What’s 9×9?

*** In this flashcard, the 9 looks like a lollipop and two kids are holding them. They’re saying “We ate one” for 81 ***

I had to write about this because it is the BEST thing that is happening to us at the moment.  My daughter Selma reached the age where she has to memorise the times table and to be honest I was dreading it.  Selma is a very artistic girl who loves painting, music, and cooking.  And although she loves school, she does not thrive on what I call ‘super-left-brain’ stuff.

But the multiplication table was looming and I had to figure something out to make it stick in her ‘right-brain’ kind of thinking.  And like a gift from God, my husband one day suggested a math memoriser programme that was suggested by a speaker at an event he once attended.  It’s called: Arthur Bornstein’s Memory Power.

“Let’s try it,” I thought.  “We have nothing to lose.”

What I found was an amazing product.  The concept is basic: using pictures to teach math.  Flash cards and basic images (see pictures above and below).  It worked wonders. Seriously.

*** In this flashcard the 3 sounds like ‘tree’ and there’s a monkey with a 12″ tail hanging from it holding ‘dirty sticks’ for 36 ***

Selma had a breeze with the concept. Even 6-year old Laith memorised the times table.  The kids ‘got it’ instantly and were even giggling at some of the images.


Even I got to remember a lot of the math that I had forgotten ages ago!

My point is that I LOVE it and I thought maybe you will too.  Here’s where you can get it – CLICK HERE


One response to “What’s 9×9?

  1. I am gonna try it out!! I have 4 kids, all hate math (must come from me :/) and they have so much trouble memorizing the times tables. Thanks for the info!!

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