My coconut birthday cake!

Since I wrote about it last year, I thought I owe you a picture of my cake this year too!

I turned 34 on the 2nd of August.  The 5 candles you see on the cake are not related to my age :p

Just be warned… I will soon stop discussing my age altogether :p

My birthday this year was in the beautiful island of Phuket (Thailand).  The weather was beautiful: a bit of sunshine, a bit of monsoon rain, and a lovely starry night (huge difference to my dusty birthday last year)!

As we were driving to see a waterfall, I joked with the kids in the car and said “I think it’s the other way around for me because I feel younger today, so my age must be getting less”.

My 6-year-old Laith interjected immediately, saying, “that can’t be, mama, because you look older!”

“How??” I pleaded

“Your hair has more grey.  Your face is more round.  And you have more lines on your face than last year.” He said casually.

Somebody please shoot me, I thought.

I sulked for about 3 minutes and then the thought of my beautiful cake brought the smile back on my face.  It was a lovely sumptuous coconut pie, which my husband brought for breakfast! Awesome idea! It was so delicious that I still dream about it sometimes.  And to answer some cynics out there: yes, I do have cake sometimes, especially if it’s MY birthday! (see a picture of it above).

If anyone knows how to make coconut pie, please let me know!

Next year, my birthday will be in Ramadan.  I’ve never experienced that! (or maybe I did as a kid, I don’t remember)… Better think of a ramadan-themed healthy cake!  Will certainly keep you posted.

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Here’s a picture of the waterfall we went to… and the Thailand monsoon rain coming from the horizon!


7 responses to “My coconut birthday cake!

  1. Belated” Many happy returns of the day”. Nice snaps of ‘ coconut cake’ n scenic beauty of Thailand..

  2. Dear Alia

    Happy belated b’day greetings!!!!!!!!!!! I always enjoying reading your mails. It is very informative and useful for our day to day life.

    Best Regards

    Ramany T.

  3. Hi Alia,
    Belated happy b’day, God Bless and have a wonderful year ahead… Hmmm the cake does sound good and so does the holiday.. love reading your mail every morning and bringing it to good use in our daily life.

  4. happy b day
    I like coconut but not the cake < i hope you injoyed your vacation and b day
    very nice email like every time
    good luck in your life

  5. Happy birthday to you! May god bless you and your family!!!!

    i enjoy reading your mail always…..good work …keep it up

  6. Hi Alia,
    Belated birthday greetings. May Allah bless you with good health and help you in continuing the good work you are doing. I am currently in Goa enjoying the rains having escaped the Bahrain heat. Will be back after Eid. Ramadan Kareem to you and your family.

    We Goans make a coconut cake called “baath” which we learned from the portuguese. It is a mixture of semolina, coconut and the normal ingredients of cake….something like basboosa?? Will send you the recipe soon.

  7. Happy belated Birthday and many more happy returns.God bless

    I would like the recipe of the coconut Birthday cake, Love coconut ….

    Eid Mubarak.Enjoy

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