I’m on Indian Radio 104.2FM

Could it be that I lived in India during a past life?  I don’t know why I love that country so much!

Here is an interview with me and Radio Voice’s Susha Suman (the Indian radio channel in Bahrain) 104.2FM.

I truly enjoyed it!  Click on each part to listen. Hindi music included 🙂

Radio Voice with Alia Almoayed – Part 1 of 4

Radio Voice with Alia Almoayed – Part 2 of 4

Radio Voice with Alia Almoayed – Part 3 of 4

Radio Voice with Alia Almoayed – Part 4 of 4

Let me know what you think 🙂


4 responses to “I’m on Indian Radio 104.2FM

  1. thanks to you and the hostess as well,the programme is well balance and very educative,all people need is good health and to attain it must be on continuous practice of good nutrition and exercise,personality like missAlia almoayed is a blessing to mankind from GOD,all we need is good assessment of our body and make a healthy plan and implementations,it only need one step at a time as our nutritionist said on the talkshow,and good workdone from radio voice,

  2. This was really an eye opener to the health world. I hadn’t known any of what you said if you’d asked me a year ago. I’ve been your constant fan and I follow all your health events and happenings very frequently- your blog, facebook, twitter- name it.

    And to summarise it up, I loved the talk show and Many thanks to you Alia and Radio Voice for such an experience.

  3. Alia, I’ve to say that you’re such a motivator to me! To be honest, REALLY!

  4. اخت علياء معجبه بك وباهتمامك بالطفوله والتغذيه

    اتمنى التواصل معك بهالمجال

    انا غاده من الرياض

    و اعمل بمجال الطفوله ومهتمه به

    لك كل التقدير والاحترام

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