Fighting Kids Obesity

We all know the new generation is getting fatter and fatter. Kids cannot do half the stuff the previous generations did at their age. Junk food, playstations, and a sedentary lifestyle are killing our children slowly. But what are we doing about it? Nothing.  We all turn a blind eye and pretend it’s not happening.

My guest on this episode of DARE TO BE HEALTHY is Amen Iseghohi; he is an amazing guy who decided to take action on this matter! He is making a difference in kids lives every day.

Join me as I speak to this amazing man and find out how you can help too!

When Amen moved to West Africa at age 8, he developed a love for sports and physical activity from his grandmother. His grandmother, an athlete and gifted javelin thrower, used tires in her exercise regimen and taught him the importance of keeping the body and mind fit. He credits his grandmother as his inspiration for Primal Education. Amen worked in sales and business development for years but never lost his passion for fitness.

In 2009 he formed AmenZone Primal Fitness and formally transformed his passion into a working primal fitness center to serve kids and adults alike. The amenzone movement has grown exponentially since. His clientele include children, adults as well as numerous professional athletes. Amen created Amenzone P.E as the non profit part of his organization to focus specifically on tackling childhood obesity.

CLICK HERE to listen to this amazing episode. mp3 download available too!


2 responses to “Fighting Kids Obesity

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  2. I have tried to lose weight for long using various methods but it kept coming back. I have lost weight overall but my stomach and hips keep coming back. If hips don’t lie, I haven’t lost weight at all. How do I battle this? Advise me plssssss.

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