Heal Others to Heal Yourself




I used to think that if you perfect your diet, you can perfect your health.  But I was wrong.  I learnt the hard way that a lot more goes into it.  When you improve the quality of your diet, you have a much better chance of getting and staying healthy, but you have to go a bit further.  You must also heal the mind and the heart.  Some of the most successful stories I get in my practice are of those who have healed emotionally during their process of transformation. And they did that by giving back to the community and the world.  They ‘healed’ to ‘heal’ themselves.  With me on this episode is a magnificent lady who helps people do just that.  Join me as I chat to Dr. J’Lein Liese who helps people reach out to others so that everybody wins.

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Dr. J’Lein Liese works w/ The Foundation for Global Leadership, which was founded in 2002 to strengthen leadership worldwide to better ensure sustainable development and democracy. They provide opportunities for business and community leaders to visit developing countries understand the needs, strengths and challenges facing emerging democracies; promote global citizenship through int’l service learning opportunities for students to understand the role of non-govt’l orgs. in emerging democracies; and connect American business leaders to non-governmental orgs. in need of technical assistance and capacity building.  An int’l expert in youth and community development issues, especially in post-conflict and developing countries, Dr. Liese has worked extensively throughout Africa, Southeast Asia and the Middle East. Currently, Dr. Liese lives in Phoenix, Arizona and serves on the board of directors of Business Women’s Initiative Against HIV/AIDS and member of various other orgs.

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