Ayurvedic healing interview! DARE


I had always wanted to go to India, I just didn’t know it would happen this year! I had a very tough year in 2009 and I really needed a break, so when a friend suggested a week in Kerala with Ayurvedic Panchakarma treatment, I thought this was a sign. “Maybe God is sending me some relief,” I thought. So I took a chance, packed my stuff, kissed my family, and jumped on the plane; all the time not knowing what to expect. “I could use some relaxation,” I thought.

Little did I know, my India experience was going to be more ‘intense’ than ‘relaxing.’

Join me on this fascinating episode of DARE TO BE HEALTHY where I talk to Dr. P. Sambhu (photo above), the Ayurvedic doctor who showed me a whole new meaning for healing.


Dr. P .Sambhu qualified as ayurvedic doctor from Govt. Ayurveda College, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India.  He has been in practice for more than 18 years.  He brings his vast experience and knowledge in Ayurveda to the Ayushya Ayurvedic Centre in Kerala.  He also practices in the USA and Europe.  Dr. P.Sambhu and his wife, Dr. Hema of Ayushya Centre combine the magic of the ancient system and deliver their healing with lots of care and compassion.

LISTEN and forward!

This is what I wrote on my blog earlier about my trip to India and my KERALA CHRONICLES– have a look!


3 responses to “Ayurvedic healing interview! DARE

  1. Great Interview Alia! Very informative.

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