DVDs I watched this weekend

I’ve had a lovely weekend.  I tried to catch up on some badly needed rest, and I also watched a few DVDs that I’ve been looking forward to watching.

As usual, I wanted to share them with you cuz I thought you might benefit too..

Food Inc DVD

This is one of the most amazing eye-opening DVDs that you can watch.  You won’t want to miss is.  It really explains everything that the food industry giants have been keeping away from you.

Watch the trailer, get the DVD.  Definitely worth it!  wow!

Crazy Sexy Cancer

Believe it or not, this is the name of the film!

It was a very interesting insight into the life of a person diagnosed with cancer.  Very upbeat and uplifting.  A really positive spin on the disease and fantastic ideas and approaches for healing cancer naturally.

Watch it and show your loved ones!  I was so happy watching it that I even found myself crying tears of joy at some point.

Life is really full of endless possibilities, so don’t let anyone slam the door in your face or tell you that you have no choices or no hope for recovery.

For more information on healing cancer naturally, see my previous posts here

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One response to “DVDs I watched this weekend

  1. Inspiring woman and a great movie. Love the positive attitude.

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