Are MEN turning into women?

If you are a man and you’re tired of hearing about female hormone problems and ‘women issues’, then you should read this.

Many men today are unknowingly experiencing a hormone shift that is affecting their hormone levels and giving them health problems similar to women’s!

As men age, their testosterone (dominant male hormone) levels naturally decrease.  And, as a result, when male hormones decrease, the ratio of male-to-female-hormones shifts and oestrogen (the female-dominant hormone) starts to become dominant in men’s bodies, slowly making their ‘female-like’ symptoms more prominent.

The problem is, oestrogen levels in men’s bodies are not only increased due to natural changes; men today are more and more exposed to hormones and hormone-like substances that are also coming from their diet and environment.

Where are hormones coming from?

Many animals today are pumped with hormones (mainly oestrogen) to make them grow fatter and faster.  As a result, much of the animal products that we consume contain hormones that we have no control over.  Examples of such products are meat, poultry, milk, cheese, eggs, etc.

Sugar is another reason for hormone imbalance.  When you eat too much sugar, your body produces high insulin levels.  Too much insulin messes up the delicate balance between male and female hormones in the body, allowing female hormones to dominate.  And people today are consuming more sugar than they ever did before.  Sugar is not only found in chocolates and desserts, but also in cereals, fizzy drinks, alcohol, juices, and even some pasta sauces.

Furthermore, with the increase in prescriptions for birth control pills and HRT, and the increase in hormonal treatments for animals, an excess of hormones is flushing out into the sewage system to enter water circulation again.  So, even if you don’t necessarily drink tap water, the water is still used to water crops and feed animals.

And believe it or not, hormones are also coming from environmental toxins.  These toxins enter your body and act just like hormones.  They are called xeno-oestrogens.  They come from the polluted environment, sprays and pesticides on fruits and vegetables, smoking, mercury fillings, fluoride, plastic bottles, and much more.

What are hormones doing to you?

While in women, excess hormones cause PMS, breast pains, period problems, infertility, and even different cancers of the reproductive organs; in men, some effects of dominant female hormones, include:

  • Reduction in muscle mass and strength
  • Feminisation of the male body (e.g. increase in breast size, or even shrinking of the penis)
  • Weight gain, especially around the abdomen
  • Mood swings and depression
  • Loss of sex drive, and possibly impotence
  • Infertility and low sperm count
  • Bone loss and higher risk of osteoporosis
  • Higher risk of diseases like prostate cancer, heart disease, and diabetes
  • Lowered immunity and less resistance to colds and infections
  • Memory loss and accelerated ageing

How to reclaim your manhood

Start by looking at all the different possible sources of hormones or hormone-like substances in your diet and lifestyle.  Do you smoke?  Are you exposed to a polluted environment at work or at home? Do you drink a lot of coffee and tea? Do you eat lots of dairy products? Red meat? Alcohol?  Sugar and desserts? All these factors contribute to the hormone load on the body.

Then, introduce steps that help rebalance your hormones.  Start by replacing animal fats and trans fats (e.g. dairy products and animal fats, fried foods, etc.) with ‘good’ fats such as raw nuts and seeds. Add more fibre from wholegrains such as brown rice, oats, rye bread, beans and pulses. Fibre flushes out excess hormones; and so does regular exercise.

And finally, reduce your stress levels, and look for super foods that nature intended for all health problems such as raw honey, ginger, garlic, broccoli, parsley, flax seeds, and many more.

What’s interesting is that studies have shown that men are a lot less likely to see a doctor for a health problem than women, especially if it concerns their reproductive health. If you suspect you may have a hormone-related problem, find someone you trust and talk about it.  You can even take this article with you.

And for all of you parents out there, make sure you watch what hormones or ‘hormone-like’ substances your children are consuming today.  Kids today are reaching puberty much earlier than their counterparts 20 or 30 years ago, and they are showing lots of signs of hormonal imbalance such as anger, irritability, acne, fat around the belly, and much more!

Hormones are not just a women problem.  They affect men, women, and children.  Make sure you’re doing what it takes!

In the end, I will leave you to ponder this quote by Robert Cohen, “When it comes to food and semen quality, ask the expert! The research of Dr. Jaime Mendiolas shows that antioxidants in fresh fruits and vegetables help to improve semen quality and when the list of semen quality is compared between those eating from different food groups, milk drinkers come last.”

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9 responses to “Are MEN turning into women?

  1. Very informative. Thank you. I’m happy to say I’m avoiding most of the woman-creating substances 🙂

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  3. some of this contests i did not know about.

  4. did not know these aspects of life.

  5. I think I’ve already been feminized, but no worries, I okay with that. I never had anything against being a woman, so it’s just a change to accept.

  6. Even goats milk affects our body hormones?

  7. I have been a Diabetic for 57 years and have injected myself with insulin for that length of time. I have just found out that doing this creates feminine hormones; the doctors never told me this. I now know why I have been feeling feminine and that is wanting to be a woman and all that goes with it.

  8. Weight training to get testosterone flowing too works.

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