to try it out:

6 days of apple juice (lots of it).  I’m on day 2 at the moment and already feeling the stones softening before their release on Thursday.

Eating as usual, but avoiding all animal products (meat, chicken, eggs, dairy, etc.). No caffeine, no alcohol, no smoking, no fizzy drinks, etc.

A liver flush drink process on the 6th and 7th day.

Plus a colonic on the last day to help the release of the stones.

I’m excited and looking forward to the end of the week! Will keep you posted on the results.

This book is one of the best health books I’ve read (seriously). In fact, I’ve read parts of it several times so far.  And will let you know about the results of the flush in a few days.

Worth buying for sure!


My Flush Journals

Day 1 – no noticeable change. so far so good. Just getting used to drinking all that apple juice!

Day 2 & 3 – diarrhoea (not sure if it’s because of the detox or just a stomach bug).  Plus a slight congestion on day 3 (woke up with a blocked nose).  I’ve been sleeping at 9pm every night to make sure I’m well rested as I detox.  Nothing like starting the day after a good night’s sleep!  Looking forward to Thursday.

Day 4 & 5 – simple. Apple juice quote. Plus eat normally. I’m starting to get sick of all that apple juice. I’ll be glad when this is all over.

Day 6 – Had to drink all my apple juice before 11am. That was a lot! Then went for a colonic at 12 noon to prevent the stones from getting stuck in the colon on their way out. Slight discomfort but overall ok. Got a dull headache after and felt very tired so I took a long nap.  Afternoon was better although I just felt weak because I haven’t eaten since 1:30pm.  We shouldn’t eat anything after 1:30pm today so it doesn’t disrupt the flush process tonight.

At 6pm and 8pm I had to drink a horrendous drink of Epsom Salts.  It tasted horrible, but very effective at triggering a series of bowel movements.  Now I have the liver flush drink at 10pm.  Looking forward to it and dreading it at the same time.  Don’t know if I can stomach all the grapefruit juice and olive oil! Blaaaa!

My liver flush drink - day 6

Believe it or not, the grapefruit/olive oil mix was a walk in the park compared to all that Epsom salt! The epsom salt drink triggered A LOT of watery bowel movements which were exhausting. And then the grapefruit juice was a welcome break because I was getting hungry by 10pm.  I drank the juice and followed the exact instructions in the book.

The night was a mixture of deep sleep, nausea, and many trips to the toilet.

Day 7 – the next morning included 2 more horrible epsom salt drinks, and then it happened! Several trips to the toilet produced gallstones of all sizes! Hundreds of tiny ones and quite a few big ones as well. I would say the smallest was the size of fly and the biggest as big as a small egg! They were all green, some white.

The release of stones and the watery diarrhoea continued throughout the day today.  Although I was able to eat again at 11am, I was still feeling very fatigued from the whole procedure.

I’m still waiting to start feeling great. It is promised to be tomorrow!  Will keep you posted.

And it says in the book that we have to repeat this procedure again in 3-4 weeks. How am I going to go through that all over again next month!

Wish me luck..

Please remember that this experience is my own.  Yours could be completely different.  To find out how to do it yourself, I suggest you buy the book and follow all the instructions to the letter.


22 responses to “I’m Trying the ‘Liver & Gallbladder Flush’

  1. Nice!

    Let me know how it goes. I was planning on doing one myself after the big bang! It’s the same protocol (apple juice) with some variations, and then the epsom salts and olive oil & grapefruit mixture on the flush day.

    Actually I was thinking of doing another bowel cleanse before that.

    Anyway, good luck and hopefully you’ll do a detailed blog post on the results as well. 🙂


  2. Yes, definitely looking forward to hearing how you get on! Is it quite simple or does it require quite some planning?

  3. Would be great if you could advise where you found Epsom Salts. I have looked for then here in Bahrain and so far not been able to find them.

    Sounds like a great detox, but not for the faint hearted! Well done for sticking with it – I’m not sure I would have the willpower.


  4. Hi Alia, my family and I are going to Turkey for a 4 day juice detox program at the end of July. After reading your note on gallbladder and liver detox, I am very interested in doing it too because I think I really need one. What do you think, should I do it now or wait until after I finish my colon cleansing program in Turkey?

  5. Nafizah, I would recommend that you do the juice fast detox first.

  6. Hi Alia,

    I just bought the liver flush book. Can’t wait until ramadhan is over to start flushing my liver and gallbladder. In the book, the author suggested that, it is better to have HydroColon done a few days after the flush in order to make sure, there is no stones got stuck in the intestine.
    Do you know if there is any health centre in Bahrain that offers HC or Colema, since we don’t have any centre in Riyadh that we can do our HC or Colema?

  7. You can try Health House. I don’t have their number with me but if you google Health House Bahrain you should find it. It’s in Hamad Town.

  8. 🙂 dear Ladies
    I am doing this liver flash already 6 years , every year two times , in spring and in fall In the binging i did 7 times until completely cleaned up all my mess:) if you need i can give you some advice or some details what makes this cleaning much easier.
    1. 6th day in the morning take a tea spoon magnesium salt with glass of worm water on empty stomach.
    2. the enema do at 5 a clock in the evening before taking first glass of salt at 6 a clock.
    3. very important that salt have to be drinken only with worm water it makes a hell of big difference.
    4. after taking mix of oil and grapefruit juice Please put some heat on Liver and keep it all night during sleeping , it makes much easier all cleaning and you will not feel discomfort.
    5. My advice definitely make another enema at 14-15 pm or even earlier depends on feeling but it makes you feel immediately much better.
    6. Don’t forget to drink every day liquid colloidal minerals and vitamins to feed your body after cleaning.
    Please if you have any question contact me directly by skaip : id sneketi

    • Hi Ramos, I have a question i am not sure you can help with. but i am trying to get an answer for my aunt she has a medical condition and i am sure that this liver flush would help. Who should i ask to make sure if she can do it or not or it could be dangerous? doctors will not recommend i guess.

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  10. wow. I admire your persistence. I have to admit it is scary alright. Thanks for jotting your experience. How do you feel now?? did you do it the second time around?

  11. Hi dear Alia
    I want also to try the liver flush but I don’t know where to do the colonic. Where did u do yours.can I do it at home or it should be done by a specialist? Plz advice because I can’t wait till I start my flush .another question do you need to do another colonic on day 7 or no ?

  12. Dear Alia,
    i can’t read English books, if you can help me please and till me from day 1 till 7 what to eat and drink and at what time will be great..

  13. HI ALIA,
    m 24yes old…
    I hav noticed that i usualy have pale or yellow eyes all d time… and dark circles n baggy eyes is my biggest problem…

    IS it a sighn of LIVER deficiency…???
    i consulted docter 2-3 times, but they either hand me a multivitamic tablet or a skin lightning cream or eye drops… but NOTHING WORKS FOR ME:( 😦

    wat should i do to whiter eyes n get rid of dark circles n baggy skin n deark lines around my eyes…?


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  15. Liver detoxification is important since the liver itself is one of the organs which performs detoxification in our body. ‘

    My current internet page

  16. I have gallbladder stones and I want to remove it without surgery so I decided to try out the dr Lao procedure I m living in Bahrain I m not getting the Epsom salt here in Bahrain can u guide me from where I can get Epsom salt

  17. I found Epsom salts in the health food section (near the bread…) in al Osra in budaiya

  18. HI there,

    I have hunted throughout Bahrain looking for a pharmacy/shop that stocked Epson Salt. Having looked everywhere from Boots in the city centre mall to Al Osra Supermarket I finally found it in a small pharmacy in Juffair – The pharmacy is small, you almost might miss it but very very well stocked. It is located between Starbuck and Healthy Calorie on Shabab avenue.

  19. شكراً لك لطفاً هل من الممكن التجربة باللغة العربية

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