My Crazy Juice Fast Detox!

Detox journey

To me, fasting is like going into silence.  It is only when everything is quiet that the body can really start healing.

So I decided to venture into a 4-day juice fast detox.

Armoured with a lot of passion for health, and a huge curiosity for how the human body works, I packed my bags and headed to the Turkish coast for a 4-day attempt to rid my body of all its toxins.

Thanks to my friend A. for the badly needed support 😉

No Food at all!

So for a whole 4 days, I had nothing to eat.  I’m used to fasting during Ramadan but I’ve never had to do it for that long, continuous.  You eat nothing AT ALL for the duration of the detox.  The theory is that you rest the digestive system completely so that it gets the chance to clean itself and rid itself of toxins.

Throughout the day, however, you have lots and lots to drink: fruit juices, vegetable juices, wheatgrass juice, water, herbal teas, vegetable broths…

I must admit, there were times when I would be starving.

During the first couple of days, I got a surge of energy which I was very pleased with.  But on days 3 and 4, I experienced many detox symptoms such as nausea and extreme fatigue.  It felt like my body was undoing years of damage.  Yes, I had many years of horrible eating and lifestyle habits that I still pay for sometimes.  In fact, a health condition is what made me discover natural health and made me decide to become a nutritionist (but that’s another story..).

And while you fast and drink the juices, you also aid your body in eliminating the toxins more efficiently through the colon (colemas, colonics, etc.), daily steam and sauna, and lots of herbs and supplements.  Oh, and I made sure to get lots of sunlight, for the amazing detox benefits of vitamin D.

NOTE: DO NOT ATTEMPT A DETOX PROGRAMME ON YOUR OWN. MAKE SURE YOU DETOX UNDER PROFESSIONAL SUPERVISION. Not all detox programmes include a juice fast or colon cleansing.  You must find what suits you best and find a professional to help you with it.

COLON health

This is some of the stuff that people eliminate during a detox juice fast.  It’s called mucoid plaque.  It’s a combination of all kinds of toxins accumulated in your colon over the years that have been stuck to the walls of your digestive tract.  I know it looks disgusting, but once this stuff comes out, you feel 10 years younger.. well, roughly 😉

If you’re not so convinced that the colon is affected by what you eat, have a quick look at this short video.  It’s certainly eye-opening!

10 Things I Learned while on Detox

  • The detox process is completely unique to each person. My experience will not be yours.  Your reaction to the detox will depend on your level of toxins, your age, diet, lifestyle, and many other factors.
  • Everybody needs to detox, no matter how healthy you think you are.  Toxins accumulate from pollution, impure water, additives in food, hormone treatments, medication, chemicals in food, mercury amalgam fillings, vaccines, and many other sources.
  • A healthy body should be able to eliminate toxins through the liver, however, most people have more toxins than their body can handle, which makes it necessary for them to detox regularly.
  • We must respect the digestive system.  All disease and healing is reflected in the colon.  A healthy colon = a healthy body
  • Most people opt for quick solutions.  Cleaning the colon is one way to detox but your diet and lifestyle should also be changed to help you detox every day.  Are you drinking enough water, are you eating salads, are you lowering your exposure to processed foods and sugar.
  • The detox effects are not linear.  You can feel a high one minute and a slump the next.  Your body will go through cycles of energy and health.  You cannot predict your detox reaction.  You must just be a spectator, respect the miracle as it unfolds and ride the wave.
  • When you detox, it shows in your eyes, your skin, your energy levels, and even your behaviour.  Many of our ‘bad moods’ and depression are mere signs of an over-toxic body.
  • Most people don’t chew their food properly. I was guilty of that myself. I learned to chew each mouthful until it became a complete paste.  Oh, and don’t drink during the meal.  These two basic nuggets of wisdom can work wonders for your digestion.
  • Hunger is very much emotional.  Most of the time, I was hungry because I remembered food or smelled it, not because I was physically hungry.  Often, the fear of hunger is worse than the hunger itself.  Most people eat more than their body requires.
  • Nature and beautiful scenery can be very helpful when you’re detoxing. The Turkish coast is one of the most beautiful I’ve seen.  As one friend put it, “Just being in Turkey is detox”.

I want to detox too!

If this blog post triggered your curiosity, remember this:

The detox programme is tough. But the results speak for themselves.  You excrete years worth of toxins and ‘junk’ from your body.  Your eyes and skin get a glow, you sleep like a baby (a good baby), and your tummy becomes totally flat!

If you would like to go to the same place I went to, leave a comment below to let me know and I’ll send you all the relevant details.

I loved the place so much that I convinced them to give a special gift to everyone who comes through me!  Remember to mention that you came through Alia Almoayed.

How’s that for incentive 🙂

Happy Detox!

For now, remember to sign up on my website for the latest:


71 responses to “My Crazy Juice Fast Detox!

  1. Woow sounds great, I would like to try it, it is good for me to try it?!

  2. Hi Alia,
    I’m very interested to start this detox plan, but I cannot go to turkey, any other alternative? 🙂

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  4. Hi Alia
    I would love to have the details 🙂
    Im pregnant now but i plan on going a few months after having the baby

  5. Владимир Стоянов

    I’d like to know where that place is, I’m in Bulgaria and Turkey wouldn’t be too far for me to travel and detox. Won’t be my first detox, either, hope its a nice place 🙂 Thanks for the details!

  6. Wow Alia congrats!….That’s really wonderful!… Am really happy to know that we have such places to care and cure such things. It is very informative . Thanks a lot for sharing this experience 😉

  7. Hi Alia! Thanks for sharing this. I’d love to know more if I can…?
    Thanks and best wishes, Katy

  8. Hi Alia, I feel like trying it, but I have one question, did you lose weight while doing it? and have you been exercising during the period?

  9. Hi Alia .. This blog entry came in at the right time for me.. I was researching juice fasts and water fasts for the past week or so trying to decide which one I’d do and my target date to start is tomorrow. Now I realize it would be a better idea to do it under supervision so I wouldn’t do something wrong and harm my body instead of reaping benefits. Can you please share the center’s name and address? and Alia, thank you so much for sharing your experience. I’m really proud of you, its rare that you find Arab women, especially from the Gulf area, doing what you do and sharing it. I wish you all the best ❤

  10. Hi Alia, the detox programme seems interesting, since I have so much stress and tension I feel I need to do this especially for relaxing my mind. I would really appreciate if you could send me the location and how I can enter the programme..

    Thanks & regards,

    Susan Turk

  11. Hi Alia – please pass on the details. My husband and I love Turkey and I am sure we would love to try this detox together. Thanks!

  12. Hi Alia!!

    I have found this very interesting. I am going to get married on May 14, 2011 and therefore this diet is surely for me…I am going to start this right away. :)..Thanks a million for sharing

  13. I am very interested and I would love to know more , thank you for sharing your experience Alia

  14. Is it only for women?

  15. Thanks Alia, realy interesting, would love to have more info about the place.

  16. I heard about detoxification, I want really to try it. any advice to do it at home ? its side effects as well

  17. hi Alia, i would like more information about what i can do in Bahrain as i am too busy to travel now adays.

    thank you

  18. i think its fabulous, i will must try it to do this ,but thus it can be done in bahrain ?

  19. Dear Alia, my husband and I are planning a one- week get- away in September and cannot think of where to go! We’d both love to give our bodies a well- deserved cleansing. Plus, Turkey sounds amazing! Hope to hear from you soon!!

  20. Hi Alia would like u to send me all the details, looking forward to try it, do u think it’s a good idea to take my husbend with me??

  21. hi alia 😀 yess i badly need this ! Turkey sounds great please send me the details! and Can we do it here in bahrain? perhps u should start this program here and we can all enroll?

  22. can I detox on my own at home, as well as the colon cleansing??

  23. Hi Alia, would love to try this one out, one more reason to get my husband take me to turkey :-). Tx in advance

  24. Hi Alia,

    I would appreciate if you could send the details. Does this place in Turkey provide the required professional supervision ?

  25. This is really amazing. I have iron overload and I am in need for this detox. Please send me the details.

  26. Hey Aalia,

    I would be very much interested to do this, but cant travel to Turkey for the same since I am shifting to Dubai very soon.
    Can you kindly advice as to how to do this in Dubai? Even my hubby would be interested.

    Please reply

  27. thank you so much for sharing your experience, realy interesting, would love to have more info about the place

  28. hey Alia,

    can you gimme the details as to how i can do the above detox programme.
    wanna do it desp

  29. Hi Alia,

    Sounds amazing this detox and place, like all your articles and news letters!

    I absolutly adore you and respect your work.
    I would love to know this place in Turkey please, please 🙂


  30. Mohammed Ali Al khalfan

    I would like to know more about the DETOX

  31. I sent all of you emails with the detox centre details.
    Have I left anyone out?

  32. Hi Alia.
    I’m planning to go on holiday this summer and a great choice would be turkey, so i’d deffinately take this detox program. Please can you send me the details of this place in Turkey.

  33. Hi Alia,
    Please let me know about the place in Turkey. It sounds very comprehensive all-in-one and efficient way to detox. Does the intake during the programme include any protein or amino acids at all? Would you recommend this kind of detox once a year or more often?

  34. Hi Alia. I would love to know abt the detox centre. Pls send me their information
    Thank you

  35. Thank you so much for this inspirational video, the lady was so professional, I am ready to go to Turkey. Please do send the details and if you are organizing a detox in Bahrain please keep me posted. I have a 3 month old and am breastfeeding, should I wait until I stop breastfeeding?

  36. Hi there~~ Yes pls send me the details of the detox center.


  37. Alia , Yes please! What a perfect summer treat for me and my mother.

  38. Hey Alia.. I’m actually interested in doing a detox but I don’t really know how to decide what detox program would suite my body best. Could you help me with some tips?
    I’d like to know more details on the detox program please.

  39. Dear Alia
    thank you for sharing your experience, i would appreicate if you can send me the place details

  40. Dear Alia,
    Its always so nice reading your blog, I came back from Istanbul last week and would surely like to return. Just being near the Bosphorus alone was detoxing. Please i would like details of where you went in Turkey and details of the detox you did. I want to do a quick detox program. Any suggestions? Warm Wishes to the family.

  41. Hi Alia,
    Thank you for sharing your experiance.
    Iam really interested and would love to know where that place is.

  42. I would like to know the details of the centre please. Thanks.

  43. Hi Alia,
    Can you please forward me the details of the detox centre again. Somehow I lost ur earlier email.
    many thanks,

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  45. hey,alia. thanks for sharing the details of your trip with us.
    I would like from you to send me the details,please. my dad wants to go on the trip and get a detox.
    anyway I also wanted to ask you,is it okay if I get a detox (I’m obese)?

  46. Hi Alia, thank you for the useful informartion i am interested in doing a colon cleanse myself, please give me the details on turkish detox centre? Also what would you more recommend having a juice fast detox or going for a Colon Hydrotherarpy?

  47. Hey! I Want to make a fast and I have already done it before… It’s amazing to see the junk that was inside you.. Yeah, it’s disgusting, but I can’t believe that was inside me! Get it out now!
    In fasting right now with psyllum and bentonite clay, and it’s working great, but could you please send me how you did it? I feel like I’m missing something …
    Thank you! And may God bless you!

  48. Thank you so much for your post, i start my juice fast today not sure how long i am going for some say 30days others say 3 just going to see how i go – aiming for 14. but thanks again it is so great to hear your personal experience – all the best xx C

  49. hi alia i would like to go for a detox too… as i have many health related issues

  50. Dear Alia! Thank you for that post. I would be thrilled if you could send me some of the details.
    Growing up I have been on massive amounts of antibiotics (for skin issues). My tummy really did not appreciate this… Now I am eating super healthy stuff. No sugar, refined foods (almost) and low card with lots of salads. My skin is so so much better. But there is still some redness and oily traits. Cant help think that there is still something off. Also, my temper is an indication that I am not complacently physically balanced..



  51. Sure would like to detox , pls let me know more

  52. Aprille Jane Delmiguez

    Greetings to you Alia 🙂 I am so glad I read your post. Since last night, I was very destructed about my health issues. I am a semi-vegetarian and I really really want to detox my body, especially the colon. One reason is I want to go through 3 months parasitefree programme. I want to ready my self for it and I really want to cleanse my colon and digestive system. So please help me.. I can’t go to turkey, I’m still a student, 20 years old and I am from Asia. I am studying at Malaysia right now. Please give me some tips and details about this detox. Thanks you!

  53. Can you forward me the detox locations information? As well as any suggestions for any at home remedies. In the video, are you reffering to consuming alkaline water before any and all meals?

  54. Hi Alia, it was an awakening to me read your blogs. I really appreciate for enlightening the public about the health values. I would like to try the detox and would appreciate if u can provide me with the details or any alternatives. Regards. Vinod.

  55. Very inspiring. I have juice fasted before and want to try it again. Thank you for the post.

  56. Can you give me the name of the place I’m very interested

  57. Hi there, i would love to know where you went!

  58. Hi Alia, would love to try this one out 🙂

  59. Hi Alia, please can you tell me the place you went to in Turkey? I would like to go there for a detox too. I look forward to hearing from you. Thankyou.

  60. Hi Alia, thanks for explaining what happens during the juice fast. It was interesting to hear that you felt hungry after only 4 days on this fast. There is a young pianist, very well known in Australia and overseas as well, only 18 years old who is causing a storm because he has just completed a 40 DAY juice fast and is quite excited in telling everyone of its benefits. He did this on his own, no medical consultation at all (I know he would do it that way, because his family largely rejects medical intervention on any illness). The concern for many is that he has a lot of very young impressionable female fans and they may want to follow their hearthrob, and he doesnt seem to understand this, instead criticising those who dare to question him. 40 days to me seems extremely dangerous, I wonder what you think about that. I certainly hope that we don’t read in the near future of anyone being hospitalised or worse by following this young man’s fast.

  61. i may try the juice fast. does it really give you a flat stomach? does it get rid of fat anywhere else on the body?

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  63. Way cool! Some very valid points! I appreciate you penning this article and also the rest of the site is extremely good.

  64. I was convinced after reading and watching the video sound good i would like you to email me where to find this program thank you.

  65. Alia I’d love to go to this place but unfortunately I cant join your group. Could you please give me details about I could go on my own ?

    Thank you

  66. Hi I am interested and will be travelling to Turkey. Can you give me more info on where you went?

  67. Hi there, I log on to your blog like eveery week. Your writing style is
    awesome, keep up the good work!

  68. Hi to every one, the contents existing at this website are
    really amazing for people knowledge, well, keep up the good work fellows.

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