The ‘Suhail & Alia Show’ – launch episode

At last! I’m so proud to present to you the 1st episode of the ‘Suhail & Alia Show‘.

At the spur of the moment, my husband Suhail Algosaibi and I, thought it might be interesting to give our viewers a glimpse into some of our personal conversations.   “Wouldn’t it be nice if we can talk out loud to the world?”, we thought.

Corny, I know, but you know what? He is one of the very few people that I know will listen to anything I say, no matter how strange and ‘out there’ it is.

So here it is! Uncut and unrehearsed.  The first episode of our show.

We’re testing it out at the moment, so let us know what you think.  With time, if this continues, we’ll have better picture and sound quality.

We need suggestions for names for the show! Leave a comment below with a suggestion of a name..


8 responses to “The ‘Suhail & Alia Show’ – launch episode

  1. Great idea! Found it very informative and entertaining. Looking forward to watching the next episode 🙂

  2. Hi Alia, This has potential. I think this could’ve been done a bit more professionally (use a digital video camera, I’m sure you own one), checked the lightening and made sure the area is a bit less congested. Also, arrange a light script maybe to have an agenda as well as maintain the rhythm of your conversations by having a series of questions that lead into the next one and so on.
    I think this is a great exercise in synergy and people can actually benefit off of it, but the videos need to be chopped down into less than 10 minutes per session to avoid it being a drag. I would love to see this every week. My quick 2 cents!

  3. Assalamu Alaikum,

    I thought it was very good and I enjoyed watching it very much. I like the fact that it is filmed in this way, obviously with time picture quality etc will improve.

    Its an introduction to your show , your personalities, thoughts, idea’s and its great, there’s a lot of honesty and ‘real conversation’ as opposed to just faking it for the camera.

    You’ll both be great and hopefully presenting will be very prosperous for you both.

    I would’ve like to have seen Alia’s face more 🙂

    I think you can use this video to brush up on future video’s.

  4. Hi Alia,

    This is a great idea and I must hand it to both you and your husband to always keep learning new things and spreading your knowledge using innovative methods! Looking forward to seeing more of both of you!

    Warm wishes,

  5. Suhail & Alia ! Congrats 🙂 Loved it , Well done … you open people’s minds in every way ! waiting for the next 1 !
    🙂 Hadeel

  6. good job. keep it up !!!

  7. i loved the clip! i might be late in replying.. but i enjoyed listing not watching..
    but i can imagin there wasnt another way to do it since there’s no production of wtsoever.. but very good topics! i loved it a lot n i think somehow im gonna watch my eating habits even more n read more into it since im VERY intrested in eating healthy ( when LOVING fried food! ) haha

    good luck n hope to watch another clip

    i need to ask 1 thing! i need a place in bahrain for yoga that a covered person can go to n feel totally comfortable in??

  8. Job well done 🙂 very interesting to here both of you talk and to each other as well.. maybe shorter next time to keep the interest going for the coming episodes, but you get a two thumbs up. Topics to discuss:

    – an interesting dish you had the night before!! your twist on making it healthy..
    – a dream Suhail had and its interpretation.. or some self defense moves!!
    – hmm, kids incidents that people can relate too (how do you manage kids on a plane!!)
    – okay, i think i better stop, i get too carried away.. anyways, loved it and would love to hear more.. 🙂 wanna a director!! hehehe i think i watch too much reality tv..

    Good luck on your radio show, will stay tuned 🙂

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