Trauma Healing with Hakim Archuletta

CLICK HERE to listen to my interview with Hakim Archuletta (photo above) about Trauma Healing and Natural Healing in Islam

Did you know that a lot of the natural remedies of today have a basis in religion.  All religions from around the world agree on the healing powers of things in nature like herbs, spices, honey, and even fresh water.

Last year, I was searching for a natural remedy for my son’s skin rash and came across Hakim Archuletta, a health expert and homeopath who happened to be visiting Bahrain at the time. What I learnt (and am still learning) from him is better than any education.

Hakim has a beautiful viewpoint of natural healing and puts it all in the context of the teachings of Islam. In tough political times like these, Hakim shows you a side of Islam that the world rarely sees.  People of all backgrounds can benefit from this! You’ll know what I mean when you listen to this fascinating episode.

CLICK HERE to listen

Hakim Archuletta, a Fine Arts student in the 60’s, studied homeopathy and apprenticed with Dr. John Damonte in 70s London and later continued in Berkeley apprenticing with homeopathic doctors. He continued his studies in the Middle East, England and North Africa in the mid 70’s.

In 1978, Hakim went to Pakistan at the invitation of Hakim Mohammad Said of the Hamdard Foundation and studied there with various Hakims (traditional Islamic doctors) and also learned Pharmacy in the Unani tradition. There he earned the title of “Hakim”.

Returning to the Americas in 1980, he began teaching students privately and established a Family practice clinic in Santa Barbara California. He began extensive work as counselor, consultant and Homeopath for over 10 yrs. More recently he began to focus on trauma and was trained in the methods of Dr. Peter Levine and others. Hakim lectures and teaches classes and workshops nationally and has students and patients across the world.

CLICK HERE to listen to this amazing episode.  Mp3 available from iTunes as well!


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