Enlightenment After Cancer

Episode 6 of DARE TO BE HEALTHY – my most controversial episode yet!

What each person would do with a diagnosis of cancer is completely different.  Some see it as a death sentence and others shrivel in fear.  But what I find most fascinating are the people who say that cancer was the best thing that ever happened to them.  Sometimes, it is the much needed wake up call that will force you to change direction.  Although natural and alternative therapies are not usually the first port of call for cancer patients, more and more patients are opting for natural cancer treatments to avoid the side-effects of conventional treatments and enjoy the long-term healing.

Join me, Alia Almoayed, on this amazing episode where I talk to Dr. Jacqueline Campisi who took her cancer diagnosis into her own hands and started her journey towards healing and enlightenment.

Dr Jacqueline Campisi is an optometrist with a history of breast cancer that has a new found passion for nutrition. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008 and decided to reject traditional medicine & pursue a course in natural healing, when a transformation began. After a 20-year career as an eye doctor, she created Wellness Concierge with her husband Greg Culver and partner Jamie Lee in order to “Make Wellness Visible”. They promote educational movies, demos and lectures in order to enrich the lives of others. Jackie continues to practice optometry 2 days/week along with her Orthokeratology consulting business.  She’s the mother of son, Avery and stepdaughter, Ashley. Her blog chronicles the ‘enlightenment’ she experienced as she discovered the world of natural healing http://jackieshealthblog.blogspot.com
Look forward to ‘seeing’ you on the air Monday!  Remember to forward this to your friends and family to save lives!


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