Cranio-sacral what?

If you’ve never heard of Cranio-Sacral Therapy, then brace yourself for this…

*** Scroll down to hear my amazing interview with Liza, a cranio-sacral therapist ***

The first time I heard of cranio-sacral therapy was when I was a brand new mother with a colicky baby and I was desperately looking for answers.  Cranio-sacral therapy came up in several books but since I had no access to it here in Bahrain I dismissed it.

Many years later (actually almost 7 years later to the date), I met Liza Borodkin – a visiting Cranio-Sacral therapist who was in Bahrain at the time.

I really wanted to know what cranio-sacral therapy was all about, so I went in for a session.  I didn’t know AT ALL what to expect.  She asked me a few questions and listened intently to my answers.  In fact, she seemed to be listening so intently to what I was saying that it made feel strange.  I felt my system slow down as the pace in the room slowed down.

She told me to lie down on the massage bed.  I expected a massage but NO. It was very different.

She first put her hands around my ankles and closed her eyes.  She just sat there, listening. I felt this rush of tingling throughout my body.  It felt like a bucket of warm water was being poured from my feet all the way up my legs and rest of the body.  The session lasted about an hour and I had very interesting sensations.  At some point I even felt a strong pain in my tongue and a strange feeling in my throat.

What was that about?  The lady was barely touching me!

But what is it?

At some point I discovered that a cranio-sacral therapist literally listens to your body and allows it to heal itself.  Sometimes, if you have a problem, getting someone to listen to it is a big part of the solution.  I guess it’s the same with the body.  Physical problems that get ‘heard’ start shifting and healing themselves.

Sounds strange, huh?  Yes, that’s what I thought too until I experienced it myself.

I Can’t Explain it!

I found myself not knowing how to explain what cranio-sacral therapy is.  When people asked me what it was, I had no idea what to say.  I felt that my shallow explanation would not do it justice.

So I interviewed Liza Borodkin! I wanted you to hear it first-hand and judge for yourself.

Listen to the interview here, then scroll all the way down to see how you can get hold of her.  She’ll even be coming to Bahrain at the end of this month!!

Interview with Liza Borodkin

Click Here for My Interview With Liza Borodkin (Cranio-Sacral Therapist)

Dealing with Shock and Fear

A few months ago, I had another session with Liza after some very tough circumstances that I had.  I went through a very shocking and fearful situation which I could not seem to shake off (I might write about that one day).  Soon enough, my body broke down and I started manifesting that shock physically – I got very ill and every day was a struggle.

By the time I had the session with Liza, however, I thought I was ‘getting better’.  I lay down to see what comes up.  She sat at my head this time.  And all she did was put her hands lightly around my ears (barely touching them).  What happened next was like a scene from a movie.  I started convulsing as if every cell in my body was vibrating.  All my muscles were going through a cycle of spasms and relaxation.  I also let out a lot of sobs.

It was all on a very physical (not emotional) level, meaning I was not sad or anything.  The sobs seemed to come from a deeper place.  Like an after-shock effect that was never physically manifested.  The session continued for about 45 minutes, gradually tapering off.

Apparently, we register fear and shock on a much deeper cell level and if not released, that gets trapped inside the body and might later manifest itself as any illness.  I was releasing these emotions from the cell level.

The same goes for other feelings such as anger, hostility, sadness, and much more.  Like Deepak Chopra always says, “Every cell in your body is eavesdropping on your thoughts.”

I felt so calm and collected afterwards.  It felt like a load has been lifted from my shoulders.

Will it help you?

I know that many people reading this might be a bit skeptical.  I know I certainly was.

My case during the second session might be a bit extreme because of the state that I was in at the time.  But I know that this therapy works even if you feel nothing during the session.

It has certainly helped a lot of people and most people who’ve tried it are also swearing by it.

As I said, describing it myself would not do justice to the therapy or to Liza.  That’s why I wanted you to hear it for yourself.  Scroll up and click on my interview with Liza to find out for yourself.

How to contact Liza

Lucky for us, Liza will be coming to Bahrain at the end of March 2010 and she will be available for private sessions.

To book a consultation, you can email her at

For more information about her, go to her website at

And don’t forget to sign up on my website for the latest!


7 responses to “Cranio-sacral what?

  1. Hello, Alia,
    It is very interesting to read your wording and to listen to the interview. Great! I am a CranioSacrale Therapist as well for 18 years now and have the same experience. It is a very deep work and not only the patient but I as well benifit from the sessions during it and afterwards. And I am still getting more and more experience, it never stops. All the best to you, Brigitte from Germany

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  3. Hi Alia, As you are so keen and impressed by cranio-sacral therapy, you might like to know that one of our students of Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy and a newly qualified NLP Practitioner is a Cranio-Sacral Therapist with over 25 years experience. Anna (Thompson-Hall) has just moved to Bahrain after living in Saudia for some years, and is going to be giving treatments as soon as she’s settled in to her new home (in Saar). Anna also has a degree in Complentary Therapies, specialising in Stress Management, and she has recently completed courses in Hypnobirthing, Eating Disorders and OCD and in the use of Aromatherapy in Emotional Release. Before she qualified in Cranio-Sacral Therapy, she completed four years of training in Osteopathy (all in the UK). She’s going to be doing some further specialist CST training in the UK in the summer. I’ve referred a number of clients to Anna, and have had really enthusiastic feedback about what an excellent treatment she gives. So you’ll be able to get treatment from someone based locally, rather than having to wait for visits! 🙂 I guess you already know on the osteopathic front, that Dr Lana Peters is now based in Bahrain, not only visiting as she used to. She lives and practises in Garden City, just in case you didn’t!

    With regard to referrals for therapy, counselling and coaching, Phil and I will be out of Bahrain from late June until late August, but I can refer clients during this period to other qualified therapists and coaches that we know and can personally recommend.

  4. Hello,

    Thank you for the article on cranio sacral therapy. I am looking for someone who can do this for me and my small infant in Bahrain at the moment. Haven’t found anything so far, would love it if you could email me with a practitioners contact info.



    • Hallo Areej. I have just come across this page while I was googling for something else. I am the cranio-sacral therapist that Dr Leila refers to in her (very kind) response to the article about Cranio-Sacral Therapy. If you are still interested in exploring cranio-sacral therapy for yourself and your child, please feel free to contact me on Mob: 39503495 or email: Kind regards, Anna

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