Have you ever been depressed or anxious? I know we’ve certainly had a lot of that in the recent political unrest all around the world, especially in the Middle East.

Many people don’t recognize signs of depression or know what to do about it.  We could all use some help.

Join me as I speak to Gracelyn Guyol who helped her own depression naturally and is now helping many others do the same through her books and workshops. Gracelyn will help us find easy (and natural) solutions for depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, ADD, and many others.

LISTEN HERE and extend this important information to your loved ones.


Gracelyn Guyol shares what she has learned to empower others.  Although she experienced bouts of depression since her teens, mild manic upswings were not diagnosed until 1993, and she was placed on an antidepressant.

In 1994-95 the rapid growth of breast cysts and tumors caused her to have surgery twice.  Consulting a Naturopathic Doctor, she overhauled her diet and eliminated all chemicals that might cause cells to mutate.  Finally, she stopped the antidepressant. Within two months her latest tumor disappeared.

Refusing all psychiatric meds, she spent two years researching and trying holistic solutions, ending bipolar mood swings in 2002.

She wrote Healing Depression & Bipolar Disorder Without Drugs as a road map for others (2006). At workshops, many patients said they couldn’t read long, complicated health books.  So Gracelyn wrote Who’s Crazy Here? offering concise, holistic Steps to Recovery for nine mental disorders.

LISTEN HERE to this amazing chat

… and stay tuned for more exciting episodes in the coming weeks!


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