Magical Herbs & Spices from the Middle East

Listen to my Radio show on the ‘Magical Herbs & Spices from the Middle East’

Have you ever noticed how we often go to great lengths to find a cure for an illness, when the cure could be right in our garden or our spice cupboard? I’ve always loved how our ancestors got creative with what they had and used it to heal their illnesses and add ‘spice’ to their lives.  That’s why I bought an amazing book called, ‘Natural Remedies of Arabia’ a few years ago.  Little did I know I’d be talking to the co-author herself and getting this amazing wisdom with just one click! In this fascinating episode, I talk to Master Herbalist Donna Evans about the magic of herbs, spices, medical-quality essential oils, and Middle Eastern aromatherapy. Learn about all the riches the Middle East has to offer, and how you can bring traditional and simple remedies to your everyday lives.

Click here to listen to the show

Donna Evans (photo above) is a Master Herbalist who specializes in historical herbalism.  She spent ten years in the Middle East and has conducted research on the herbs, spices, and natural remedies of the Arabian Peninsula.  She is co-author of Natural Remedies of Arabia (with Robert W. Lebling) and Herbal Exploration: A Journey of Discovery for the Young Herbalist (with Beverly R. Pepperdine) and conducts monthly herbal teleclasses for children ages 8 and above. Donna is also a Young Living Essential Oils Educator.  Her website is

Enjoy the radio talk with Donna.  Click here to listen


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