Bahrain’s Food Traditions

In the spirit of Bahrain’s National Day, which falls on the 16th of Dec., I thought it would be interesting to delve into Bahrain’s heritage and talk about its delicious food in this week’s episode of my internet radio show DARE TO BE HEALTHY!


DARE TO BE HEALTHY: Bahrain’s Food Traditions

Bahrain is a tiny island with lots of character.  It is strategically located geographically and its location makes it exposed to various cultures and cuisines.  But in spite of it’s size, Bahrain also has it’s own distinctive cuisine and eating traditions. These beautiful traditions are slowly fading away with the increase in Western influence. Join me as I host Dr. Dalal Al Sherouqi, chef and author, who will help us learn some of these lost traditions of our grandparents. Origins of dishes, cultural eating habits, cooking methods of yesterday, and more. This episode will bring you to the salty shores of Bahrain, where East meets West in a culture rich in heritage and traditions.

Mother of four, Dr. Dalal AlSherouqi is author of two cookbooks and a researcher in national heritage such as clothes, cuisine, and cultural traditions. She acquired her PhD in hospitality and food management in 2004 and also completed various workshops and intensive courses in cooking.  She is also an active member of various volunteer organisations and participates in judging cooking competitions.   Dr. Dalal has shared her vast knowledge with various media around the region.

I’m so excited! CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

DARE TO BE HEALTHY: Bahrain’s Food Traditions


2 responses to “Bahrain’s Food Traditions

  1. HI Alia,
    It was fantastic to be able to listen to your inspiring talk at the Bahrain Writers’ meeting. I was going through your blog and found this post very interesting. Unfortunately, the radio clip isn’;t working and I wasn’t able to listen to it. Would you have something – like notes or even the same radio clip that I can listen to. I am food blogger and would love to know about age old Bahraini traditions.

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