Health Myth #3: No hormones in my food!

I had a lovely time last Thursday with all the ladies from HSBC Bahrain.  We talked about ‘The 5 Biggest Health Myths, Exposed!’

It was a lovely group.  The workshop was just over an hour long with plenty of great Q&A at the end.  And we had a lot of fun taking this picture too (it’s tough getting a big bunch of women to organise themselves for a decent photo!) 🙂

Myth #3

Of all the FIVE myths, I chose #3 to share with you because it’s just sooo important for you to know about today!

Myth #3 says: There are no hormones in my food.

You know how many times I hear that?  A LOT!

People are often unaware of the amount of hormones that are in our food.  They assume that food manufacturers and farmers have our best interest and health in mind. Don’t they?

Have a look at the short YouTube video that I linked here, and let me know what you think.

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8 responses to “Health Myth #3: No hormones in my food!

  1. Youtube video is not valid file.

  2. Thanks for such a nice video please upload all, it’s really nice insha ALLAH I will try this

  3. Heya Alia ……
    The workshop @ HSBC was AMAZING !!

    I found the tips very useful, and the book very interesting although am single with no kids =)

    During the presentation; It clicked !! All the health issues I was having were actually caused by my eating habits and the hormones in all that junk food!! So, went straight out afterwards and bought me a big ol’ bottle of organic sesame oil =D

    Currently in my detoxing phase …. Will let ya know how that goes …… =)

    Btw, am the girl standing on ur left 😉
    Nice meetin’ ya !!

  4. Hi alia i really appreciate your blog very much
    you are doing a great job i have become a vegan and feeling much more healthier than before thanks for all your e-mails may God send more people like you.

  5. Thanks for all your e-mails
    and for such a nice video please upload all,
    I found the tip very useful

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