My TV Debut!

Bahrain TVs Arabic channel is going through major revamps.  And part of their revamp is a morning programme called ‘Hala Bahrain’ which airs weekdays 9-11am.

Lucky for me, I was chosen to present the nutrition segment every Thursday morning!  Have you seen it?  It re-runs at 4:30pm of the same day.

Here’s one of the episodes that we’ve done.  It was about weight loss.

I’ll be posting more episodes as I get them…

You can see a short version on YouTube below or the full version on this link.

Alia Almoayed on Weight Loss ——- علياء المؤيد عن التنحيف from Alia Almoayed on Vimeo.



One response to “My TV Debut!

  1. Looking great and useful information and a much better way than the typical fad diets but you only mentioned 2 out of 5 of your weight loss golden rules which made the info incomplete.Hope you can post all 5 rules.
    Thanks and keep on the good work.

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