London Marathon memories

Today is the London Marathon 2011!  It is a very special and BIG ocassion for those running it.  I would like to wish them all the best of luck!  I’m sure it will be a memorable experience for all involved.

I  have my own memories with the London Marathon.

TEN years ago exactly I ran the London Marathon.  It was in April of 2001. My first marathon experience which put a whole new meaning to the word ‘challenge’!  It took me five and a half hours of continuous running; I was just glad to be alive at the end of it!

Looking back, I can say that it was probably the most difficult and challenging thing I’ve done in my life (even more difficult than giving birth 3 times over!).

My uncle (a runner himself) was so excited that he asked Bahrain’s Gulf Daily News sports editor at the time to cover the event.  This is the article that came out in the sports pages

The reason I write this post is not to brag (because I know all too well that I cannot run a marathon today even if my life depended on it)… but because the event brings back memories every year.  Memories of long training days, cold practice mornings, running alone with your own thoughts while your breath creates smoke in the cold London weather…

…. and then the adrenaline and the fear of the day of the race, the cheers of the amazing crowd, the sound of the music in my ears (walkman at the time, not ipod!), and the one thing i I will never forget: working towards a goal, achieving it, and feeling a high like no other.

Good luck to all runners out there.. what a joy of a sport.

Happy Anniversary London


One response to “London Marathon memories

  1. I dream of running in the London marathon. Maybe next year if I have enough vacation time.

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