My Award :)

Standard Chartered bank hosted a beautiful evening 2 weeks ago to honour TWELVE women in Bahrain who have ‘contributed positively to society’.

Lucky for me, I was one of them!

Well, they also launched their ‘Diva’ Account that night but we’ll pretend it was only about the honoured women, not the PR move.

Either way, I was very flattered and honoured to be chosen among various other women whom I admire and respect a lot. I felt like I was accepting an oscar and I almost thanked the Academy!

In truth, it feels good to know that someone is appreciating the hard work and dedication that I put into my job.  I hope my efforts will reach you too one day.  I have dreams of making Bahrain (and the world) a healthier place (I don’t care, I like to dream big!).

For all those who attended and sent their wishes, thank you 🙂

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15 responses to “My Award :)

  1. A wonderful evening and a very well deserved award indeed. Mabrook and inshallah more to come!

  2. Well done… and very well deserved.
    Alf Mabrook!!

  3. Congratulations! I am really happy for you, Alia!
    May there be many more awards coming!!!

  4. wish you all the best. Mabrook.

  5. ‘CONGRATULATION” Alia! same as every drop makes an ocean, your contributions to natural health will definitly make a world a better place. Away from drugs. Cheers!!!! Go Green & airy

  6. Congrats!!! Keep up the good work ! Our society needs you! and many more rewards r gona b presented if u keep up the effort inshallah

  7. Congrats Alia. You deserve all the best.

  8. “Congratulations Alia”!!! You really deserve this award for your contribution to the society in terms of health and nutrition…… Keep up the good work ! many more laurels to come!!!!!!!!!

  9. congrats Alia, you really deserve it
    wish you best of luck

  10. Congratulations!!!
    You Deserve it, you are example of a person who believes in what he/she is doing.


    Hassan Al Jabry

  11. Hussain Al Samahiji

    Alf Mabrooook Aliaa, you totally deserve this award.. Keep it up !

  12. Bravissima ya Alia!!! Mabrook..

  13. Hearty Congratulations to u Madam. Let ur contribution to the field of health n nutrition be recognised internationally. Best of Luck n Good Health always.

  14. Congratulations!you deserve it. I am a regular reader of ur article in gulf weekly,very informative&helpful.

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