Children of Paradise

CLICK HERE to listen to my radio chat with Dr. Lee Hausner

As a mother, I always worry about whether or not I’m doing enough to prepare my kids for the world.  And almost like an answer to my prayers, I heard about Dr. Lee Hausners who presents (Children of Paradise): Successful Parenting for parents who want to give their children the best of everything yet they are often sadly disappointed with the results as they witness young adults who are poorly motivated, irresponsible, financially demanding and troubled.

Parents are perplexed about how to deal with their success in order to be able to provide the right environment, opportunities and “coaching” so that their children will develop into emotionally healthy, competent, responsible adults. Building Strong Self Esteem; Establishing realistic expectations;Creating competency and confidence; Effective communication; Managing parenting time and energy effectively; Bratproofing; Financial parenting… and much more. I can’t wait!

CLICK HERE to listen to my talk with Dr. Lee Hausner. Monday 21st March 9pm Bahrain (7pm GMT)

Dr. Lee Hausner is a senior managing director of First Foundation Advisors. An internationally recognized clinical psychologist and business consultant, she served as the senior psychologist for the Beverly Hills Unified School District for 17 years in addition to establishing a reputation as a highly regarded keynote speaker and seminar leader. She has been a top rated resource for Young Presidents’ Organization for the past 17 years. A frequent guest on national radio and television, quoted expert in national publication such as the Wall Street Journal, Time, Forbes, Fortune, Town and Country and a contributing writer for Worth magazine, she is the author of the seminal work regarding wealth and the family, “Children of Paradise…Successful Parenting for Prosperous Families.”

CLICK HERE to listen to my talk with Dr. Lee Hausner. Monday 21st March. 9pm Bahrain (7pm GMT)


2 responses to “Children of Paradise

  1. hi Alia, I really enjoyed listening to this n it was very helpful. Do u mind if i send the link to ur radio talk with Dr. Lee by email to everyone on my Bookworms list?? I can retweet it to them too. Please let me know.

    Great talk!


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