Quit Smoking – the easy way!

I read Allen Carr’s EASY WAY TO STOP SMOKING a few years ago after a friend of mine swore by its effectiveness. I wanted to read it to understand the psychology of a smoker and how to help them quit.

I was shocked and amazed with every page that I read.

Since then, I’ve been recommending this book to all my clients and my family.

And today, I decided to spread the message even further on my internet radio show DARE TO BE HEALTHY.

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN LIVE to my interview with Damian O’Hara

So many people want to quit smoking but don’t know how. So many kids take up smoking but don’t know why. Cigarette addiction is a deep dark hole that most smokers can’t get out of.  But many have found an exit in the form of Allen Carr’s Easy Way to Quit Smoking.  I have read the book and I have spoken to several people who have tried the method and swear that it works.  I’m fascinated by the approach and I want you to find out about it first hand!

To help me do that is Damain O’Hara.  Join me to find out how you can stop being a prisoner and a victim.  Quitting has never been easier!

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN LIVE to my interview with Damian O’Hara

Allen Carr, the founder of EasyWay to Quit Smoking,  from London, England, was a chain smoker for over thirty years. In 1983, after countless miserable attempts to quit, he discovered what every smoker dreams of: an easy way to stop smoking.  Today, over 25 years later, there are over 150 Allen Carr’s Easyway seminar centres in more than fifty countries. Every year over 100,000 smokers attend an Easyway seminar.

Damian O’Hara, my guest, was a heavy smoker himself for 25 years before quitting successfully at an Allen Carr’s Easyway seminar in 2001.  In 2002 he was appointed President of Allen Carr North America, based in Ontario, Canada. He is responsible for Carr’s publishing, seminar and online business across North America.  As someone who started smoking as a nine-year old, Damian’s real passion is prevention.

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN LIVE to my interview with Damian O’Hara


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