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Trauma Healing with Hakim Archuletta

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Did you know that a lot of the natural remedies of today have a basis in religion.  All religions from around the world agree on the healing powers of things in nature like herbs, spices, honey, and even fresh water.

Last year, I was searching for a natural remedy for my son’s skin rash and came across Hakim Archuletta, a health expert and homeopath who happened to be visiting Bahrain at the time. What I learnt (and am still learning) from him is better than any education.

Hakim has a beautiful viewpoint of natural healing and puts it all in the context of the teachings of Islam. In tough political times like these, Hakim shows you a side of Islam that the world rarely sees.  People of all backgrounds can benefit from this! You’ll know what I mean when you listen to this fascinating episode.

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Hakim Archuletta, a Fine Arts student in the 60’s, studied homeopathy and apprenticed with Dr. John Damonte in 70s London and later continued in Berkeley apprenticing with homeopathic doctors. He continued his studies in the Middle East, England and North Africa in the mid 70’s.

In 1978, Hakim went to Pakistan at the invitation of Hakim Mohammad Said of the Hamdard Foundation and studied there with various Hakims (traditional Islamic doctors) and also learned Pharmacy in the Unani tradition. There he earned the title of “Hakim”.

Returning to the Americas in 1980, he began teaching students privately and established a Family practice clinic in Santa Barbara California. He began extensive work as counselor, consultant and Homeopath for over 10 yrs. More recently he began to focus on trauma and was trained in the methods of Dr. Peter Levine and others. Hakim lectures and teaches classes and workshops nationally and has students and patients across the world.

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My Bahrain

Bahrain has been in the news recently (a lot)!

It’s been a depressing week for Bahrain, but I hope that the worst is over and that we can move forward from here and start building our lovely country again.

Here’s a blog post written by Suhail Algosaibi with his views on what’s going on. Maybe it will help shed some light.

I hope the world calms down a bit and we go back to normal life.  I pray for a safe Bahrain.

Weight Loss in Minutes!

DARE TO BE HEALTHY Ep 16- Weight Loss in Minutes

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Everybody wants to know how they can lose weight quickly and effectively.  “how do I lose weight” is honestly the most frequent question I get – all the time!

In this fast-paced life, who has time to put into a weight loss programme that takes months? People want results in minutes.  So on this episode, I’ll be speaking to the man who took Bahrain by storm by creating a 23-minute workout. Just 23 minutes to permanent weight loss! I worked with him on the eating plan that goes with that workout. Together, the package is bullet-proof!

And the results speak for themselves.

Join me as I speak to Suhail Algosaibi of the DreamBody Centre.  Suhail is amazing at motivating and inspiring people; I know because I’m married to him!

Tuning in to this episode will be the best decision you make this year!

Suhail Algosaibi is an entrepreneur based in the Kingdom of Bahrain. He is the founder and CEO of Falak Enterprises, the company that owns the Zen-Do Bahrain and DreamBody Centre brands.  Among other qualifications he is a certified fitness instructor and personal trainer, and holds a third degree Black Belt in Zen-Do Kickboxing, presented to him by World Champion Master Rafael Nieto.  Suhail is the author of Bahrain’s very first self-defence book, The Ultimate Self-Defence Handbook. He is also co-author of the international self-improvement book, 101 Great Ways To Improve Your Life, Volume 2.

Being fascinated with personal development and how people communicate, Suhail is a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and a certified hypnotherapist.  Suhail is dedicated to helping people improve their health and fitness, and transform all aspects of their lives.

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Date Heaven

Date Truffles

Due to popular demand on Facebook and Twitter, here’s the recipe of this decadent dessert, which is so simple, I can’t even call it a ‘recipe’:

Basically, I got a packet of soft dates. I used the whole packet, de-seeded the dates and put them all in a bowl.  If the dates are soft, you can blend the mixture with your hands; if they are hard, you can heat them with a little bit of butter until they soften.

To the date mush, I added cinnamon and cardamom powder.

Then I took a small piece of the date in my hand, flattened it, inserted a hazelnut in the middle and covered it to make a marble sized ball.

I then rolled each of the balls into raw cacao powder or coconut powder (or both).

The result is an amazing ‘guilt-free’ dessert option.

You can also make it with any varieties.  I sometimes make it with chopped walnuts or almonds; and the topping can be coconut, sesame seeds, or just about anything you want.

Here’s one I made earlier

Coconut date balls (with walnuts)

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Fighting Kids Obesity

We all know the new generation is getting fatter and fatter. Kids cannot do half the stuff the previous generations did at their age. Junk food, playstations, and a sedentary lifestyle are killing our children slowly. But what are we doing about it? Nothing.  We all turn a blind eye and pretend it’s not happening.

My guest on this episode of DARE TO BE HEALTHY is Amen Iseghohi; he is an amazing guy who decided to take action on this matter! He is making a difference in kids lives every day.

Join me as I speak to this amazing man and find out how you can help too!

When Amen moved to West Africa at age 8, he developed a love for sports and physical activity from his grandmother. His grandmother, an athlete and gifted javelin thrower, used tires in her exercise regimen and taught him the importance of keeping the body and mind fit. He credits his grandmother as his inspiration for Primal Education. Amen worked in sales and business development for years but never lost his passion for fitness.

In 2009 he formed AmenZone Primal Fitness and formally transformed his passion into a working primal fitness center to serve kids and adults alike. The amenzone movement has grown exponentially since. His clientele include children, adults as well as numerous professional athletes. Amen created Amenzone P.E as the non profit part of his organization to focus specifically on tackling childhood obesity.

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Teenage Skin Diaries

I gave a lecture at a high school recently, which really brought back memories.

One of the teenagers walked into the lecture hall with a big smile and a face full of acne. Seeing him took me right down memory lane.  I remembered those days of annoying spots on my face.  All the adults around me told me that it’s just a ‘phase’ and that it will clear ‘in no time’ but at the time, it felt like an eternity.

When you have acne, it can take over your life.  As a teenager, the spots on my face had the power to mess up my day.  Looking into the mirror would sometimes get my self-esteem crashing in a matter of seconds.  “If only I had clear skin, I would be so much happier, and popular, and confident” I used to think.

I tried to ask around to find out if diet can help, but I got fragmented answers.  Some said oily food, some said chocolate, but most people had no idea what to advise me.  Most of them said that acne is part of the package of teenage years; like tax.

So I stuck it out.. until I couldn’t handle it anymore.  I wanted to medicate the problem.  I was willing to take anything, no matter what the consequences.

So the doctor gave me antibiotics; a specific type called tetracycline.  I was told to take it for a YEAR.  Apparently, acne is caused by specific bacteria somewhere in the body and we had to get rid of it. “Any side effects I should worry about?”, I asked, not really caring what the answer was.  “None to worry about”, was the answer.

I got really excited to finally find a solution.  I took the pills religiously every single morning for a year and my face started to clear.  Finally, at the age of 17 (a year later) I was happy again.

And then I ran out of pills.

I woke up one morning and found a spot on my face.  And then another… and in a few months, I was back where I started!  I needed more pills!

By that time, I had my license so I drove myself to the pharmacy and bought some more antibiotics (no, they were not regulated).  “I had to do it,” I thought “It was working well for me.”

And so my life continued.  Antibiotics here and there.  Then more powerful stuff prescribed by doctors in college in the US. But the acne continued to come and go.  And not at any point did anyone stop me to tell me that it might be related to my diet.  In fact, several doctors even told me that my acne had nothing to do with what I was eating.

If what we eat has nothing to do with our skin, then how is it that we swallow and digest a pill for skin problems?

Now, many years later, I’m still suffering the consequences of those heavy medications that I took for a simple acne problem.  Antibiotics are heavy-duty drugs and I feel that people and even some doctors use them too casually.  Antibiotics can cause havoc in the digestive system because they affect the balance of good and bad bacteria in the gut.

As a result, your immunity could go down, and you could be more susceptible to digestive problems such as IBS and Crohn’s disease.  Furthermore, they can allow yeasts to flourish, making you more likely to have thrush and cystitis and a host of other symptoms.  And did I mention tetracycline can cause permanent discolouration of the teeth?  Wouldn’t you think that’s worse than acne?

Many years later, I was able to help my own skin naturally with nutrition; something I wish someone had taught me much earlier.

More recently, a mother asked me if I knew anything about teenage acne and whether I could help her son.  Do I know anything?  Where do I start?!

If you have a teenager who is suffering from acne (or if you are that teenager), I will tell you what I wish I knew at the time.

First of all, the effect of acne on self-esteem is not be taken lightly.  Any skin issue should be discussed seriously and addressed accordingly if it is causing any distress.

The skin is often called the second liver.  It eliminates unwanted stuff from the body.  If you’re feeding your body junk food and toxins, it will have to come out somewhere, and it will show on your skin.  So, cleaning the diet is the first step.

Get rid of all junk food, fried foods, and sweets.  These all clog up the body and skin pores.  In fact, acne is often called ‘diabetes of the skin’ because it so readily reacts to sugar in the diet.

Also get rid of hormone-filled foods that are upsetting your own hormone balance and causing havoc in the process.  Most hormones come from animal-based foods such as dairy products and meat.  Bananas can cause problems sometimes too especially in people who react to dairy products.

Get rid of toxins that might be burdening the liver, such as caffeine, smoking, pollution, and possibly hidden toxins such as mercury fillings.

Make sure to keep your body hydrated.  Nothing triggers acne faster than dryness.  Have lots of water and, even better, a daily fruit/vegetable smoothie first thing in the morning.  Add all the green leaves you can get your hands on, and sweeten it with apples or pineapple.

Also, make sure the skin is hydrated from the outside.  Use natural vitamin E creams and/or organic sesame oil on the skin.  You can also use Aloe Vera gel externally to tackle any current spots.

Avoid constipation like the plague. When you’re constipated, you’re much more likely to excrete through your skin and develop spots.  Stay regular with lots of water and fibre from fruits and vegetables and wholegrains.

Get lots of exercise to enhance circulation.  And most importantly, get some sun!  Your skin will love the effect of the sun and vitamin D; the best sun times are early morning or late afternoons.  You’ll need 15 minutes to 1 hour, depending on your skin tone.  The darker you are the more sun you’ll need.

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Heal Others to Heal Yourself




I used to think that if you perfect your diet, you can perfect your health.  But I was wrong.  I learnt the hard way that a lot more goes into it.  When you improve the quality of your diet, you have a much better chance of getting and staying healthy, but you have to go a bit further.  You must also heal the mind and the heart.  Some of the most successful stories I get in my practice are of those who have healed emotionally during their process of transformation. And they did that by giving back to the community and the world.  They ‘healed’ to ‘heal’ themselves.  With me on this episode is a magnificent lady who helps people do just that.  Join me as I chat to Dr. J’Lein Liese who helps people reach out to others so that everybody wins.

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Dr. J’Lein Liese works w/ The Foundation for Global Leadership, which was founded in 2002 to strengthen leadership worldwide to better ensure sustainable development and democracy. They provide opportunities for business and community leaders to visit developing countries understand the needs, strengths and challenges facing emerging democracies; promote global citizenship through int’l service learning opportunities for students to understand the role of non-govt’l orgs. in emerging democracies; and connect American business leaders to non-governmental orgs. in need of technical assistance and capacity building.  An int’l expert in youth and community development issues, especially in post-conflict and developing countries, Dr. Liese has worked extensively throughout Africa, Southeast Asia and the Middle East. Currently, Dr. Liese lives in Phoenix, Arizona and serves on the board of directors of Business Women’s Initiative Against HIV/AIDS and member of various other orgs.

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