Iron Men of Bahrain!

I HAD to interview them… I just HAD to!

You see, they completed the IronMan 70.3 triathlon in Singapore last month! It is a grueling triathlon with a 1.5km swim, 90km bike ride, and a 21km run!  It took them over 6 hours to complete; most of us can’t even stay seated for that long, let alone do what they did!

Two young Bahraini men: Tariq Algosaibi (left in photo) and Sager Al-Khalifa (right).  It makes me so proud!

** Scroll all the way down to listen to the interview **

It’s such a big deal!

Seeing the two guys, you would immediately think “sure, they are muscular and young, why wouldn’t they be able to do it?”

But for me the news of their completion had a bigger effect.  Having been a runner myself, I know how much it takes to complete a race of this sort.  When I ran the 2001 London Marathon (9 years ago to the day almost – gasp!) I didn’t think anyone understood the hard work and training that goes behind an event of this sort.

IronMan triathletes have to have stamina in 3 different sports AND be able to conquer the ‘mind over matter’ obstacle that so many athletes fall short on.

Why the interview?

I have a lot of respect for those guys.  Respect for what they have achieved and for what they stand for.  They inspire me because when I see them I see passion for the sport and I see how perseverance can make you achieve anything you want.  Wouldn’t you like your kids to hang around people like that more often?

So, I thought I had to write about them…

Then, I realised that just writing a few paragraphs about them would not do them justice and would not make you see the ‘spark’ that I saw.  I wanted to get into their brains and find out how they think, how they got there, and where they want to go next.  I wanted them to have a voice to tell us about the experience and maybe even to inspire others who might still be in the dream stages.

What came up in the interview exceeded all my expectations!  You have to listen to it to believe me!

When I first planned the interview I thought we’d talk for a few minutes about the experience and that’s it.  BUT NO!  I couldn’t stop asking questions because their answers were so fascinating!  We ended up with ONE HOUR of fantastic material and insights.

Ever wonder what goes on in the mind of a triathlete while he’s swimming?

Wanna know how triathletes shave off precious seconds at transitions?

Would you like to know what it feels like to ‘hit the wall’ and choose between a stinging pain in the heart or finishing the last leg of the race?

Wanna know what these muscular guys eat?

I will say no more.  You listen for yourself and let me know what you think.  And please feel free to leave your comments for Tariq and Sager below, they’ll be reading them!

Listen to the interview here

CLICK HERE to hear the interview with the IRON MEN!

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13 responses to “Iron Men of Bahrain!

  1. Great interview Alia 🙂

    I am so proud of my husband (Tariq) for all of his achievements; and happy seeing him enjoying what he likes to do everyday, May god protect you and grant you good health inshallah ya rab ..

  2. good interview

  3. Yes Alia i heard that part ,

    many thanks to u dear

    see you around soon inshalah 🙂

  4. Few men are brave, They become so through training and force of discipline.

    Really amazing interview, Tariq and Sager, The Bahrain iron men, both of you are awsome and I am really proud of you.

    Alia, thank you for the nice Q.
    The interview give me more passion to work more to be an iron woman. Pray for me!

  5. Now that Fatma said that she’s proud of her husband, so I guess I have to say that I’m proud of my husband (Sager) too or else I’ll get into trouble.. Kidding 😉

    Honestly, I’m beyond proud of Sager. He accomplished something so great, which requires a lot of discipline and training. He set a high goal and achieved it. Insha’Allah his next goal the full-blown triathlon.

    I just wish I was with him to cheer him on in Singapore. Instead I did my cheering from home with our son Salman, 5, and beautiful twin girls, Jood and Latifa, 7 months old.

    Insha’Allah someday, soon, Sager and Tariq can make Triathlon an official sport in Bahrain and represent it themselves. Allah ewafigkum ‘o ya36eekum il9i7a wil 3afya.

    Thanks Alia for the wonderful interview and giving these men a well deserved recognition.

    GO HUBBY! WooHoo!

  6. شكرا علياء على المقابلة
    ويعطيهم العافية الشباب 🙂

  7. alia its grate of you atleast you are doing a good job i was in baharain for four years kids really need something to do because the life style over their is very luxurious and than people develop various diseases and second thingit will open up doors for baharain people will reconige them you will get the blessing from their parents .

  8. Wow, this is a fantastic interview.

    Thank you Alia, the interview was so informative and fun to listen to. It awaken a hidden dream to be an Ironman myself.

  9. Thanks Aalia for this spectacular interview. We are all proud of our very own Iron-man. I m a member of the Bahrain road runners, and its a matter of pride for us that our chairman is a role model for us, a source of inspiration and confidence for all the members. i hope in the future he will continue making us proud of him always…..Thanks once again !

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