Krazy Pregnancy Interview

CLICK HERE to hear the sneak peak interview with Krazy Kevin!

I can’t believe it’s finally out of the printers and on its way to the bookstores!

My latest book I WANT A HEALTHY PREGNANCY is finally here!

It will be launched in Bahrain on Saturday the 29th of Jan 2011. I’m so excited!!


Find out all about the book by clicking on this audio now.  It’s a crazy chat that I had with ‘Krazy Kevin’ a few days ago. All the details and the gossip about the book!

CLICK HERE to hear the sneak peak interview!

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2 responses to “Krazy Pregnancy Interview

  1. All the best for the launching of your book, can’t wait to have a copy of my own for the family.

  2. التنبيهات: The World’s Newest Pregnancy Book! | Suhail Algosaibi’s Radical Dojo

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